Great Ways to Celebrate a January Birthday

For many people, once January 1 rolls around, it’s finally time to kick back and relax after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. However, if you have a friend who was born in January, the fun isn’t quite over yet. Instead of throwing in the towel and refusing to give your friend the celebration they deserve, it’s always better to make sure you’re prepared and have a few tricks up your sleeve.

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Great Ways to Celebrate a January Birthday

Host a Mixology Party

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make your favorite drinks at home? If you and your friends love making and trying new drink combinations, then a great way to celebrate your friend’s birthday is to host a mixology party! After the holidays, all you probably want to do is relax, and while going out and getting some drinks sounds like fun, there’s a good chance you would rather stay in and order food. However, when you host a mixology party, you get the best of both worlds! Invite your friends over for a night of drinks and delicious food, and hire a professional mixologist to come over and teach you all how to make some of your favorite drinks. After a few drinks, there’s no question that you will all be having a great time.

Plan a Murder Mystery Party

A murder mystery party may seem like an unconventional birthday bash, but it’s sure to be a lot of fun for everyone invited. The great thing about murder mystery parties is that they often don’t require a lot of planning. You can find murder mystery party boxes at most stores or online. Once you have the box, all you really need to do for the party is come up with a few hors d’oeuvres and a classy cocktail. If you really want to spice up your party, you can ask the guests to dress according to the theme of the murder mystery to make the event more festive!

Have the Party at Their Favorite Store

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when planning a birthday party for your friend is that the day needs to be all about them. Take into consideration how your friend likes to spend most of their time. If they like to spend their time shopping the latest trends, it may be a good idea to throw their birthday bash right in the middle of their favorite store! Some retail stores and boutiques will let you take over their store and host parties and events, so if your friend has a favorite, it may be their dream come true to turn a year older amidst shoes, handbags, blazers, and more!

Give Your Friend the VIP Treatment

After the stress of the holidays, those born in January probably want to relax as much as everyone else. However, you still want to make them feel special on their birthday. One way you can give them the relaxing birthday that they want is to give them the VIP treatment right in their home. Hire a massage therapist to come to your friend’s home and give them a hot stone massage, or if you plan on going out for drinks later that night, surprise them with a freelance makeup artist and a hairdresser to get them ready for a night on the town! Not only will this make them feel like a VIP, but it will also save them the trouble of getting ready on their own.

Give the Gift of Venus ET Fleur®

Regardless of how your friend chooses to spend their birthday, you want to give them a thoughtful gift that shows just how much you care. At Venus ET Fleur®, our Eternity Roses® come in a variety of different arrangements, including marble boxes, round hat boxes, or you can even customize the arrangement into something your friend will adore. With this real roses that last a year®, your friend will be able to enjoy their beauty month after month. Learn more about our luxury flower delivery and browse our selection of Venus ET Fleur® Eternity Roses® to find the perfect gift for your friend’s birthday today!