Perfect Gifts for Your Wedding Party

When you get married, there are many details that contribute to making your wedding day one that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Among all these details, the members of your wedding party are essential to streamlining the events of the ceremony and the reception. Although they may be incredibly grateful for all of the assistance they receive from their wedding party, many new couples find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to finding a unique and thoughtful gift to express their gratitude and appreciation. In today’s post, we’ll offer a few creative gift ideas for those in your wedding party that will help you show your appreciation with style and grace.

Venus et Fleur specializes in creating luxury boxed roses for every occasion, and whether you need stunning centerpieces for your reception or thoughtful gifts for your bridesmaids, we are here for you. Browse our Special Collections today to discover the beauty of our Eternity™ Roses!

Gifts Ideas for Your Wedding Party

Presenting the members of your wedding party with gifts to thank them for participating in your special day is a traditional courtesy. Everyone from the bride and groom to the ring bearer and flower girl will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and the right gift will provide them with a lasting memento from your special day.


Many men make the decision to get their future wife something special to commemorate their wedding day, and jewelry is a common gift that’s given. Aside from jewelry, there are many other creative ideas that will make her smile, such as:

  • Small gifts throughout the day, such as coffee, candy, sweet text messages, and other small tokens
  • Partnering with her seamstress to sew something thoughtful inside of her dress, such as your wedding date, a heart, or a short note
  • A custom message printed on the bottoms of her wedding shoes

In addition to these creative gift ideas, flowers are always a surefire way to take her breath away, and boxed roses in the form of a Custom Venus et Fleur Arrangement with your last initial or a heart created out of flowers directly in the arrangement is a gift she’ll enjoy for more than a year with proper care.


Just as husbands-to-be love to dote on their fiancées on the day of their nuptials, brides-to-be are often searching for just the right gift to give their fiancés. Traditional standby options include fine jewelry like watches and cufflinks, and many women choose to either have these items engraved with a loving message or their wedding date for an added touch of sentimentality. Including a handwritten note that reads, “See you at 6:00,” is a great way to add a romantic touch that her groom will love as he counts down the hours to the ceremony. Other unique gift ideas include custom art, a new “little black book” in the form of a DIY scrapbook, or a bottle of fine aged scotch.


From helping the bride plan the details of the wedding to helping her in the dressing room, the bridesmaids and maid of honor have a lot of responsibilities in the time leading up to the wedding. Many brides find themselves searching for special ways to thank the members of their bridal party, frequently gifting them with customized mementos such as:

  • Personalized jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, and charms
  • Jewelry boxes and bags
  • Bridesmaid clothing, like robes, hoodies, and hats
  • Customized compact mirrors

In addition to these traditional bridesmaid gifts, an arrangement from our Lé Claire Collection is one they can place anywhere in their home or office. Featuring our signature Eternity™ Roses encased in a clear acrylic lid, these stunning arrangements are perfect for anywhere in the home or office as a special reminder of your appreciation.


The best man and groomsmen are traditionally responsible for assisting the groom prior to the ceremony and acting as points of contact for various vendors. Like brides, grooms often find themselves searching for ways to say “thank you” to their friends and family for their participation and help on the big day. Traditional groomsmen gifts include:

  • Engraved barware, like flasks, bottle openers, and shot glasses
  • Pocket or utility knives
  • Grilling accessories
  • Wallets or money clips
  • Watches or other pieces of jewelry

Many of these items can be customized with personal message from the groom, allowing him to express his sincere appreciation in a way that will stand the test of time.

Bride and Groom’s Parents

In most traditional weddings, the bride and groom’s parents split many of the wedding expenses to alleviate the financial burden on the soon-to-be married couple. Expenses for the wedding consultant, caterer, photographer, venue, and lodging can add up quickly, and many couples look for thoughtful ways to show their appreciation for this financial assistance.

While a spa day or jewelry might be the standard go-to gifts for bride’s and groom’s mothers, a Large Square or Small Round arrangement of boxed roses from Venus et Fleur are the perfect alternative. Even the staff at agree! Our boxed roses were recently featured in their recent article, “32 Perfect Gifts for Moms and Mothers-in-Law.” Because these roses are preserved through a proprietary process, your recipient could enjoy them for a year or more with proper care.

For the father of the bride and father of the groom, gifts such as a year of pre-paid golf rounds, tickets to a major sporting event, personalized handkerchiefs, or tie tacks are a great way to express your appreciation and love. If none of these ideas seem to suit your father, you can also consider gifts like high-end money clips or a pocket watch to present as a thoughtful token of your appreciation.

Boxed Roses from Venus et Fleur

Searching for the perfect way to express your appreciation and gratitude for members of your bridal party? Nothing says “thank you” like luxury boxed roses from Venus et Fleur! From our Gold Collection to our Custom creations, you’re sure to find a gift that your loved ones will treasure for months on end. Shop our inventory today to get started!