Red Roses Meaning: The History Behind the Red Rose

Red roses are often celebrated as the universal symbol of love. These delicate flowers are used in floral bouquets for gifts and special occasions, including Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, flowers for anniversaries, and birthday bouquets. A single red rose depicts beauty, love, and romance.

Bride Holds Beautiful Bouquet of Eternity Roses

Roses from Venus et Fleur® are a beautiful way to express your true feelings and depict the language of your love. Our eternity® roses are real roses that last a year, offering stunning beauty throughout the year. Learn more below about the luxurious red rose and why it is the perfect depiction of love.


The red rose has long been credited as a depiction of love, however, bravery and courage also represent this delicate flower. In the 17th and 18th centuries, crowds tossed red roses to the soldiers, honoring their bravery and strength in battle and they are even used in certain military customs today. This is just one example contributing to the history behind this sacred meaning of the red rose.

Bright red roses were also recognized for another reason during the 18th century. During this time period, much of society did not allow public courtship between two people without the promise of marriage. The red rose was a symbol of their shared love beyond the eyes of onlookers.

There are several stories throughout history and mythology that depict the red rose, its meaning, and how it was discovered. Greek and Roman mythology includes varying occurrences of the red rose. Let’s discuss a few of these mythical legends.


History dates red roses to many time periods, one of which is ancient Greece. During this time, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, was said to have discovered the death of her first love, Adonis. Greek mythology states that while running to her dying lover Aphrodite pricked herself on a white rose bush, and when her blood dropped upon the rose, the first red rose came to be.

Roman mythology states a similar story about Aphrodite's Roman counterpart — Venus. In this legend, Venus hastily ran to Adonis to warn him of a plot for his murder. While she dashed to deliver the dreadful news, Venus ran through a sharp rose thorn bush, cutting her feet and ankles. Everywhere blood was spilt, red roses bloomed.


Consider whether your rose bouquet is dark red or bright red when giving the gift of the rose; as each shade of red roses conveys a slightly different meaning and intent.

Bright Red Roses

Traditional bright red roses symbolize beauty, love, and romance, which is why these popular blooms are the most common for online flower delivery or in floral boutiques. Red rose flower arrangements are florals often famed for their sleek silhouette on occasions such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Roses are also a famous flower for filling the room of lavish weddings.

Burgundy Roses

Commitment, passion, and purity are three words that represent the gorgeous burgundy rose. This rose color stands for a love much deeper than a fleeting romance. Burgundy roses symbolize a love that stands the test of time, and one that is hopelessly devoted. A commitment to pure love with someone you hold dear deserves a luxury gift such as the burgundy rose.

Pink Roses: The Perfect Red Rose Alternative

Pink rose bouquets are the best rose gifting alternative to red roses. This beautiful rose color represents femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness, and is the best choice when you desire to send roses with casual intent. Pink roses represent a token of admiration rather than that of passionate love, making them the ideal gift for a friend.

Woman in Black Dress Holds Large Red Rose Arrangement


There is significant power in floral numbers when it comes to expressing your passion. The shade of red matters in rose color meanings just as the number of roses does in the actual floral bouquet. Decide on the message you want to convey before selecting a red rose bouquet.

For instance, a single red rose represents the blooming love within a new relationship, while two united red roses are fitting for a marriage proposal. Give a classic dozen red roses to symbolize true love or thirteen roses to represent a secret admirer. Tell your love story without speaking a word by sending a rose bouquet from Venus et Fleur.



Venus et Fleur eternity roses are available in a variety of rose colors and design your own options. Whether you’re sending a floral delivery for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a bouquet of happy birthday flowers, our eternity flowers last an entire year or longer with the proper care. Celebrate your love with red roses from Venus et Fleur.