How to Decorate With Spring Flowers

As we begin to emerge from the cold and slush of late winter and start tasting the first few notes of spring, people across the United States are ready to bask in the warm sunshine that comes during April and May.

Spring is such a wonderful season for so many reasons: it brings to mind ideas of new beginnings and glorious sunshine. In addition to the prospect of warmer weather, springtime will usher in the blessed return of many of our favorite flowers. In the wake of this new blossom, plenty of us feel the strong desire to fill our homes and offices with the richest and most fragrant blooms of the season—and why wouldn’t we?

The expert floral designers at Venus ET Fleur® are here to help you celebrate everything this season has to offer with our luxury rose delivery. We’ve put together a who’s who of the finest, most coveted spring blooms with which to celebrate the crowning of spring, along with some suggestions on using them in decor. We also encourage you to take a look at our special collections for a variety of stunning and elegant arrangements for delivery.

Beautiful Spring Flowers

There are certain flowers that positively radiate the bright and fresh vitality of spring, making them an ideal object of décor for your home, office, or any space in which you’re spending your time. From poppies and daffodils to lilacs and garden roses, there are so many wonderful blooms to pick from and so many ways to show off their seasonal splendor.

Here are a few of our most favorite spring blossoms.


One of spring’s most quintessential flowers, nothing else out there conjures splendid visions of sunny days quite like a fresh bunch of daffodils. For florists and floriographers alike, these blooms have come to represent rebirth and new beginnings.

These vibrant blossoms bear a trumpet-shaped corona surrounded by six petals. The head of the flower sits atop a broad, leafy stalk. Although daffodils exist in a number of different varieties, the classic yellow “trumpet” daffodil typically finds its way into most spring bouquets. For different aesthetic preferences, daffodils can also be found in white and light salmon colors, all of which perfectly complement a springtime color palette.


Tulips are a fine choice for any and all spring bouquets since they are one of the first flowers to find their blooms in the spring. You will often find them poking up through a layer of spring snow, determined to soak up the newly-emerging sunshine. For this reason, tulips are often associated with springtime. They are always a safe choice when it comes to a seasonal arrangement, though it is worth noting that they are not always as fragrant as other blooms.

Most tulips are pink or red, but like roses, they can be cultivated in a wide array of colors, enabling you to fill your home with stunning colors.


This type of flower makes an incredibly versatile spring gift because it comes in several colors (purple most frequently, but they can also be found in white, yellow, and red), which allows you to feature them in a wide variety of decorative arrangements. Regardless of their color, everyone loves the soft, delicate fragrance of freshly cut lilac blooms.

If someone you love has just moved into a new place of residence, what’s stopping you from sending them a bouquet of mixed lilacs to stand as their first dining room centerpiece? If that friend or family member has a green thumb, we highly recommend giving the gift of a potted lilac plant so that they may enjoy these fragrant blossoms year after year.


We simply adore the sweet scent of hyacinth flowers. Like the tulip, this is an early spring blooming bulb, making it ideal for the occasion. As blossoms, they shine most splendidly in bunches within a vase or bowl. Moreover, the hyacinth can actually be gifted as a potted bulb, then re-planted in your garden after the blooms die back.

They can often be found in pink, yellow, white, and different shades of purple—classic Easter colors, which can make this flower as fun and complementary to the occasion as it is beautiful and fragrant.


With their tender petals and distinctive black center, poppies are a one-of-a-kind spring flower that makes a stunning appearance on its own or part of a more diverse springtime bouquet. Depending on the variety you select, your arrangement can symbolize everything from beauty to long-lasting good fortune.

This flower comes in more than 120 beautiful species, which offers you a wide variety of colors and aesthetic profiles. If you’re in search of a bright, cheerful blossom to brighten the day of a loved one, the California Poppy is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face with its vibrant orange petals. For a more whimsical approach, we simply insist upon the black-spotted red petals of the iconic Ladybug Poppy.

Poppies are also popular because they keep terrifically well when kept in a freshly-watered vase and treated with proper care.

Garden Roses

Many of us associate springtime with the fragrant splendor of garden roses, and for good reason. Garden roses are one of the most popular types of flowering plants on the market. It usually sprouts in private and public gardens around the first part of May, making it the perfect choice for a Mother’s Day gift, a graduation present, and for any spring or summer wedding bouquets.

Garden roses represent a varietal distinct from the average rose. These ubiquitous blooms can be differentiated by their intense fragrance, distinctly high petal count, and the iconically ruffled shape of their blossom.

Roses That Last, From Venus ET Fleur

Venus ET Fleur proudly features garden roses in many of our Eternity® Rose arrangements. Your loved one is sure to appreciate the appearance made by these eye-catching and sweet-smelling blooms. Additionally, thanks to our innovative methods of care, cultivation, and treatment, these luxurious roses will keep their integrity for more than a year with proper care, enabling them to enjoy the elegant aesthetic until next spring!

From classically vibrant red roses to dark, sophisticated black roses, we offer arrangements for all sizes, styles, tastes, and budgets. Most seasoned bloom buyers know that different colors of rose convey different feelings and meanings when given as a gift. Our Eternity Roses can be ordered in up to 24 different stunning colors, including vibrant rainbow and elegant metallic gold, allowing you to select the bloom that best suits your springtime palette.

Admire, for instance, the elegant simplicity of Le Clair Cinq, one of our best-selling arrangements. This stunning piece features five of our signature Eternity Roses housed in a crystal-clear lucite case that displays their radiance in all directions. This work of floral art is sure to grace any space in which it’s placed and drips with sophistication while remaining space-efficient.

Displays and Decorations

And now for a couple of fun methods by which you can put those radiant spring blooms to use making your home look and smell as lovely as possible.

Fashion a Spring Wreath

We can think of no better front-door décor than a splendid spring wreath. We suggest, as a base, a wire of copper or brass. Then, simply take those blooms you’ve procured and fasten them to your frame using twine, straw, or floral pins, plus a pinch of can-do spirit. In no time, you’ll have a charming and fragrant wreath to grace your front door or anywhere else in your home that you like!

Preserve Your Flowers by Drying Them

If you want those decorative blooms to last past their natural shelf life, drying them can prove to be fun and rewarding craft activity. While this will sacrifice most, if not all, of their fragrance, it can allow you to display your favorite spring flowers throughout the whole of the season.

Create a Hanging Flower Chandelier

For another fun at-home DIY project, we encourage you to create your own hanging flower chandelier. Like the wreath, this can be accomplished with some wire or even a block of plywood in which you’ll drill evenly-spaced holes in which to place the stems.

After placing your spring flowers into your designed vessel, simply hang your chandelier from the wall or the ceiling to enjoy a stunning and modern piece of floral décor. For best results, we recommend using dried or preserved flowers for this project, as natural blooms are likely to wilt rather quickly without water to keep them fresh.

Final Thoughts

Spring is a joyful time that brings new life and new beginnings. Flowers likewise bring beauty into our lives and allow us to honor this sacred season as fully as possible. We hope this brief guide has given you some valuable ideas on how to fill your home with floral fragrance and soak up everything that’s sweet about springtime.

Wishing you a spring filled with joy and warmth from all of us at Venus ET Fleur.



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