The Florentina Vase embodies all notions of love with its ensemble. With this single, long-stem Eternity® Rose comes a smoked glass vase accented with a Rose Quartz crystal. Together this ensemble presents lasting beauty and radiates elegance.


The Florentina Vase was inspired by the picturesque views of vintage Parisian apartments–a single rose in a vase is always present. Plants and flowers were always present in these spaces to help liven up the environment. Florentina welcomes loved ones into your home. This is also Venus ET Fleur’s first ever single, long stem rose. It has a luxurious look and feel and is perfect for gifting a special someone or yourself.

from $149

**Unfortunately, due to the high demand, our Florentina Vase,
we will be sold out until after Valentine's Day

The single Eternity® Rose coupled with a charming rose quartz crystal radiates with positive energy. Inspired by the flower revered for its symbolism of purity and devotion, and the restorative powers of the rose quartz crystal, this ensemble promotes love, self-love and friendship. Through this ever-classic, single-stem rose arrangement— however it was received— you are reminded that the beauty you have within must always be celebrated and shared.