Light-Colored Roses for Summer Décor

If you’re like us, you’re already thinking about how you’re going to go the extra mile when it comes to decorating your home for the warmer, brighter months to come. As soon as spring rolls around, we tend to start thinking about how we’ll be decorating our homes for the summer. If you are someone who enjoys changing up your home accents and décor with the shifting of the seasons, it is never too soon to begin planning your next move.

In recent years, bright and bold colors have come into vogue when it comes to interior design. For this reason, we feel that floral accents that focus on balancing out these colors are essential. That’s why we encourage you to incorporate pastels and pale neutral colors. Light-colored roses can add a subtle softness to these beautiful yet powerful colors.

We at Venus ET Fleur® aspire to be your premier source for stunning floral arrangements that elevate your summer decor from ordinary to extraordinary. And nothing says extraordinary quite like our signature Eternity® Roses, real roses that last up to a year.

As the warm and easy summer season approaches, we remind the reader that June is also National Rose Month, giving you even more reason to accent your home with decadent, fragrant roses. And in preparation, we’re going to check out a few stunning shades of light-colored roses that are sure to make a statement of their own in any room.

With all this in mind, we're thrilled to highlight different ways that you can celebrate this beloved flower with your summer redecorating.

Why Choose Eternity Roses?

At Venus ET Fleur, we celebrate roses of all shapes and sizes, all colors and points of origin. But we would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t speak a full endorsement on behalf of our Eternity Roses.

Cultivated in Ecuador, our roses reap the benefit of natural light year-round because of their close proximity to the equator. We grow them at a higher altitude than most market roses, which in turn results in noticeably larger blooms and longer, more elegant stems. Upon reaching the peak of maturity, the roses are cut and treated with a proprietary solution and coloring process so as to preserve their freshness and natural integrity for as long as possible.

Whether you choose light-colored roses for your summer decor or opt to contradict all our recommendations and spring for an arrangement of exotic black roses (which are still a stunning and sophisticated choice), you just can’t go wrong. If you’re on the fence between purchasing roses from Venus ET Fleur, consider the benefits of our long-lasting roses. They:

  • Can last more than a year with proper care.
  • Are real roses that don’t need water
  • Are available in several types of keepsake boxes
  • Can be customized to suit your design preferences
  • Are versatile enough for home or office décor

We hope you consider ordering one of our splendid arrangements this summer, either for a loved one or your own home! Now let’s move on to some of our favorite light-colored roses, which we absolutely love.

Gorgeous Light-Colored Rose Shades

White Roses

Any white flower is simply and naturally beautiful, making it not only a perfect gift but the perfect contrast to nearly any color palette you may have in your home. They have been enjoyed for their fragrance and beauty for centuries, even being used as the symbols for important political houses. This shade provides a crisp, clean accent when worked into a dark, bold home color palette, achieving a dramatic aesthetic juxtaposition in living rooms and kitchens.

When paired with lighter color schemes, such as those featuring pink and lilac, white roses can also serve up graceful, tasteful femininity.

Yellow Roses

How wonderful would it be to replicate the cheerfulness of a sunny day inside of your home? Thanks to yellow Eternity Roses, you can do just that. Summer is a season of warm temperatures and bright, sun-filled weather, and this brilliant, light-colored rose is the perfect symbol of joy and excitement

We can think of no better way to bring a little bit of summer into your living space. These blooms make for gorgeous and vibrant centerpieces in kitchens and dazzling focal points in any office.

Blush Roses

Blush-colored roses are an incredibly popular choice for summer decor. Not quite pink and not quite white, blush roses complement a wide variety of color schemes and also blend extremely well with many deeper, richer shades. Their soft but potent hue adds an instant air of joy and romance to a room, making these light-colored blooms as ideal for a dining room as they are for a master bedroom.

As an example, our Le Petit Papillon Collection captures the lighthearted, carefree feeling of summer as well. This radiant piece features four gorgeous, blush-colored Eternity Roses, smartly nestled in a charming, Parisian hat-box inspired vessel, which cannot help but elevate any space they’re placed in. Despite their petite appearance, they are sure to out-do twelve dozen traditional roses in charm and class. Order yours today before they’re gone.

Pearl Roses

While many of us adore the sharp contrast offered by pure white roses, others may wish to employ a more subtle approach to the aesthetics of their home. Pearl-colored roses a light enough that they still create a wonderful element of contrast in a room, but in a slightly less on-the-nose way. This is probably because pearl roses are near enough in shade to white to complement brighter, bolder colors, but their slight hint of cream offers a bit of warmth to them.

Take a moment to appreciate our Small Le Plein arrangement in pearl, featuring up to four dozen radiant Eternity Roses. Magnificent in their simplicity, these roses are perfect for your home office, corporate office, or any kind of office—especially when paired with a classic mahogany palette.

Champagne-Colored Roses

In the event you’d like to supplement a bit of stylish formality into a room that predominately features deep, rich colors, nothing accomplishes the task quite like champagne-colored roses.

Their color, a delicate, light-golden shade not unlike a fine glass of, well…. champagne, exudes an air of rich refinement that other tones can’t quite match. These unique light-colored roses are the perfect addition to a formal dining room or a living room that features burgundy décor, brick red, and other warm hues.

Lilac Roses

For those who favor a cooler, lighter palette for their summer aesthetic, we highly recommend implementing lilac-colored roses into your decorative scheme.

While lilacs themselves are a wonderful decorative flower for spring and summer months, many people are surprised to learn that roses can come in lilac as well, and they make a magnificent appearance on their own or as part of a more diverse summer bouquet.

Those who find themselves looking for an example of minimalist grace might consider our Florentina arrangement, which features a solitary stemmed Eternity Rose placed in a gorgeous smoked glass vase. The rose quartz crystal that adorns the bottom of the vase makes for a charming and sincere ensemble, meant to promote not only love but self-love as well.

Final Thoughts

As the season shifts from spring to summer, it can prove beneficial to change up the energy and flow in your living space. By simply recalibrating your home, and with the addition of beautiful floral accents and arrangements, you may also find your inner thoughts and feelings shifting in turn. By transforming the space around you, you will also be clearing your mind to make room for self-reflection and meditation—both of which are essential components of a healthy, fulfilling summertime.

Are you ready to take your summer decor to the next level? With light-colored roses from Venus ET Fleur, your interior design is sure to be the envy of friends and family.

Our long-lasting roses require little to no maintenance, and we ship these stunning arrangements anywhere in the world. Whether you are decorating your office up the street or your vacation home across the country, you can enjoy the incredible aesthetic of Eternity Roses anywhere.

Wishing you a bounteous summer and happy redecorating from all of us at Venus ET Fleur!



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