Everything You Need To Know About Luxury Candles

With options ranging from pumpkin spice to fresh floral scents, adding luxury candles to your space will fill your home with warmth and elegant fragrance. Luxury candles create a beautiful ambiance in whatever room they’re in and will be sure to delight your senses. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about luxury candles and how you can use them to decorate your home.

What Are Luxury Candles?

Luxury candles are gorgeous to look at and emote exquisite fragrances that will fill your space with effortless beauty.

Here at Venus ET Fleur®, our signature candles are handcrafted pieces of luxury home decor that will scent your oasis with an utterly graceful and worldly fragrance. They will also serve as a tool for attracting more of what you love and want into your life.

Here are some of the most popular scents and fragrances when it comes to luxury candles:

Whichever scent you choose, you will be sure to fall in love with your new signature fragrance.

What Makes Candles Luxurious?

What makes candles luxurious? This is a great question, and there are several characteristics to look for when searching for a luxurious candle. Fragrance, wax, wick, and your candle’s container all play a role in creating a luxury fragrance experience for your senses.

First, you’ll want to choose a candle that not only smells heavenly but that is also gorgeous to look at. 

For example, our Nue Tuberose candle from our endlessly sophisticated Maison Collection is as alluring for the eyes as it is for the scent. This candle has a soothing, blush-tinted wax, which gives it an even more graceful appearance, expressing feelings of sophistication, femininity, and luxurious warmth.

The fragrant wax of Nue Tuberose is hand-poured into a sophisticated ceramic vessel that will elevate any space with its timeless look. Reminiscent of classic Roman architecture, each handcrafted porcelain vessel is embossed with our classic Venus ET Fleur logo, making it an incredibly luxurious home accessory.

Read on to learn more about the different types of candles and how your candle’s wax, wick, and burn time all play a role in creating a luxury candle. 

Types of Candles

There are also several different types of candles to choose from when selecting a new, luxury candle.

Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are long, sturdy candles that are typically round or square in shape and come in varying heights. Pillar candles look stunning as holiday decor and typically burn for a good amount of time.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are some of the most popular candles when it comes to showering your home with delightful fragrances. These candles come in an array of scents and typically come in glass jars or sleek, ceramic vessels.

Scented candles also make the best gifts because everyone loves to fill their home with fresh fragrance and long-lasting elegance. 

Taper Candles

Taper candles are long, slender candles that are often seen in candleholders. Taper candles are the perfect addition to your dining room table and produce a significant amount of soft, diffused light.

Types of Wax

There are various wax materials that candles can be made from, and each one features unique characteristics that can affect everything from a candle’s scent to its burn time. 

At Venus ET Fleur®, our candles are comprised of the highest quality perfume oils from around the world, thus creating long-lasting flourishing fragrance and a luxurious candle experience. 

Let’s explore the different types of candles and how you can select the best candle wax for you.


Beeswax is a natural, fresh, and eco-friendly wax that comes directly from bees during the honey-making process. Beeswax is one of the oldest forms of candle wax and is known for its subtle, sweet aroma. 

The consistency of beeswax is harder and more solid than most other waxes. It is often used in blends for container candles.

Beeswax is wonderful for naturally purifying the air in your home by eliminating dust, pollen, mold, odor, and toxins. Beeswax might also assist with reducing allergies, asthma, and hay fever.

If you have a beeswax candle, trimming the wick will help your candle burn cleanly—it will produce hardly any soot. You will bee sure to fall in love with your new beeswax candle and its amazing, soft and sweet fragrance.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is the most widely used wax among candle brands, as it is less expensive than its counterparts, and it is one of the best waxes for holding in a high amount of fragrance and color. 

Candles made with paraffin wax are very versatile. This wax comes in various melting points, making it an excellent option for many different types of candles, with everything from containers to tealights. 

However, paraffin wax is made from a by-product of the oil industry, thus making it a non-eco-friendly option. Paraffin wax candles are also known for making black soot, which can dirty your candle and create unpleasant smoke. 

Soy Wax

Soy wax candles are made from soybeans and offer a long-lasting slow-burn, and can hold a light amount of fragrance if you prefer candles with a soft scent.

Soy wax is considered a more eco-friendly option than paraffin wax, and it gives you a relatively clean burn.

Coconut Wax

Coconut wax is a relatively new addition to the candle wax family. This popular wax is harvested from coconuts and is known for holding fragrance and color very well. Coconut wax candles also have a very clean burn and produce very little soot, which will help to keep your surfaces clean. 

Luxurious coconut wax candles tend to be on the expensive side but will definitely make a bold statement in your home.

Blended Wax

Lastly, when shopping for candles, you’ll often see blends of different waxes. Brands sometimes choose to blend waxes together to create a more sustainable option that will burn strong.

Blended candle waxes are often made by combining paraffin wax with plant-based waxes, such as soy, rapeseed, or palm oil.

Burn Time

When it comes to burn time for candles, this can depend on several factors, including the wax type, the size of the wick, and the size of the candle. 

Candles with a slower burn time are typically preferred, as this means that you will be able to enjoy your candle’s lovely scent for an extended period. 

Candles made with coconut wax tend to burn slower than other wax, giving you more time to enjoy their elegant fragrance. For example, an 8oz candle made with a blend of coconut and soy wax will typically burn for around 40 hours.

When it comes to the size of the wick and the size of the candle, the typical rule is that smaller candles with smaller wicks tend to burn at a rate of 7 to 9 hours per 28 grams of wax used. On the other hand, larger candles with larger wicks consume wax at a faster pace and are expected to yield 5 to 7 hours per 28 grams of wax used.

Final Remarks

All in all, we hope you have learned everything you need to know about luxury candles and how they can grace your home with elegance and beauty. You will be sure to fall in love with your new rose-scented candles and create a stunning oasis of fragrance in your home. 



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