5 Rustic Decor Ideas To Decorate Your Home

If you are looking to create a beautiful and rugged natural oasis in your home, then we are here to help. Adding rustic decor will instantly elevate your space and bring fresh, earthy vibes to your home. When you think of rustic home decor, think of how you can bring elements from a chic country cabin into your own home. 

We’ll show you how to highlight organic elements throughout your home while creating a relaxing atmosphere at the same time. Read on to discover fantastic rustic decor ideas to decorate your home.

What Is Rustic Decor?

Rustic decor is all about bringing natural materials, such as wood or stone, into your home to create a simple, earthy, and comfortable feel. Rustic decor is used to make a room look rugged yet refined and can create a fresh and light aesthetic if done right.

Here are some key characteristics and elements of rustic decor:

  • Add in handmade pieces
  • Let natural materials stand out, such as wood, stone, brick, and iron
  • Use oversized pieces, especially for your coffee table or dining table
  • Bring in nature-inspired textures like rich fur, leather, and velvet
  • Metal accents
  • Exposed wood beams or wood walls 
  • Use a natural color palette filled with earthy tones of greens, browns, white, and gray
  • Imperfect lines

With rustic decor, you want to let the natural beauty shine. Your focus should be on creating a relaxing environment and finding organic pieces that add character to your home. When looking for details to add to your space, consider visiting a thrift store for the chance to find truly unique pieces. 

Let’s dive into the different types of rustic decor and how you can add these rustic elements to each room in your home.

Types of Rustic Decor

When it comes to rustic decor, several style variations highlight rugged and natural beauty. You can use rustic decor with Tuscan, coastal, bohemian, cottage, and even modern rustic. 

Whichever type of home design style you have, adding rustic decor will be sure to complement your space and bring an earthy, fresh aesthetic to your home. 

Decorate Your Home Room by Room With Rustic Decor

When you think of a home decorated with rustic decor, try to picture wooden floors, open fire, oak beams, mason jar accessories, and glittering candles.

Be sure to highlight your home’s natural features and embrace wood throughout your home to give your space a true rustic makeover. Rustic decor is all about creating relaxing and earthy vibes throughout your home, and here’s how you can use furnishings and design ideas to transform your space. 

1. Entryway

First, add rustic decor to your entryway by placing a cushioned, wooden bench for guests to sit on while they take off their shoes and get cozy in your rustic oasis. Add hooks on the wall for coats and comfy burlap accent pillows to instantly make your guests feel at home. Use wicker baskets for storage underneath the bench to provide natural texture to this space.

Make sure you have gorgeous, distressed shiplap on your walls to truly define your entryway space in any stain color your choose. Then, channel the power of nature by adding a gorgeous Terre Vase filled with champagne-colored EternityⓇ Roses to your entryway. This vase is hand-carved from a single block of travertine stone and is a one-of-a-kind vessel that will bring strength and peace to your rustic-inspired decor. 

2. Living Room

Your living room should be the most lavish part of your home, and adding rustic decor to your main living space will instantly fill your home with warm tones and earthiness. 

Use wood paneling on your walls to add a hint of luxury to your living room. Be sure to highlight exposed beams and natural elements, such as a stone fireplace, to instantly elevate your rustic space. Place an old-fashioned lantern on the mantel or place a pair of antlers above it. 

For rustic living room ideas regarding seating, heavy, wooden furniture is quite common in rustic homes. Decorate your space with rustic furniture made from raw logs, wooden planks, and natural stone, and take inspiration from the great outdoors.

Hang an oversized mirror on the wall, with a frame made of reclaimed wood, to instantly make your space feel larger and to bring in more light as well. 

When adding accent pieces for decor, try to use different nature-inspired textures such as burlap and jute in earthy organic colors. This will instantly spread warmth throughout your home.

Add plenty of thick, cozy blankets with checkered patterns to your sofa and floral designs for a rustic, feminine touch. 

3. Bedroom

When adding rustic decor to your bedroom, begin by using comforting fabrics like natural linen on your bed and placing a cozy, white, animal hide rug on your floor. This will provide warmth in colder seasons and will complement any room. Paint the walls with white paint, but keep everything else very soft and natural to add the perfect mixture of sophistication and modern edge. 

Add a tall white pitcher filled with our lavender mixed florals to your nightstand to inspire feelings of clarity and peace while you dream at night. 

Use reclaimed wood to create floating shelves for your wall to display photographs. You could also line the walls with bookshelves to hold your favorite tomes. 

4. Kitchen and Dining Room

In your kitchen, remember that practicality and purpose play a large role in rustic decor and design. 

For your rustic kitchen, find a large island made out of repurposed wood to be your statement piece in this space. Use a brass chandelier to bring elegance and light into the room. 

Decorate your kitchen countertops with antique glass jar decor and a bouquet of flowers from our Maison Collection to bring in a natural beauty that will instantly elevate your space. 

For your pantry area, use wooden, sliding barn doors for a rustic and farmhouse feel. Using a vintage door with chipped paint or with intricate carvings will add a touch of luxury to your rustic atmosphere. 

Next to this, you can even hang a series of small animal print artwork on the wall to bring the rustic feel of a farm right to your space. Using several pops of bright colors such as red, blue, yellow, or green will add depth and turn your kitchen into a country charmer.

5. Bathrooms

Once the main rooms of your house have been decorated with gorgeous rustic decor, be sure to add final touches by dressing your bathrooms with rustic accessories. 

For your powder bathroom, add a beautiful vintage wallpaper to transform this space into a rustic paradise. Try choosing a bright color, such as red or blue, with country chic pastoral designs. 

Then, lean a vintage wooden ladder against the wall to display your lush guests' towels. This will add a charming touch to your rustic bathroom and will provide effortless function as well. 

Last but not least, add greenery to your rustic bathroom to bring the outdoors in. Adorn your space with dried flowers and pine branches, and layer in colorful leaves. This will add a simple rustic note to your powder room and will create added texture as well. Our Eternity Gypsophila is a wonderful option that comes in several soft, muted color palettes that will perfect suit your rustic bathroom. 

Final Remarks

After using these rustic decor ideas to decorate your home, it should feel like a whole new place. Fill your home with country charm and elegance with all of your unique rustic decor additions. 

Remember to highlight the natural beauty and rugged structural elements of your home, add functional, rustic decor items to embrace each room’s natural elements, and create a peaceful ambiance for all to enjoy. 


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