How to Decorate Your Home Office Space

Your home office space is a place that should inspire your creative energy and motivate you to perform at your best. But often, most home offices are neglected when decorating the house. They can be plain, messy, and uninspiring, pushing you to invade your personal space to work, like your couch, your dining table, and sometimes your bed. But there is a simple solution to making your home office an enjoyable space — decorate. To help you enliven your days of working from home, follow these decorating tips by Venus ET Fleur® to create an inspiring and productive atmosphere.

Observe the Principles of Feng Shui

The first feng shui guideline you should follow is to set your intention for the space. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in your home office, prior to arranging your setup. For example, do you intend to use the space as your art or music studio? Or perhaps you’ll be spending most of your time on your computer completing accounting tasks? Recognizing the function of your home office can help you invest in key furniture pieces and decor that speak to the level of creativity and growth you envision for yourself in your career, and in your home.

Once you’ve set the foundation for the energy in your room, add pieces that reflect your personality. Adding decor that reflects who you are or what you aspire to be encourages personal growth. Choose pieces that inspire you, carry sentiment, or make you feel happy, such as our Florentina Vase. Our Florentina Vase comes with a single stem Eternity® Rose and a rose quartz crystal to radiate positive energy. This ensemble promotes beauty and self-love and can serve as a reminder to love yourself and be compassionate in the work you do. Regardless of the size of your home office, the delicate nature of the Florentina Vase allows it to fit in any space, from the window sill to your bookshelf.

Set Up an Accent Table

If your home office allows for a small corner to rest in, consider investing in a textured rug, a plush armchair and an accent table. Fabrics are a great tactile addition to your home, and the materials you choose can set the mood. A benefit of the accent table is that it becomes an additional space to which you can add decor. Rather than filling up your desk space with decorations, use your accent table as extra space.

For a luxe design aesthetic, pair a sheepskin rug with a velvet armchair, and add a white marble accent table for your afternoon tea. Decorate your accent table with statement pieces like our Lé Clair Neuf ensemble. The acrylic box elegantly displays nine beautiful roses in a color of your choice, so you can keep your decorations cohesive.

Opt for a Monochromatic Theme

When working from home, your eyes can become strained from staring at a screen too long. Opt for sky blue hues — research shows that a light blue has a calming effect on people. Go for a monochromatic theme by choosing different hues and shades of light blue, with pops of white for a fresh ambience. Paint an accent wall light blue, decorate your shelves with blue books, and adorn your office with blue flowers. For a statement piece, consider our Classic Large Square arrangement of Real Roses That Last a Year®. Customize your arrangement by choosing a white box with blue Eternity Roses, or a blue box with white Eternity Roses.

To keep the space from looking too monotone, add white pieces around the room to break up the blue. Our signature Rose Blanche Candle adds charm and sophistication in any space with its quality, all-white porcelain vessel. When lit, the candle brings a vibrant rose and geranium scent with notes of freesia and patchouli. The scents were inspired by Grasse, a village on the French Riviera, considered to be the world’s capital of perfume.

Use Matching Decor

And lastly, use matching decor to tie in your office space together. For a gallery wall, choose the same frame color to tie the different pieces of artwork and photos together. For a timeless, luxe aesthetic, opt for rose gold as your accent color. For a more cohesive feel, add bits of rose gold around the room. Choose an accent table with rose gold legs, or look for blush toned throws or rugs to match. For a finishing touch of sophistication, order a few Classic Small Round arrangements of rose gold Eternity Roses and place them around the room for a breathtaking atmosphere.

Creating an aesthetic you love for your home office space is more powerful than you think. Your productivity and overall creative energy flow can improve when you surround yourself with pieces that inspire you. Start decorating your space with Venus ET Fleur’s collections of Real Roses That Last a Year® and see how your workspace transforms.


white rose in classic round arrangement with white rose in vase