How to Spice Up Your Rehearsal Dinner

As your wedding day approaches, you will most likely be busy finalizing details, welcoming family from out of town, and planning for your rehearsal dinner. While the rehearsal is nothing compared to the big day, it still plays an important role in your wedding as a whole. For this reason, you may want to try and make the night special in one way or another.

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How to Spice Up Your Rehearsal Dinner

In most cases, the rehearsal dinner is an intimate gathering for the bridal party and close family members where the bride and groom will practice walking down the aisle and finalize any small details for the ceremony. Once the rehearsal part of the evening is complete, everyone adjourns to a meal provided by the family or by the bride and groom themselves. When planning the rehearsal dinner, you have the chance to make it a simple affair, but if you’re someone who likes to make every moment something to remember, then why make an exception for your rehearsal dinner?

Mix Things Up!

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner resembles the actual wedding in some ways — same color scheme, similar setting, etc. One way you can make your rehearsal dinner stand out is to mix things up and make it its own party apart from the wedding. Pick a different color scheme that you can use for the night, and plan the dinner in a space that is different from where you plan to hold your reception. For example, if your reception is going to be in a ballroom, then plan your dinner at a nice restaurant or host it outdoors! Doing so will help keep the two events separate and allow your guests to create lasting memories for each.

Consider a Two-Part Event

If you have a lot of guests who are coming in from out of town, then there is a good chance that they will arrive the night or day before the wedding. It’s no secret that all of your guests will want to spend time with you outside of your actual wedding day, but they may not get the chance if you’re busy at a rehearsal dinner that was for bridal party and family only.

Instead of shutting out some of your guests from the festivities, consider making your rehearsal dinner a two-part event. The first part of the evening will consist of the actual rehearsal and an intimate dinner with your bridal party and close family members. Then, once dinner is complete, you can open the party up to out-of-town guests and close friends for dessert and drinks! You may even consider moving the second part of the party to a new location, especially if you had dinner in the same venue where you plan to get married.

Offer a Delicious Menu

When your guests attend your rehearsal dinner, it’s expected that there will be a “dinner” part of the evening. Couples who are trying to save money may provide their guests with a few slices of pizza or catered subs, but doing so can leave your guests feeling disappointed and still hungry, especially if you have too many guests and not enough food. If you really want your rehearsal dinner to be a memorable event, then one way to do so is to offer memorable food!

Serve your guests an array of your favorite foods, or make the meal interactive such as with a create-your-own pasta bar! If you’re getting married in an area that has a signature food or dish, then consider offering that dish as part of the meal! Guests who are only in town for the wedding may not have the chance to try any of the local cuisine, but offering at the rehearsal dinner will present them with an opportunity that they just can’t refuse!

Add Luxury to Your Dinner With Venus ET Fleur®

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