4 Reasons Candles Make the Best Gift

Every year, people try to find ways to one-up their gifting during the holidays. Stop wracking your brain trying to figure out the perfect gift when Venus ET Fleur® has the answer — candles!

Candles are universally appreciated and make the best gift, especially for those special people in your life that are usually hard to shop for. Here are some of the many reasons why no one will say no to a candle:

The Perfect Decor

Rose-scented candles make the perfect accent to any space in your home. They’re a great way to lightly redecorate your home without the stress of moving furniture. Additionally, candles, especially rose-scented candles are extremely versatile and can transform any room they’re in.

Natural Light

Nothing is more irresistible than the soft and warm light of a candle. Candles offer instant comfort and set such beautiful ambiance in whatever room they’re in. Giving your loved ones candles helps reduce the use of artificial light, which has shown to be harmful, especially with all of the extra screen time! The gift of a candle also gives that person in your life a nice little break for their eyes and their mind.

Encourages Self-Care

Whether a candle is lit during bath time or while you’re diving into a great book, the cozy atmosphere it creates allows you to relax. Candles set the tone for whatever you’re doing and give that extra sense of calm and warmth. There is a sense of comfort that comes from having a candle burning in your space. When you gift a candle to that special someone, you’re helping them stimulate a positive mood and encouraging a stress-free environment.

Gorgeous to Look At

Beyond their functionality and versatility, candles are simply beautiful, and they are an easy way to show that you’re thinking of someone. Candles evoke a euphoric sense of peace and beauty, and they are long-lasting presents because of their burn time, so the recipient is able to enjoy your thoughtful gift for a longer period of time than some other gifts.

Whether you want a gift to inspire romance, self-care, or thoughtfulness, a candle is always the right choice. That’s why, at Venus ET Fleur, we wanted to go above and beyond creating Eternity® Roses, so we produced our first, rose-scented candle: Rose Blanche. Handcrafted in a porcelain vessel and embossed in the VEF logo, Rose Blanche has a signature rose scent that derives from fresh cut roses in Grasse, France. The Rose Blanche candle is available for global delivery, so give the gift of warmth and light this holiday season when you buy the Rose Blanche rose-scented candle from Venus ET Fleur!