What Is the Meaning of the Number of Roses?


Rose bouquets are full of symbolism. Both the color of the roses and the number of blooms send varying messages. When it comes to romantic gestures, red roses are the classic choice. Even the shades of red convey different feelings. It is also key to choose the number of roses that conveys your true feelings. To pick the right red rose bouquet for your partner, read the guide below.

Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Number of Roses for a Bouquet


When ordering a red rose bouquet, make sure to review this list of the meanings behind the chosen number of blossoms. Your special someone will appreciate it!

Single Rose Meaning


On a first date, giving your new love interest a single rose is a declaration that you have fallen in love at first sight. Few things are as flattering as receiving a single red rose— that says you are beautiful. Should the relationship go forward, a love at first sight story is one to cherish.


One rose can also be a great gift for established couples. In this context, the single rose says simply, “I love you.” This modest gift is great for a surprise that brings a couple closer together and adds some romance and excitement to a relationship that may have grown routine. The single rose shows that your love is still very much alive.

2 Roses Meaning


Two rose gifts are for couples that have established a harmonious relationship based on love and respect for each other. They serve to symbolize the love, affection, and genuine care the couple feels for one another. A two red rose gift shows that love is still alive, and you are there for your partner.

3 Roses Meaning


Three rose gifts are usually bestowed to your partner on anniversaries. This bouquet should be used in the first few years of a couple’s relationship or marriage. It symbolizes the desire for the relationship to continue far into the future. If you love your partner and want to be with that person for life, a three rose bouquet signifies this romantic desire.

5 Roses Meaning


Similar to the one rose, a five rose bouquet sends the simple message, “I love you.” This bouquet allows you to convey that important message without using words. While one rose is great for a surprise gift on the spur of the moment, five roses are more appropriate for planned events, such as date night.

6 Roses Meaning


Six rose bouquets are perfect for a romantic getaway, fancy dinner date, or any other time you want to express your passion for your lover. The six rose bouquet expresses love, just like the one- and five rose bouquets, but with three added ingredients: passion, madness, and lust. When you want to show your partner that you are madly, passionately in love, this bouquet is perfect. It also expresses the physical side of romance in a much stronger way than other bouquets.


8 Roses Meaning


Do you want to show your partner your appreciation? The eight-rose bouquet provides the perfect expression of how much you value your partner and what he or she does. This bouquet is great for any time you want to thank your partner for the love and affection given to you in the relationship.


The eight-rose bouquet also works well on special occasions where appreciation is due, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Your partner will know they are loved and valued!

9 Roses Meaning


“I love you, eternally!” That is what the nine-rose bouquet says. This flower arrangement shows your passion and commitment to your partner. Couples give this bouquet when “true” and “forever” love applies. With the gift of a nine-rose bouquet, your partner feels your love will be everlasting.  

10 Roses Meaning


Ten roses show your partner that you consider their love a ten out of ten! With the receipt of this bouquet, your partner understands that your relationship is perfect and you would never change a thing. This is a truly wonderful bouquet to celebrate togetherness, support, and good times.

12 Roses Meaning


When Valentine’s Day rolls around, 12 rose bouquets fly off of every florist’s shelves. The 12 red rose arrangement is designed specifically for Valentine’s Day because it literally expresses the thought, “Be my Valentine!” The bouquet tells your partner or love interest that she is your true love, a love for life.

13 Roses Meaning


In the world of red roses, 13 is actually a lucky number. This bouquet choice stands out as the black (or red) sheep of the red rose bouquet family. It is not a romantic gesture at all.


Instead, 13 red roses are a declaration of friendship and respect, making it the perfect option to express appreciation for platonic relationships. This bouquet is the ideal way to show your friendship is true and eternal.

15 Roses Meaning


Need to make up with your partner after a fight or apologize for a mistake that hurt them? Say you are sorry with 15 roses! In this case, you will want to choose pink rose flowers, as that is the color that symbolizes regret and repentance. All relationships suffer difficult periods. A bouquet of 15 roses is the perfect way for couples to put their troubles behind them. 

20 Roses Meaning


Truth and sincerity are important for any relationship. They are the basis of the trust that brings romantic partners closer together. A gift of 20 roses shows that there is no longer room for doubt. Your love is true and lasting.

21 Roses Meaning


If your partner lacked admirable qualities, you probably would not be in love with them. But over time, it is easy to forget how special these admirable qualities are. Maybe your partner is warm, empathetic, and outgoing. These attributes make relationships both fun and fulfilling. Every so often, it is important to remind your partner that you recognize and appreciate these qualities, and a 21 rose bouquet is the perfect way to show your admiration for the one you love.

24 Roses Meaning


The gift of unconditional love is what marriage and true love relationships are all about. We vow to love and care for our partners for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Everybody suffers through difficult times.

In the age of COVID-19, millions are struggling financially and trying to remain healthy. Knowing your partner loves you unconditionally makes meeting these challenges much easier to overcome. To help your partner persevere, show them your unconditional love with a 24-rose bouquet.

25 Roses Meaning


This large bouquet is reserved for special occasions. The number 25 symbolizes reaching important milestones, such as a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. Making it through 25 years of marriage is a wonderful gift to anyone, and a 25-rose bouquet is a perfect way to commemorate this happy occasion.

40 Roses Meaning


Surprise your partner with a beautiful 40-rose bouquet as a symbol of completely genuine, good, and pure love. This bouquet is large because it conveys your true and trusting love for your partner, a love that lasts for life.

50 Roses Meaning


With the 50 roses bouquet, we enter the big leagues of romantic gestures. This impressive arrangement symbolizes boundless love. You are showing your partner that your love lasts through everything. This bouquet is a grand gesture of true and unconditional love. 

100 roses Meaning


The 100-rose bouquet is the granddaddy of all bouquets when it comes to a declaration of love. Such a large bouquet shows the depth of love you have for your partner. It shows your love will last for life, and if you believe in the afterlife, that it will flow from your heart eternally. 

Roses: Symbolism That has Lasted for Thousands of Years


Red roses have symbolized love since ancient Roman and Greek times. The Romans believed that Venus, the Roman goddess of love, turned roses red when she spilled blood attempting to save her lover, Adonis. The Greeks believed that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, created the red rose bloom in her grief after a wild boar killed Adonis.

These similar mythologies have propelled red roses to become the symbol of love all around the world. The color itself is associated with the blood spilled when Aphrodite or Venus lost their true love. So, it has come to symbolize a love that is true, everlasting, pure, and unconditional. The ancient goddess of love has given the red rose to humanity, so we may express our innermost feelings for those we cherish and adore.

Why Choosing the Right Number of Roses is so Important


Choosing the right number of roses shows that you care about your partner so much that you need to express your feelings exactly as they are. It conveys your commitment, passion, and genuine care about your partner’s well-being. This guide ensures that you get your next romantic declaration, just right. With a meaningful bouquet of red roses in hand, you are ready to woo your future love or show your deep feelings to the love of your life.


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