Long-Lasting Gifts Your Sweetheart Will Love

Venus ET Fleur® is here to help you give your love something unique this year for Valentine’s Day. Eternity® Roses present your sweetheart with a beautiful arrangement of high-end roses, but instead of lasting only a few weeks, these luxurious roses will last a year or longer with proper care. The popular Real Roses That Last A Year® are stunning and elegant, and they are sure to make a beautiful and lasting impression. You can find our Eternity Roses in a variety of different styles and arrangements, including our special collections and custom arrangements. Browse Venus ET Fleur® to place your order and let our luxury rose delivery system ship your beautiful roses right to your door, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Bucket List: Date Night Edition

Show your special someone you can take initiative on date night! The perfect present might mean putting an end to “So, what should we do tonight?” followed up with a back and forth of “I don’t know.” Make choosing the date night activity easier with a bucket list of ideas! Create a list with a combination of activities like movies to watch, city landmarks to visit, restaurants to share meals at, or shows to see. No idea can be too big or too small, and creating this list in advance will make date night easy and fun when the infamous “I don’t knows” pop up!


In addition to our previous post, 4 Reasons that Candles Make the Best Gift, candles make for a sweet gesture for your Valentine. They inspire warmth, romance, and intimacy. Try our Rose Blanche Candle for some added ambiance this Valentine’s Day. This rose-scented candle’s warmth transcends surroundings into a sea of fresh roses, creating an intimate and soothing environment that is perfect for a time of peace and relaxation with your special someone.

Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is a lasting gift that will hold the romantic sentiment of Valentine’s Day with your love. This year, make a piece more meaningful through customization! By personalizing your jewelry, you have the ability to make it stand out. Add both of your initials on a bracelet, design a necklace with pictures, or engrave a ring with your anniversary — either way, it’s the perfect personal gesture.

Weighted Blanket

Make Valentine’s Day stress-free with the help of a weighted blanket! Bring comfort to the home of your loved one and get cozy together. A weighted blanket brings a little extra security and shows that you really care. A weighted blanket embodies blissful love and warmth not only on Valentine’s Day, but also past that special day. It’s perfect for the nap-Queen or King in your life!

Essential Oils Diffuser

What better way to show your love how much you care than with a relaxing present? Essential oils are beneficial, and different scents can help with many types of issues, such as lack of sleep, stress, headaches, and more. The benefits of essential oils may help that special someone find more comfort in their home. Just add two to three drops of oil to the the diffuser to relieve tension, get a mood boost, or feel instant relief!

Framed Personal Location or Constellation Map

Map out your love story with a customizable print. Start by inputting special locations such as the places you first met, got engaged, or where you got married, and print out a map with all of these locations listed. You can then frame it as personalized home decor. There’s also an option to select a special date such as an anniversary, and you will be able to print out and frame an image of the constellations on that date. This piece of decor in your home will elevate your space and make for good conversation when you have guests. It’s a fun and different way to display special moments in your life with your loved one.

Gifts are a great way to show how much you care about someone, so why not make that token of love last a long time. Find even more amazing tokens of love when you shop our collection of long-lasting roses at Venus ET Fleur!