15 Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Him or Her

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time to get started on your holiday shopping! We are here to help you find some amazing stocking stuffers for that special someone in your life.

At Venus et Fleur, we have holiday gifts both big and small for those that would like to introduce a little elegance and beauty into their loved one’s lives. Of course, not everyone will want flowers, and with everything from festive gifts, to clothing, bath items, and personnel accessories fitting in those long socks, the sky's the limit when it comes to shopping for holiday stocking stuffers!


15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him or Her 

Exchanging gifts with your special someone during the holidays is a time filled with love, joy, and excitement. Make your loved one's holiday extra special this year by getting your shopping done early and filling their stocking with perfect stocking stuffers. Our list provides a variety of options for both him and her and different budgets. 

Here are our top 15 stocking stuffer ideas for your special someone.

  1. A Stunning Single Rose

For something elegant and a surprising stocking stuffer, give your special someone a gorgeous Le Mini Round with a single Eternity® rose. This stunning single rose, adorned in a hat box, will be the perfect stocking stuffer gift for her, while one of our 25 colors is sure to fit him as well! 

  1. Velvet Hair Scrunchies

This holiday, give your special someone new velvet hair scrunchies. Hair scrunchies are back in style this year and will be the perfect addition to your partner’s holiday hairstyles.

Give your loved one a set of colorful velvet hair scrunchies so that they can enjoy styling their hair and accessorizing their holiday look. Velvet is a very friendly fabric when it comes to hair as well, which is why this trendy gift will be the perfect stocking stuffer this year.

  1. A Portable Charger

If your loved one is always on the go, give him or her a portable battery charger in their stocking this year to keep their phone charged during the holidays. This gift will help make sure that your special someone’s cell phone is always charged so that they can answer all of your calls and text messages. 

Most portable battery chargers are small, making them the perfect size gift for a stocking stuffer. You can even find a charger in a fun, festive color or get them a luxurious charger with super-fast charging capabilities for a practical and thoughtful gift.

  1. A Votive Bundle Set

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your wife or girlfriend, give the gift of luxury this year by placing a Votive Bundle Set in their stocking. Our stunning three-piece Votive Bundle Set features our collection of signature scents and will fill your loved one’s home with gorgeous floral fragrance. 

Our bundle sets are perfect for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Whether it’s our Votive and Fragrance Set or a Classic Bundle Set, your special someone will fall in love with this elegant gift.

  1. Hydrating Hand Cream

Pamper your loved one this Christmas by adding some hydrating hand cream to their stocking. Everyone loves receiving high-quality skincare products, and your special someone will be so happy to receive a luxe tube of hand cream. 

Try to find a hand cream with a delicate scent that will hydrate and repair any sensitive skin on their hands. This will be perfect for keeping their hands nourished and moisturized during the holiday season.

  1. A Silk Pillowcase

For a soft, luxurious, and cozy stocking stuffer, get your special someone a silk pillowcase this holiday season. They’re a cozy, practical, and stylish gift option for him or her, as natural silk pillowcases will help take care of your loved one’s skin and hair and will also give them a cleaner sleep surface.

A silk pillowcase will also pair well with our luxurious wool throw blanket. This plush throw blanket will add elegance and warmth to your home this year for the holidays. This large coverlet features our signature VEF diamond print and finished edges for clean sophistication.

Every time your loved one jumps into bed this holiday season, these lush items will be sure to keep them warm and cozy.

  1. A Mini Letter

Christmas is all about celebrating traditions, spending time with loved ones, and giving heartfelt gifts. Give your special someone a personalized Mini Letter made of roses in the shape of an alphabet letter. Spell out the initials of your loved ones, as well as phrases and words to express how you feel. With their small and stylish appearance, these mini arrangements work great as décor in any room of the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom. 

  1. A Gorgeous Room Spray

Give your special someone the gift of fragrance, like the sweet smelling Rose OUD Room Spray. These are perfect for stocking stuffers and will be a beautiful accent in your loved one’s home. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, she’ll love the thoughtfulness of an elegant, soothing scent. While boyfriends may be a little surprised, they’ll come around to a room that doesn’t smell like dirty socks.

Our classic Rose Blanche scent is filled with zesty cinnamon, freesia, and Damask roses and is a lovely holiday accent for any home. You can even spritz a few drops onto your loved one’s stocking this year to give them a little taste of their gift before Christmas. 

  1. A Soothing Face Mask

Help your loved one have a relaxing holiday season by giving them some soothing face masks in their stocking this year. With everything from honey, to mud, charcoal, clay, and more, make sure to find the best kind of soothing mask for your partner's skin type. 

A soothing face mask is great for giving your skin a little extra TLC during the holidays and will be a wonderful, pampering present for your special someone.

  1. New Makeup Brushes

Fill your loved one's stocking with a set of new makeup brushes. Your loved one will use this gift every day and think of you every time they sit down at their makeup mirror to get ready in the morning.

Find a set that includes all of the essentials, such as an eyeshadow brush, a blush brush, and a fluffy foundation brush. Put an elegant holiday blush or a shimmering eyeshadow in their stocking to complete this stunning gift.

  1. Fuzzy Socks

Help your loved one's feet stay extra cozy this season by giving them a pair of fuzzy socks. Choose a luxurious fabric such as cashmere or wool to keep your partner warm this winter. 

Fuzzy socks are the perfect stocking stuffer because not only are they warm and snug, but they are also a very practical gift for her or him

With so many colors and styles to choose from, you will have a great time shopping for the perfect pair. You can choose a pair of socks with a chic, plaid pattern or opt for a pair of novelty socks with a design that your partner will love.

Elevate this fun stocking stuffer by gifting your loved one a pair of new winter boots. These will keep them warm and make a bold fashion statement this Christmas. 

  1. New Earbuds

If they haven’t gotten a pair yet or splurged on an upgrade, your special someone will be filled with joy and excitement when they open their stocking and find a pair of new wireless earbuds this Christmas. 

Wireless headphones are the perfect portable gift for someone who is always on the go. Pair this gift with a sleek carrying case, and your special someone will be sure to have a great gift.

  1. An Insulated Mug

This holiday season, get your loved one an insulated coffee mug to keep their holiday drinks warm. This festive gift is perfect for the holidays and can be used for everything from hot apple cider to peppermint hot chocolate.

Choose an insulated mug in a forest green or candy apple red color, or personalize your gift by adding your partner's name on the mug.

You can elevate this gift by filling your loved one's stocking with yummy treats to make their own hot chocolate bar. Add some mini-marshmallows, peppermint candy, and festive red and green sprinkles to go with your insulated mug. The two of you will love sitting by the fire and sipping on your warm holiday beverages together this Christmas. 

  1. A Warm Beanie

This Christmas, surprise your special someone with a warm beanie. Beanies are essential winter items and are a stylish way to keep your loved one warm all year long, plus they make great gifts for him or her. Everyone needs to stay warm!

It helps if you think about your partner's wardrobe before you go shopping, you can try and  decide on a color or pattern that will match most of their outfits and other winter gear. You can't go wrong with a basic black beanie, a festive red, or a shade of cool winter blue to bring out those holiday vibes all season long.

  1. Festive Cookie Cutters

Lastly, if your special someone loves to spend time in the kitchen, get them a set of festive holiday cookie cutters for a great stocking stuffer gift. The two of you can spend hours together baking gingerbread cookies and using some fun, festive cookie cutters to make your holiday cookie creations.

Choose several different fun shapes, such as a heart, a star, a Christmas tree, or of course, a gingerbread man. Your loved one will have so much fun with these baking essentials and can use their cookie cutters all year round.

Elevate this gift by adding glittering sprinkles, colorful tubes of icing, and holiday gumdrops to their stocking, so that the two of you have all of the perfect toppings to create gorgeous holiday cookies after you exchange your stocking stuffers and other heartfelt gifts. 

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We hope you now have some festive inspiration for choosing the best gifts for your special someone’s stocking stuffers this year.

If you need any more holiday gift ideas for your family and friends, check out Venus et Fleur’s stunning “All Collections page to discover perfect self-care and luxury gifts to lavish your loved ones with this holiday season and shop with us for all your seasonal, holiday, and Christmas floral arrangements. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!