Holiday Wishes, Christmas Flowers, and Gift Ideas for the Family

Somehow, some of the ones you love the most can seem the most difficult to shop for around Christmas, Hanukkah and the holidays, especially when you’re far away. For someone who has all they need, give them something they wouldn’t get themselves, customize your gift and a loving message with Venus et Fleur.

For the loved ones who are far away, just showing them how much you care and the spot they hold in your life is enough, and there are few gifts that say that better than the long-lasting elegance of our eternity® flowers. For Christmas and the holidays, send them something they can admire all year, that will brighten the season, and be a beautiful surprise when it comes to their door.

Flower Arrangements for Everyone in Your Family at the Holidays

Getting a good gift is all about matching the person with something in line with your relationship and that’s practical to them. Getting older, your family might have all the basics, but our flowers offer a practical luxury. They’ll enjoy the added elegance of Venus et Fleur and if they buy flowers regularly, quickly realize the luxury of not buying flowers week-to-week.

Gifts For the Parents

Our White Thalia Porcelain Vase with our mixed holiday flower arrangement

For many, their first memories of flowers involve their mother, putting flowers in a vase from time-to-time. It might be a small luxury she afforded herself or something she has a passion for, but either way she’ll love the thoughtfulness of a gift arrangement made just for her, or for both your parents, given that one of the best gifts you could give the man who has everything is just knowing he’s loved and appreciated.

Whether you want something holiday-themed, or something that will go with their décor and set it apart year-round, there are great options for both and in-between. Customize your gift to their favorite colors or those that match their décor or grab one of our holiday gift selections, featuring deep reds, sparkling gold accents, unique holiday designs, and even the option of holly and berries.

Gifts for your Adult Son and Daughter

A small Le Plein flower arrangement with Rose Gold colored roses

When your son or daughter is far away or always on the move, some of your gift options might seem limited. They probably feel they have all they need, but something that elevates their space and that can be looked upon daily will help remind them that you’re there. Plus, many of our arrangements are small enough to take along with you on trips and all can easily be covered with their lid and transported.

For a fashionable daughter out on her own, get her something that will raise her mood and her style. Any of our classic flower boxes in black will go great with most simple décor themes and will remain a beautiful arrangement of roses wherever she puts it or moves it around. For your son who’s established himself and possibly a family, he’ll appreciate something that livens up the home. With our vases, you can choose from a variety of flowers and color options, so choose the one you know best matches his style or décor.

Gifts for the Grandparents

Our Demi-Sandstone vase with a mixed Lavender arrangement

For the Grandparents in your life, there’s not going to be anything they claim to need and they may be limited in what they’re able to use. A beautiful arrangement solves that issue, giving them something that will brighten their space, and reminding them of the face of someone they love. Whether you’re a grandchild or a son or daughter sending a gift from the whole family, our eternity flowers will help you bring you closer to Grandma and Grampa year-round.

With many of their more serious and active days behind them, grandparents deserve something airy and whimsical, like an arrangement of our mixed hydrangeas, white roses with hedera leaves, or just some bright colors such as yellow and baby blue, lavender and lilac, or get subtle and creative with champagne, blush, and pearl. Roses are available in all of our 25 colors, while hydrangeas center around mixed shade lavender, pink, and white color schemes.

Gifts for your Wife or Husband

A red rose arrangement with hedera leaves from Venus et Fleur

Of course, our flowers aren’t just for those who are far away, and they can make a great holiday surprise. If you and your wife or husband agreed on one or two gifts this year or just decided to take a trip as your Christmas or Hanukkah gifts, this can be a nice surprise for when you get back or to show up as you celebrate your holidays.

For your wife or husband around Christmas and the holidays, choose something that is classically romantic and goes with the season. Our holiday collection offers some elegant, sparkling choices, or customize your own with the rose colors that match the feelings in your relationship. Shades of pink and red are always good options and choosing one with leaves will help it match the season when they receive it.

Send Your Christmas, Hanukkah, and Holiday Wishes With Venus et Fleur

More than just flowers, every Christmas and holiday wish you send this season will drip with thoughtfulness because of the elegance and value that Venus et Fleur bring to a home. It’s a gift that will elevate their life every day with beauty and a subtle fragrance. Show your parents, grandparents, and children who are far away how much they’re appreciated with luxury flowers delivered by Venus et Fleur.