Rustic Interior Design: What Is It and Key Features

If you want to create a natural and relaxing environment in your home, rustic interior design style may be the perfect fit for you. Let’s discover more about rustic interior design and its key features.

What Is Rustic Interior Design?

Rustic interior design is all about showcasing natural, earthy, organic, and aged materials to create a casual and inviting living environment. Rustic design emphasizes the use of natural furniture and materials and will inspire an airy and cheerful aesthetic.

Some rustic design pieces for your home might include:

  • A leather armchair
  • Reclaimed wood flooring
  • A bouquet of dried flowers
  • A Parisian rug
  • A rustic wooden, oak bench
  • Natural linen curtains
  • A concrete kitchen island

Suffice it to say, mixing in some beautiful, natural furniture pieces along with some fun textures and earthy elements will be sure to create a stunning rustic look in your home. 

Now, let’s learn more about the history of rustic interior design and where the inspiration behind the look came from.

The History of Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior design dates back to the early pioneers and settlers in the US who made their homes in the early 19th century. Many of these early settlers brought no furniture with them as furniture was cumbersome and heavy, and space was scarce.

Over the years, these pioneers made or found furniture by using local materials and resources. These materials included stones, wood, leaves, and other organic elements. 

The rustic style also stems from the love and appreciation of nature and simple living. This rustic style was especially popular in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.  

Key Features of Rustic Interior Design

There are several key features of rustic interior design styles, and many of these characteristics come down to the appreciation of natural elements. Let’s explore the main factors that make up rustic interior design and find ways to incorporate these design characteristics into your home decor. 

Rustic Colors

For the main colors in rustic design styles, wood grains and browns are the most common. Beige and warmer shades of white like ivory are also staple colors. As far as accent colors go, rustic designs typically feature muted tones of green, blue, red, tan, yellow, and gray.

Using elements of nature, such as a beautiful flower arrangement, is a wonderful way to bring nature into your home and is a great way to add color to your rustic design style. 

You can channel the power of nature with florals from our Elements Collection. These arrangements are inspired by Earth’s natural elements and will elevate any space.

Choose one of our classic florals and pair it with one of four new stunning vessels made from hand-carved travertine, airy lacquered linen, modern cast iron and brass, or serene smoked glass.

With its warm tones and stone, the chic Terre Vase is an enduring symbol of strength and peace that will add rustic elegance to your home. You will summon the magnetic power of the Earth with this one-of-kind vessel, hand-carved from a single block of travertine. Choose champagne or yellow flowers to add warm, natural colors to your rustic decor. 

Rustic Shapes and Finishes

When it comes to shapes, rustic decor is known for its rugged, imperfect lines and silhouettes. For example, showcasing natural, wooden exposed beams in your home is a beautiful way to bring out the rustic design style while creating a solid focal point in your space.

Using pieces with unfinished wood or a rugged, shaped animal hide rug is a great way to use earthly, natural elements that tie into the rustic feel.

Another fabulous design element for rustic homes is natural furniture with modern finishes to give some spice to your style. Fixture finishes such as iron, pewter, copper, and brass are all popular for rustic decor. 

Rustic Textures

Adding a mix of textures to your design style is also a fantastic way to give your home a rustic feel. Using animal elements such as antlers or animal hides and fur will add interest and depth to your space.

Rustic design is often described as heavy, so a stone fireplace, a large wooden dining table, or exposed brick are great ways to bring texture into your home. 

For textiles, you’ll often see burlap, jute, and canvas throughout rustic homes, usually featured in rugs, wall art, and tapestries. 

Rustic vs. Farmhouse

Let’s break down the difference between rustic and farmhouse interior design styles.

These two design types are quite similar, but they do have several identifying features. Both styles are very homey and use natural elements such as fresh or dried flowers and reclaimed wood. They give off a country vibe.

However, the rustic design style is a bit more rugged and has a rougher look. The wood used in rustic decor is often unfinished, with a coarse, natural look. On the other hand, the wood used in farmhouse decor is usually shiny and smooth, even though it’s still naturally colored.

In farmhouse interior design style, white, ivory, and bright colors provide a fresher feel than rustic interior design, which usually feels a bit warmer, darker, and earthy. 

How To Mix Rustic Decor With Other Design Styles

This is another big question: How do I mix rustic decor with other design styles?

Modern Rustic

You can achieve modern rustic design by mixing natural, rustic elements with modern finishes or contemporary pieces of furniture. 

Cozy, Chic Rustic

Picture a cozy little cottage with beautiful white features and stunning wooden elements, and this is the start of blending cozy chic with rustic design style. Think wool blankets, soft furs, and soft, warm lighting coupled with rough-hewn woods and deep, rich browns. 

Choose an arrangement from our Maison Collection to instantly add beautiful simplicity and elegance to your home to create the perfect cozy, chic rustic look. 

Rustic Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating ideas for your new rustic design style, the sky's the limit! 

Whether adding handmade, unique pieces or focusing on earthy materials, rustic decor is all about creating a comfortable and relaxing space for you. 

A great decorating tip for your new rustic home is to incorporate seasonal decor into your design style. For example, in October or November, think about adding a stunning fall flower arrangement to highlight the muted tones in the rustic design style.

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you should use soft linen or organic cotton sheets for your bedding to bring relaxing, rustic vibes into your bedroom as well. 

Then, spritz your room with our Rose Blanche room fragrance to bring a beautiful floral and earthy scent to your space. Our signature room spray features peppery geranium and zesty cinnamon, coupled with deep notes of freesia and Damascena roses to elevate your home. 

Final Remarks

All in all, rustic interior design is all about adding earthy, organic furniture and elements to your home to create a simple, warm, and stunning oasis. Remember to use natural materials, such as wood, stone, brick, and florals to bring rugged beauty to your space. Once your rustic look is complete, simply sit back by the fireplace and enjoy your lush, rustic paradise. 



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