Fall Wedding Flower Trends of 2017

If you’ve ever had to plan a wedding, you probably already know that choosing flowers for spring and Summer weddings is a no-brainer. There are a variety of beautiful flowers available during these warmer seasons, and sweet pastel color schemes can easily make any wedding environment feel comfortable and appropriate. For weddings in the fall, however, choosing floral arrangements can be a challenge. Luckily, the floral experts at Venus Et Fleur have come together to help you prepare for your fall wedding. In this blog, we’ll look at some fall wedding trends you can expect in 2017 so you can be well prepared when it comes time to plan your big day!

Fall Wedding Flower Trend #1: Consider Ordering Thick Textured Wedding Flowers

A floral trend that is becoming very popular for fall weddings is lush, rich arrangements with lots of interesting textures. Rather than using two or three different types of blooms in your table centerpieces, consider using a wide mix of flowers that are color-coordinated to your color scheme. A good example of this is starting with a base of classic flowers and mixing in an array of feathery crocosmia or hypericum berries and wooly lamb’s ear leaves to make the arrangement pop. If you’re looking to add a distinct fall touch, consider adding poppies with dark centers to add a touch of visual depth to your floral arrangements. It is especially important to choose such flowers in color to match the bride's wedding dress.

Fall Wedding Flower Trend #2: Add Classic Wedding Flowers In Rich Hues

When it comes to fall weddings, don’t be afraid to use some classic flowers in your floral arrangements. You can tailor these arrangements to the fall season by choosing more deep and dramatic shades of color. You can opt for the classic autumn hues or go with something a little more surprising like aubergine, copper, and deep forest green. While elegant dahlias may be the perfect fall blossom for your big day, roses are always a popular choice as well. You can find roses in an array of colors to fit your wedding color scheme.

At Venus ET Fleur, we understand how stressful wedding planning can be. If you’re looking for the perfect roses to display at your wedding or to give as a wedding gift, consider ordering some of our Eternity Roses™ today! Our Eternity Roses are real, live roses that can last up to an entire year when cared for properly. We treat our roses with a proprietary solution and color pigmentation process so you can enjoy them for months and months to come. We have the ability to transform the traditional red rose into a variety of colors including yellow, aqua, and baby blue. Check out our Special Collections online today!

Fall Wedding Flower Trend #3: Use Plants As Your Reception Centerpieces

Depending on the number of guests you plan to have at your wedding, there’s a good chance you will need centerpieces for your reception tables. Succulents have become a largely popular landscaping trend, and brides all over the world are working these plants into their wedding centerpieces. While succulents are seasonless, they can come in fall-like hues like aubergine, cactus green, and pomegranate. Most succulents features leaves that look almost identical to flower petals, which means you can mix them easily in with any other flowers you decide to use.

Fall Wedding Flower Trend #4: Go Green Or Go Home

In 2017, we’ve seen a rise of eco-conscious couples and their wedding florists focus on using locally grown, organic flowers. If you plan on using local flowers for your big day, be sure to choose a florist that is located near your wedding site. This will lessen your environmental impact, rather than having to fly unique flowers to town from another city or continent. A major benefit of choosing organic flowers is that you’ll spare your wedding guests from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

As you can see, there are several fall wedding flower trends to keep in mind as you start to plan your autumn wedding. If you’re looking for a unique centerpiece to display on each table, Venus Et Fleur offers custom rose packages to help you celebrate your big day. Browse some of our custom flower arrangements online today!