How to Decorate Your Nursery With Long Lasting Roses

Decorating your nursery is a great way to keep you busy as you anticipate the arrival of your newborn baby! These days, more parents are opting for gender-neutral themed nursery rooms over the traditional pink or blue themed baby rooms, especially with the rising trend of gender reveal parties. But don’t let the anticipation of finding out your baby’s gender hold you back from decorating a cozy and adorable room that you and your family will love. With some help from Venus ET Fleur®, you can turn any room into a mood-board-worthy nursery of your dreams.

Decorate a Woodland Themed Nursery

left four roses in square porcelain vase, right baby girl sniffing square rose arrangement in porcelain vase

A woodland nursery theme is a great direction to go, especially if the rest of your home is filled with neutral colors like white, grey, beige, and other pale tones. When you decorate your woodland themed nursery, think of cute animal motifs such as outdoor stuffed animals and paintings of bears and squirrels, nature-inspired wall decals or murals of mountains, and plenty of organic elements around the room.

For winter babies, consider painting the room with white birch trees covered in snow, and keep furniture colors light and natural. Opt for natural woods when choosing the crib and the dresser. Install a couple of shelves (high enough out of the baby’s reach) to place a few plants, snow globes, or decorative forest animal or acorn plushies. Tie in the look with some pure white Sylvie Vases with Eternity® Roses and Eternity™ Hedera Leaves. The leaves will add a dash of vivaciousness to the room.

For summer babies, consider an accent wall with a painted mural of a mountain and a couple of evergreen trees. For home decor that doubles as light sensory play, consider placing some textured fabrics over the bark or the leaves of the tree so that the baby has the opportunity to feel different textures. Incorporate a couple of sun-toned yellow or orange accent pieces to add some brightness into the room. Look for bright-colored plushies and swaddle blankets and some Sylvie Vases with matching sunny colors to match.

Decorate a Vintage Style Themed Nursery

small round rose arrangement in pink suede and grey suede

For the parents who love the classic vintage look, look for one-of-a-kind pieces and decor that have a timeless appeal. Start a DIY project and turn a couple of wooden pallets into a vintage crate roller or a wagon to hold books and toys. If you want to incorporate lots of lace and sheer fabrics, don’t stop at the curtains. Find lace-patterned lanterns or create your own with a few doilies, some Mod Podge, and an inflatable beach ball. A string of old, illustrated flash-cards would make the perfect decor for your home. You can also incorporate family treasures and heirlooms into the room for a sentimental touch.

Complement the vintage look with some antique shelves around the room. Our Small Round Pink Suede arrangement with long lasting roses would look absolutely stunning in a room with pink accents. For a more vintage-neutral theme, such as a vintage circus theme, you could set up a Grey Suede rose arrangement next to an elephant plushie. You could also paint a few vintage hot air balloons on the wall and strategically place the Small Round Eternity® Rose arrangements as the basket for those balloons, by placing them on some floating shelves. 

Decorate a Green, Botanical Themed Nursery

green rose arrangements in white hat boxes, white roses with leaves in porcelain vase

Incorporating faux and real greenery into your nursery is a simple way to freshen up and revive a space. For parents without a green thumb, there are several realistic-looking faux greens you can find at your local grocery or retail store, such as ferns, hanging potted plants, and even succulents. You can also add some greens through wall decals, paintings, and adding green curtains and bed sheets made from organic materials like bamboo fabric, which is incredibly soft.

For parents who can’t live without some real greens in every room, look for low maintenance plants such as snake plants, jade plants, or some potted philodendrons to place on the shelf. Your baby will take up most of your time, so consider plants that won’t require more attention than your newborn child. For the best of both worlds, consider Venus ET Fleur’s Small Square White Classic arrangement with green Eternity Roses. Venus ET Fleur uses real, long lasting roses in our arrangements. Our rose arrangements stay in full bloom, smell just as incredible as the day we picked the flowers, and require no maintenance to stay beautiful for an entire year or longer. Browse through our Classic Collection for different sizes and styles of our signature Parisian-style hat box arrangement. Fill up your baby’s room with sweet-smelling roses that will stay stunning, all through your baby’s first year!

For a more natural look, you might consider our Fleura Vase with Eternity Roses and Eternity Hedera Leaves and choose your favorite rose color for the room. This beautiful arrangement comes in an stunning, all-white porcelain vase that will match the aesthetic of any room, making this the perfect addition to your nursery. The green leaves help to create an enchanting look to enhance each bloom of roses.

Decorate a Nautical Themed Nursery

square rose arrangement in clear acrylic casing with bottom drawer for storage

The nautical themed nursery will never grow old A nautical nursery will incorporate coastal elements in its furniture and decorations, along with a color palette of ocean and sky blues, as well as sandy beige tones. For a cleaner look, you might want to consider all-white furniture pieces, such as the crib, the dresser, the rocking chair, and an ottoman or pouf. Set up a rustic, white bookshelf made from a painted wooden pallet. Accent the room with classic, multi-seasonal blue-and-white striped blankets, sheets, or wall art. Decorate the room with some whale or fish plushies for an adorable touch. You can also frame a few family vacation photos and place them in the room.

For a more vintage look, stack a few wooden planks on the wall to mimic shiplap, and paint your baby’s name or monogram initials onto the planks. You can create hanging shelves using some braided nautical ropes to hold up books, ocean-themed decorations, and other knick-knacks along the wall. To break up the white and blue, incorporate some bright yellow, orange, or red accents for pops of color. Not only will this bring some warmth into your nursery, but it will also give you a wider variety of options when it comes to choosing nautical themed decorations. Look for small red anchors or orange sailboats for decor. To complement the warm tones, consider a Le Clair Vingt-Cinq arrangement with orange or light-colored roses.

Featuring a sleek acrylic casing, 25 charming roses will shine through to add extra beauty to any space. This arrangement also comes with a clear drawer underneath the roses for storage. For girls, place a few strings of fake pearl necklaces, so that they can play dress-up. For boys, consider placing a folded-up treasure map on some coffee-stained paper. When it comes to home decor, let your imagination run free!

Your nursery is a special place for you and your baby. It’s a room your baby will grow to love, so make it as cozy and fun as possible. Browse our special collections at Venus ET Fleur for more inspiration for your little ones.