Gift Ideas for Your College Grad - Part II

Across the country, college students are moving the tassel on their caps from the right side to the left side and eagerly preparing for life after graduation. Such a momentous occasion definitely warrants a gift that expresses your love and pride for the new grad, and Venus ET Fleur® is here to help. In a previous post, we reviewed six gifts that are perfect for college graduates, and in today’s post, we’ll review five more. Check out the must-have gifts below, then be sure to shop our custom rose arrangements today to find the right one for your child.

More Special Gifts for Graduates

Professional Wardrobe Consultation

When their only responsibility was getting to class on time, your child may not have put much thought into their wardrobe. However, as graduates prepare to enter the professional workforce, they should have appropriate clothing so that they can feel confident in themselves and so that they are taken seriously by potential employers. Gifting your child with a professional wardrobe consultation can provide them the assistance that they need finding clothes that best suit their new life. Alternatively, you could also gift the new grad with a subscription to a designer wardrobe service that lets them try on various pieces with no commitment to buy.

A New Watch

After graduation, your child is likely to have various appointments and engagements, and hopefully a few job interviews. Arriving on time to these important events is essential for your child to put their best foot forward. If your child doesn’t already have a watch they wear on a regular basis, giving them one for a graduation present is a wonderful way to let them know how proud you are of their accomplishment, and it will encourage them to be responsible with their time management. Even if your grad does have a watch, you can buy them a special timepiece to commemorate their graduation, and many jewelers are willing to engrave special messages on the back side of the watch for a minimal fee.

A Custom Rose Arrangement

Luxury boxed roses made an appearance in our last post on this topic, and for good reason. Sending your child a stunning flower arrangement is one of the best ways you can recognize their accomplishment. Why not take it a step further and send your child a custom rose arrangement to show your love and pride on this momentous occasion? You’ll find the perfect arrangement when you shop Venus ET Fleur®, and our Large Square Eternity™ Rose arrangements can be customized in a wide variety of ways, including:

In addition to these customizations, you can also create a custom card message to congratulate the new grad. Each of our Eternity™ Rose arrangements are made from real roses that don’t need water, and because they require little to no maintenance, they are perfect for the busy new graduate.


Once the excitement of graduation dies down, your child will likely be on the hunt for a new place to live. While dorm life and on-campus living can be fun and convenient, neither of these locations work well for those who have to be up early in the morning for work. Once your child finds a place of their own, they’ll need to learn a few tricks in the kitchen to prevent them from spending a large portion of their budget eating out, and they will likely find themselves hosting friends and family for dinner every once and awhile. There’s no better housewarming gift for your child than a set of cookbooks to adorn their counters, and if you pass down a few of your own to your child, this can make a very practical and sentimental graduation gift.

A New Camera

Virtually everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and the cameras that these devices come equipped with are more technologically advanced than ever. However, when your child is preparing to blaze their own trail in the world, they should have a camera that is durable and reliable to document every new adventure, whether it is a night in with the girls or their first time visiting a foreign country. There are a wide variety of cameras to choose from on the market today, and whether you choose a simple digital “point-and-shoot” camera or a more expensive model that comes with filters and different lenses, your grad will love the care and thought that went into this gift.

Order Custom Rose Arrangements Online

When you want to show your college grad just how proud you are of their incredible accomplishment, let Venus ET Fleur® help. Our Eternity™ Rose arrangements are a one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to put a smile on your child’s face. Each of our custom rose arrangements are made from real roses, and with proper care, the college grad can enjoy them for more than a year.

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