Roses that Don’t Need Water — The Perfect Gift for Any Mom

With spring in full bloom across the country and April in the rearview mirror, that can only mean one thing: Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you are still hunting for the perfect gift to let Mom know just how much she is loved and appreciated, then Venus ET Fleur® is here to help. Our Eternity™ Roses are real, Ecuadorian roses that don’t need water, making them as low-maintenance as they are exquisite. Even better, the luxury rose arrangements that we craft can last more than a year with proper care, allowing your mother to enjoy their stunning aesthetic until next Mother’s Day. We can’t think of a mom out there who wouldn’t adore them, and we think you’ll agree. Shop our Special Collections today to browse incredible designs and options.

Mothers Who Love Eternity™ Roses

Whether you are shopping for the mom-to-be or your amazing step-mother, you’re sure to find an arrangement suitable for every type of recipient.

The Mother-to-Be

Do you know a friend, family member, or business associate who is about to have her first child? Gift her with an incredible flower arrangement that she’ll be able to enjoy long after her new little bundle of joy arrives. Boasting more than 25 shades and several styles of Parisian-style keepsake boxes, our luxury rose arrangements offer countless customizations. You could choose delicate light pink roses for the mom-to-be that is expecting a girl, or you can select baby blue roses if she is expecting a boy. If you prefer something a little less traditional, you could choose to have a custom letter, maybe the first initial of the baby’s name, designed right into the arrangement to make it even more special.

The New Mom

Although motherhood is a blessing beyond any other you could possibly imagine, those first few weeks and months can be challenging for women as they begin to adjust to their new role. Because she is focusing all of her time and energy on the new baby, new mothers often forget to tend to their own needs. Something as simple as an exquisite rose arrangement can do wonders for the new mom’s soul, and she will love the fact that someone is thinking of her on this special holiday. The delicate softness of our limited edition Watercolor Collection is perfect for the Mother’s Day holiday, as is our Garden Rose Collection. Because all of the arrangements that we sell contain real roses that don’t need water, the new mom won’t have to worry about maintaining her beautiful gift.

The Mother of Many Children

Some people have said that you can’t truly understand the joys (and challenges) of being a parent until you have had more than one child. If you have a friend who has two or three children, you have probably watched her skillfully balance the needs of each child while making sure no classes, practices, or games are missed. She may not take time out for herself, and she would most likely appreciate a thoughtful gift this holiday. Likewise, if you have one or more siblings, you likely want to show your own mom some appreciation for everything that she has done for you throughout the years. Our Suede, Velvet, and Metallic Collections are a sure way to put a smile on her face.

Your Step-Mom and the “Like a Mom”

There are many lucky individuals who have more than one motherly figure in their life. You may not be related to this person by blood, but if she has provided you with advice, supported your dreams, been your role model, or filled the motherly role in any other way, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show her how much she means to you. For an opulent way to express your gratitude to this special woman, our Large Square and Large Round arrangements contain 36 to 42 Eternity™ Roses, and you can choose a “Happy Mother’s Day” custom lid message on the box. For a smaller gift, our Lé Petite Papillon arrangement contains four Eternity DE Venus roses in a canvas box with a butterfly print on it. No matter which arrangement you choose, your recipient will love receiving such a special gift for the holiday.

Roses that Don’t Need Water Online

Are you ready to send the perfect gift of luxury to every mom you know? If so, then Venus ET Fleur® is your one-stop-shop for luxury rose delivery this Mother’s Day. Because our Eternity™ Roses are real roses that don’t need water, the offer incredible splendor with none of the fuss that a live arrangement does. You can rest assured that your recipient will enjoy the incredible beauty of our arrangements for months on end with little to no maintenance. Order a luxurious Mother’s Day rose arrangement today before it is too late!