Orange Roses Meaning: The History of the Orange Rose

As we enter this most pleasant time of the year, as winter gives way to spring, and spring to another glorious summer, we at Venus ET Fleur® would like to prepare you for another wonderful National Rose Month this coming June. Our idea was to use this fleeting period to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite blooms with which to deck your halls and homes. A great way to start this process is by celebrating our favorite variants on the classic rose.

One of our favorite unconventionally-colored roses for this time of year is the orange rose. This time of year lends itself to brighter, more vibrant accents for floral home décor. In this article, we’ll be going over the history of the orange rose, both in terms of genealogy and use, as well as a few different ways you can use this magnificent bloom to decorate your home or send as a gifted arrangement.

Roses and Their Meanings

The history of the rose as a symbol of love dates back thousands of years, from the Greek myths of Aphrodite and Adonis to even older legends from China and the Middle East. However, modern flower-giving traditions have the most purchase in the tradition of Victorian floriography.

Floriography was a high-culture fad that took off in England in the time of Queen Victoria (having been imported from Turkey). The practice involved the passing of complex emotional messages through an understood language of flowers.  Floriography’s cultural staying power is testified to by its popularity in the U.S., where at least 98 different “flower dictionaries” circulated over the 20th century. 

These being but a few examples of the tradition of flowers and their power as symbolic gifts, we encourage you to check out what we’ve said in the past about the colors of roses specifically, which are now available in many more colors than they were in Victoria’s day. One of the boldest and newest of these beauties is the rare and magnificent orange rose.

A Brief History of the Orange Rose

Orange roses, like all roses of such unconventional coloration, are hybrid varietals. They were developed by growers in the mid-20th century by crossing naturally-occurring red and yellow roses. The resulting orange bloom turned out to be extremely popular, and rose cultivators embraced the new color.

The advancement of floral hybridization techniques that these creative rose growers used proved to be successful in creating a number of different then-unseen shades of rose, which revolutionized the sale and culture of flowers across the globe, which we now perhaps take for granted. Today, you can find a range of orange roses from vivid deep shades to paler hues of peach and coral.

The Orange Rose: Meaning

As we’ve already mentioned, when you find yourself giving a rose, or arrangement of roses, as a gift, it serves to know the culture of flower-giving as it relates to the meanings of different colors. The red rose that symbolizes passion and romantic love makes for a much different message than the yellow rose, typically associated with friendship and happiness. Are we then to conclude that orange roses represent a mixture of these two emotions?

Our answer is: perhaps, but not necessarily. Thanks to their relative newness on the scene, orange roses don’t carry with them quite the same body of symbolic literature and history that red, yellow, white, and other, more traditional rose colors have. Plenty of people insist that they do, in fact, represent the border where romantic love and friendship meet, while other modern interpreters focus on the feelings of passionate intensity conjured by the color orange.

What we will say is that this color of roses is intense and fierce. Reminiscent of fire, citrus, and glowing sunsets, orange roses make the perfect summertime bloom. This luminous hue immediately conveys strong, warm emotion that serves an excellent contrast to their delicate perfume. The brightness of these vibrant flowers can express the fullness of your intensity, passion, and enthusiasm. And if you want to brighten up a particularly dull day for someone close to you, we believe that orange roses are an ideal choice.

Giving the Gift of Orange Roses

Roses offer us a timeless and fragrant way to share our feelings with one another, and the orange rose serves as a wonderfully modern and seasonal variant this spring and summer.

For a Loved One

A bouquet of orange roses can be the perfect gift for that person in your life whose personality shines with passion and excitement. Alternatively, if you want to express feelings of passionate intensity that burns like a flame, these blooms work just as splendidly.

Our Le Petit arrangement is ideal for this spontaneous gesture of care and affection. This particular piece, which features four splendid Eternity® Roses snugly housed in one of our classic Parisian hatbox-inspired vessels, will serve as a fragrant reminder of your thoughtful gift long after it is first given.

All of our handcrafted rose arrangements feature our spectacular Eternity® Roses, called such because they will keep their blooms for as long as a full year, given proper care. They are real, natural blooms grown in the fertile rose fields of Ecuador, from which point they are carefully cultivated until they reach a full blossom. An innovative formula made from non-toxic and non-allergenic wax allows these roses to keep for as long as they do, and natural oils are added to both preserve and support their delicate fragrance for much longer than a bouquet of conventional roses.

A Thoughtful Gift

The right arrangement of roses can go a long way to express thoughts and feelings of gratitude and appreciation. A bouquet of fiery orange blooms can make a striking and unforgettable impression when sent as a thank-you gift, and we couldn’t recommend them more strongly!

Our beautiful Le Clair Cinq arrangement would be perfect as a “thank you.” This stunning piece features five classic orange Eternity Roses encased in a sleek, clear acrylic case that protects the integrity of the blooms brilliantly while displaying their true beauty. It’s the space-efficient design of this arrangement, matched with its expected radiance and fragrance, which makes it the perfect gift of gratitude.

We encourage you to take a look at our entire Le Clair Collection, which gracefully embodies the minimalist ethic while retaining all the beauty and fragrance of a classic rose arrangement. These pieces complement a professional setting as well as a personal one, allowing them to elevate any space.

Treating Yourself

The unfolding warmer months offer a tremendous opportunity to bring joy, warmth, and good smells into our lives and homes. We love to take some time to bring in new décor, even something as simple as a new houseplant or seasonal bouquet to enliven the atmosphere. Punctuate your living room with a vivacious arrangement, such as our Allura Vase in orange.

The bright orange roses are incredible in contrast with our exclusive ceramic Maison Collection vases. This elegant design also makes them serve wonderfully as dining room centerpieces. In warm and glorious orange, we find this marriage between opulence and refined taste simply delightful.

If the minimalist grace of a single rose seems appropriate, consider our striking Florentina Vase arrangement, which displays a stemmed Eternity Rose within a gorgeous smoked glass vase adorned with a charming rose quartz crystal. The addition is meant to promote not only love, but also self-love. This piece is the perfect fiery accent to a minimalist but colorful décor scheme—modest in its profile, but voluminous in its brightness and warmth.

Or, for the ultimate declaration of vibrant self-care, treat your home to our extravagant Large Round, which contains over three dozen luxurious Eternity Roses. This arrangement in vibrant orange will radiate brightness and fragrance across whichever part of your home you choose to grace it with. Consider celebrating self-love this season with some of these rich, orange blooms from Venus ET Fleur.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has taught you something new about this oft-overlooked color of rose, and given you an idea or two for your home decor and gift-giving needs this year! We believe that the orange rose’s rarity and unconventionality is its strength.

We understand that your particular situation may call for a slightly different message, color, or arrangement. If you find yourself at a loss, we urge you to do some brief study on the different colors of roses. You can have a lot of fun crafting the perfect message for that special someone you know is going to appreciate the time and care you spent in choosing it. But there is also something to be said by leading heart-first and sending a bold and sumptuous message that renders a close reading obsolete. Situations like these are where the vivacious orange rose shines brightest, and we hope you find the occasion to use it well!



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