Seasonal, Zodiac, and Birthday Gifts in December

For gifts in December, particularly for birthdays, it can be difficult to think of something that you know no one else is going to get, but by choosing a gift that matches their personality or something custom to them, you can make sure they get a unique gift whether it be for their birthday or upcoming holidays.

At Venus et Fleur, unless the secret is out among your friends, you can be sure there will be nothing as unique as the eternity flower arrangement you’ve given them for their birthday, Christmas, or Hanukkah. With elegant arrangements that last a year and a wide variety of colors to choose from, your thoughtfulness will continue to show year-round. However, if you’re looking for gift ideas in general, here’s a few ways you can use the month and the season to inform that perfect gift.

Be Timely, Thoughtful, and Creative for the Best Gift

Sometimes we can stress about gifts a little too much, worrying about the cost, the implications, or living up to what we’ve received or given recently. The truth is, most people aren’t barring any of these things in mind when you give them a gift, they’re simply waiting in anticipation and if you take a few reasonable steps with what you know about them, you’ll probably end up with something they love and cherish.

What Sagittarius and Capricorn Tell Us

When it comes to signs of the zodiac, Capricorn and Sagittarius have one huge thing in common. Both of their seasons own a part of December. Aside from that, these two signs are closer to opposites than they are similar. A sun sign and an earth sign, they are not directly opposed, but Capricorn is far more grounded, and a little more unforgiving, to their benefit and detriment. 

Choose something fiery for the Sagittarius as things begin to cool down. Tickets for an enthralling activity, a trip somewhere sunny, or perhaps an arrangement in a bright burning orange. For the Capricorn, they’ll appreciate something that’s going to be practical and make their holiday season or the coming winter a little warmer. A quality fire pit for them to enjoy time with neighbors and family, a luxurious blanket, or an arrangement that goes with and elevates their décor for the holidays and beyond.

Gifts Inspired by December

Small, square box of luxury, aqua roses

In December, we turn full-tilt toward winter, offering you a great opportunity for gifts that match the new season or the month. In terms of matching the season, fashionable cold-weather clothing, seasonal activities, and luxurious foods or wines for coming celebrations could all be good ideas. For flowers, we suggest something that can go with the season and their homes. Think centerpieces worthy of their holiday dining table décor or colors that go with and brighten their winter months. 

Something else to consider would be the colors of the month, and December offers many options. You could make a floral display fit for Christmas with shades of red and green, this would be great for the more traditional December birthdays. Or you could draw from the colors of the month, including pagoda, teal, and gray and build a custom flower box arrangement fit for a winter wonderland. If you’re shopping with Venus et Fleur, our aqua and baby blue draw a great comparison to pagoda and teal and would go great with either black or gray roses in a sophisticated black box.

Gifts for the Season

Eau Vase with holiday mixed floral arrangement

We know when it comes to December, one thing is on everyone’s mind for the season. The holidays. So, a holiday themed gift is always appropriate, but it’s also a great time to turn the page on fashion and décor. Just as it can be nice to wear breezy, light outfits in the summer, the winter offers a whole other lane of fashion. Flannels, jackets, and boots are three items that are almost always fashionable during the winter, and that make a practical gift to put a little pep in their step on winter nights out.

Speaking of pep, with the days winding down and most people not being out in the sun as much in winter, it’s a smart move to build in things into your life that will lift your spirits. For this, there are a number of self-care type gifts to give. Light therapy lamps are a classic, if the person you’re gifting has acknowledged some seasonal depression, a set of herbal teas, at-home or in person spa gifts, or a food box subscription so you know they’re eating right. A beautiful rose arrangement in vibrant colors would do great here as well, a vibrancy they might not find in their day-to-day otherwise

Shop With Venus et Fleur Today for Gifts in December 

Whatever you’re shopping for in December, we hope this little gift giving guide has made it easier. Whenever you’re struggling for something fabulous, our custom rose arrangements and flower boxes are one option that’s always easy and that’s sure to impress and show your love for the entire year to come. For the best custom gifts and most elegant luxury roses and flowers, shop with Venus et Fleur.