Good Gifts For a New Home, Baby, or Year

There are times in everyone’s lives when they enter into a new chapter. Whether it’s coming of age, bringing someone into the world, buying your first home or just marking the beginning of a new year, these are times where change is at least apparent if not imminent. 

If you have a loved one who is making a transition, giving a gift is a great way to show you care as well as to mark the occasion and give them something to remember or acknowledge it with. Anytime you’d like to give them a beautiful gift with elegance and style, consider Venus et Fleur and our line of flower boxes and arrangements as well as gifts like signature scents and décor to top off your gifting needs.

Gifts for Those Entering a New Phase

When it comes to giving a good gift for moments like these: birthdays, new babies and baby showers, and housewarmings, a couple things to consider are everything new that’s going to come with the occasion and what the moment means for the person receiving the gift. With couples and families embarking on a new adventure, something that represents their bond might be in order.

For moments like the ones we’ll talk about below, while the style and aesthetic may vary, the quality, personalization, and prominence or subtlety of the gift all go into the messaging that makes a gift truly special.

For New Babies and Baby Showers

The arrival of a baby into the world is one of obvious significance, and one that should be met with a tremendous amount of joy, so when it comes to giving a good gift, a bright, prominent gift is a great way to go. Going on the theme of new life and radiance, there’s a number of gifts that could show this whether they be big or small. Your choice may depend on your relationship and whether or not it’s a gift for the new baby or one to mark the occasion. 

If you want to mark the occasion, to celebrate the birth and the significance of bringing a child into the world, give the mother or parents of the couple something symbolic of the moment. With our large signature flower boxes or one of our many vases with flower arrangements, you could include their favorite colors in the design of a custom gift or go with colors like green, blues, and yellows for something to represent birth, radiance, growth, renewal, and optimism. 

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, offering some kind of décor for the baby’s room is a great gift to give for the new baby or at the baby shower. Cute wall hangings, decorations with the child’s name, and gifts that capture the atmosphere the parents want for their child can really go a long way towards building a nice nursery. You can do this with pictures, Le Mini letters and other name-based decorations, and really anything that might bring a little beauty and creativity into a room that should have comfortable and exuberant décor. 

For Birthdays

When it comes to birthdays, some definitely hit harder than others, so it’s fair for the gifts to match that. While some seem like just another day, others make it feel like everything’s brand new. Whether it be something big like 16, 21, 30, etc., or seemingly just another year, it’s always best to give a gift that’s personal to the person and that matches the occasion.

Speaking of the occasion, birthdays more than any other holiday or event are just supposed to be centered around one person. Giving the right gift is going to center around what they love and your relationship to them. 

When giving a gift to someone you just met, you might want to be careful not to go over the top, but wanting it to be personal as well is a fine line. Going with something small, but personal is a great way to reinforce the new friendship or relationship without feeling overbearing. One of our Le Mini arrangements customized to them is an option they’ll love. It’s a great gift for her whether it’s just a meaningful addition to their décor from a friend or something a little more flirty.

Another option, if you’ve just met the person, is to go with something less personal or grandiose, but that still displays care for the person and maybe the potential for it to grow into more. In these scenarios, something like our classic bundle set or another gift that is luxurious, but subtle may be in order.

If your relationship is a little more developed or the birthday is “one of the big ones,” you might go with something a little bigger, and perhaps more refined. Some birthdays are benchmarks that people take seriously as a time to move forward, so maybe give them something that represents that benchmark and delivers the message of how meaningful their years have been.

For a 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday gift and other major birthdays beyond, it feels a little more important to recognize your loved one with something special. A prominent gift from the ones they care most for is in order. Giving them something that will last and that shows them what they mean to others, like a flower arrangement from Venus et Fleur or some other type of art and décor, is something that can help determine how they take their birthday and where they are in life. 

For the New Year and Christmas

Unlike birthdays, the holidays are a time of year that helps unite all of us. The joy of many religious celebrations as well as the approaching new year can give it a magic that’s hard to match any other way. Around the world, the New Year is celebrated in many different ways, but they’re almost all characterized by a theme of renewal and to ensure good fortune by ringing in the new year the right way.

Whether we’re ringing it in at a crazy New Year’s eve party or celebrating with the family around the holidays, there’ll likely be great festivities and beautiful décor to match. The colors should represent good spirits and warm tidings, and perhaps, the culmination of another year.

For holiday-family celebrations, bringing a centerpiece of flowers, like our Eternity® roses in one of our vases or signature flower boxes, or another gift everyone can enjoy can be a great Christmas gift idea for the family or as a Christmas gift to mom or grandma for getting the whole celebration together. Making the gift as momentous as the occasion can add a nice touch as well.

As many cultures before have come up with holiday and New Year’s traditions to help mark the new year with something special — foods only available then, great fire and light displays, the planting of an item — you too can make a family tradition that endures and that’s all your own. Something that lasts a whole year, like all of Venus’ flower arrangements, could be a way for your family to mark the tradition as well as something to look at and remember the meaning all year-round.

For Housewarmings

Housewarming is a special event for so many reasons. Whether it’s a first home, forever home, or both, it’s something that deserves to be honored, not only by those buying the house but by those close to them in their lives who want to acknowledge the accomplishment and the significance of reaching such a milestone. Not only is it a feat for the buyer, but a new beginning for them and whatever family members might be involved in the move — kicking it off with a fitting celebration is a way to give them a happy sendoff into their new life.

Giving a good housewarming gift can involve a number of things, from simply what the homeowner needs to carrying a wider, more sentimental meaning. It’s really a wide-open category of gift-giving, so your relation to that person and where they are in life are probably two of the biggest considerations. Whatever a toaster or blender says, they’re fine gifts from a coworker or new friend, but long-time friends and family members may want to do and say a little more.

Two things that close friends and family members can tap into are the need to build a comfortable home, and not just a house, as well as the immense amount of love, pride, or happiness you feel about them buying their own home. This could mean small, subtle décor and handy items or something grand to mark the day and that will last for some time to come. 

For the new homeowner, likely moving into more space then they’ve ever had, a lot of what they’ll need is for supplying and dressing their home. Buying décor that goes with their intended color scheme, things that can help them around the house, or just something to liven up a barren room are all good options. A few examples include furniture, art, flowers, or wall hangings for the living room and bedrooms, candles, linens, and accessories for the bathroom, or some other luxury you might not buy for yourself right after the purchase of a home.

Giving Good Will and Good Gifts for Life’s Biggest Moments

Gifting to somebody when they’re on the precipice of change is more than something loving, it's part of what holds us together as humans and something that makes us feel good as well. Whether you shop for flowers with Venus et Fleur or decide on something else, you can be sure that with a personalized, meaningful gift that matches the moment, you’ll be strengthening the bond to your loved one and helping them move forward with whatever new challenges and adventure life may throw.