How to Use Accent Decor in Your Home Decorating

Choosing gorgeous accent decor is one of the most exciting steps in the decorating process. There are endless ways to use accent decor in your home decorating, and we’re here to teach you how. 

Read on to learn about the different types of accent decor and discover how to use accent decor in your home decorating process. 

What Is Accent Decor?

Accent decor can be many things, but it is mostly considered items that stand out amongst the rest of your home decor. Accent decor is known for being bold, colorful, having an eye-catching design, or for being very unique. 

Here are some specific, popular examples of accent decor: 

  • Jeweled Embellishments 
  • Gold Accent Decor
  • Black and White Wall Art
  • Metal Signage
  • Colored Accent Lighting
  • Dried Floral Arrangements
  • Indoor Water Features
  • Gorgeous Candleholders
  • Table Runners

Whichever accent decor items you choose to feature in your home, they will be sure to bring vibrant beauty to your home decorating. 

Types of Accent Pieces

There are many types of decorative accent pieces, and each one has unique features. Let’s explore the different accent pieces and learn about how they can complement your room decor. 

Vases and Vessels

Here at Venus ET Fleur®, the vases from our Maison Collection will be sure to make a statement by bringing a sense of refined feminine opulence to your surroundings. 

For a vase that stands out, the Florentina vase with a single-stemmed red rose will be sure to be a stunner. The single Eternity® Rose coupled with a charming rose quartz crystal vase radiates with positive energy and is a wonderful piece for your space. 

Try placing this bold vase on your mantle, next to an ornate gold mirror, along with glittering candles for a look of perfection. 

Decorative Storage

Boxes, baskets, and trunks are all different types of decorative storage accent pieces. While some may just use plain storage in their home, using a vibrantly patterned basket, a bombe chest, a floral box, or a vintage trunk is a great way to use your decorative storage as accent decor. This will spruce up your space for a more sophisticated look. 

Choose a storage option that is either painted or gilded for a grand look, with an outstanding shape and strong color. Not only is this functional, but it will also act as a fabulous accent piece in your home.

When you shop for storage, you should know exactly what items you are going to place inside. This will help you be practical when shopping and choose storage options that are the right shape and size for your items.

Candles and Candle Holders

If you love the beautiful aroma of luxurious candles, adding a stunning candle holder as accent decor will give your home a gorgeous look and feel. Our beautiful candles are hand-poured into custom ceramic vessels and are made of the highest quality perfume oils. 

Candleholders come in different heights, and you can either use them individually or as a group in a tiered arrangement. There are also beautiful candle rings that you can use to accent current holidays, with flowers, leaves, or outdoor accompaniments such as acorns, berries, and more.

Wall Art

Using abstract or elegant wall art is another way to use accent decor in your home decorating. Think of your walls as a blank canvas, just waiting for you to fill them with color and creativity. 

You can customize your home or office with a unique art print from an independent artist or choose a piece that will match your surrounding decor. 

Gold, black and white, and blue wall art will be sure to add a refreshing sense of beauty to your space. With everything from farmhouse to modern to bohemian wall accents and much more, there are endless options for wall art decor.

Room Sprays

Room sprays are the perfect way to tie the ambiance of your home together. A room spray will provide beautiful fragrance throughout your home and act as the perfect accent to your space.

When choosing a room spray, think about the seasons. If it is springtime, choose a gorgeous floral scent like our classic Rose Blanche Signature Room Spray. Our beautifully crafted Rose Blanche scent is a symphony of dramatic, peppery geranium and zesty cinnamon, enhanced with crisp notes of freesia and Damascena roses. It will be sure to bring freshness and elegance to your space.

For summer decor, you’ll want to add energy and joy to your space with sweet citrusy fragrances. If it is fall, choose a fruity scent with hints of pomegranate, apples, and grapefruit. Pumpkin spice is also a wonderful fragrance to bring out your seasonal home decor pieces and add warmth to the room. 

A Charming Chair

Most people usually opt for more neutral colors and tones when it comes to furniture. However, choosing a charming chair with colorful upholstery or a strong profile is a great technique to really accent your room.

Mixing decor styles is also a whimsical way to create an edgy, accented look. For example, if your interior design style is very traditional, try choosing a modern chair as an accent piece to stand out in your living room, or vice versa. This will be sure to catch the attention of guests who enter your home. 

Decorating Tips

Here are some decorating tips for how to use accent decor in your home decorating:

  • Add shelving to display books, mementos, or accent pieces.
  • Place an ornate clock on the mantle to accent your living room.
  • Add plants to bring in color contrast and personality to your home.
  • Accent pieces can tie into the color or design of the next room over, creating a bond between the spaces.
  • Choose your main color, then add layering colors to complement your design.
  • Pair a coordinating ottoman next to an accent chair.
  • Create an accent vignette by using a wooden tray to hold small items.
  • Use throw pillows and lush blankets as accent pieces for your sofa.
  • Find a beautiful, decorative bowl with an abstract design and fill it with glass beads or potpourri to create a stunning accent piece for your coffee table.

When your guests and family enter your home, they will immediately feel welcomed by your beautiful home decor. Love will be flowing in abundance as guests are greeted by stunning flower arrangements, beautiful accent decor, and fragrances surrounding the senses. 

Final Remarks

Using accent decor in your home decorating is a beautiful way to bring uniqueness to your home. Accent decor pieces will add vibrant colors to your home decorating design and will showcase your creativity. 

Remember to use our home decorating tips on how to use accent decor in your home, and you will be sure to create a stunning oasis for all to enjoy.



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