Christmas Gift For Mom: Ideas To Show Her You Love Her

Mothers are the most important people in our lives. They care about us more than we care about ourselves. As children, our mothers feed us, watch over us, buy us gifts, and do anything possible to ensure we are happy. They are the ultimate caretakers.

We often don't remember to appreciate them outside of special occasions, such as birthdays and holidays. It can be easy to forget to express our love, maybe because we feel we have more important things to do than buying gifts to make mom smile. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We need to change that this year.

We need to take some time to be thoughtful and think of the best Christmas gift for mom. It doesn't have to be big, but you can do your best to get your hands on a Christmas gift that she is going to love. Venus et Fleur® is here to help.

It can be hard trying to figure out the perfect Christmas gift for your mom. You may feel that she already has everything she could want. Maybe you feel that she might not need any gifts.

Moms have done a lot for us, and this year you can show your love for that time and energy they pour into us. You need to replicate the kind of appreciation we receive from them by giving them the best Christmas gifts for your mother.

If you're running out of options, we have some of the best gift ideas for your mom this Christmas. Whether you need something practical, big, or small, we trust you'll find what you are looking for to make your mom smile, and if you can't find something just right on this list, check out our holiday gift guide.

1. Hooded Ribbed Robe

You should wow your mom with an extraordinary cotton robe, the best Christmas gift for mom. She'll love the classic cozy look and feel like she’s waking up in her favorite hotel every day.

If she loves taking longer showers, this robe is what she needs to relax in the shower room. She can also wear it throughout the day, especially on holidays, weekends, and when she wants to feel like she's at the top of the world!

2. Delicate Chain Bracelet

A fragile crystalline gemstone bracelet would be a beautiful gift. Every single stone has symbolism attached to it. Kyanite stands for loyalty, and rose quartz means love, pink quartz symbolizes resilience, green onyx for protection, and aquamarine displays trust. These stones are the best way to show our mothers that they mean a lot to us and that we treasure all their qualities.

3. Specialty Liqueur

A small and delicious liqueur set presented in a unique box would make for a fun and functional gift. They're ideal for making refreshing cocktail juices during Christmas and New Year’s Eve days. Besides, moms will have the opportunity to show off these pretty sets to their visitors during the festive season. It’s a fantastic idea to let her try something new this holiday season.

4. Large Leather Bag

There is no replacement for a practical bag in a woman’s life. For the ladies reading this, do you remember the first high-end bag that was gifted to you? Wouldn’t you love to give that same feeling to your mom?

This classic bag is perfect for daily use and has custom details for your mom. The top craftsmanship employed in this bag makes it the best Christmas gift for moms. Particularly beautiful designs are those inspired by structured bags of the 1960s era, and you can match the color to her preferences.

5. Stoneware Mugs

Your mom may appreciate a gift that she'll be able to use day in and day out. Pretty pastel-colored mugs are the perfect Christmas gift for your mom.

The unique stoneware material helps to insulate and keep hot drinks hot for as long as possible. The serene tones inspire peace and tranquility. She will always think about you whenever she sees them in her kitchen cabinet. So, spoil her this year to ensure that she always remembers you whenever she's using these essential mugs.

6. Sewing And Embroidery Machine

If your mom is a talented crafter, a computerized sewing machine will be the best Christmas gift for her. It's a perfect gift regardless of whether she's a beginner, wants to awaken a lost passion, or needs to put her skills to practice. Not only does a computerized sewing feature make it easy for beginners, but the built-in embroidery features allow up to 280 designs. This gift can be used for many years for all of her crafting needs. 

7. Eternity® Roses From Venus et Fleur

Luxurious and supple, suede conjures up images of decadence. Offered for our eternity® rose large arrangements and available in seven shades — Blush, Pink, Blue, Tan, Grey, and Black — these boxes will add charm to any gift.

These roses come beautifully designed in a number of luxurious arrangements. Among our most popular are the Large Round, Small Le Plein, and our Heart Box.

With our eternity® roses, you not only have the benefit of enjoying these roses for a year, but you can also enjoy the lovely scent of roses for two to three weeks longer than you would with traditional roses!

8. Aromatic Hand Cream

As your mother continues to age, she may increase the level of care with which she treats her beauty and skin. There are varieties of beauty and skin products out there that promise to bring positive results but end up doing the opposite.

The hand cream will hydrate and nourish her skin and reduce any chances of pigmentation. Be sure this will be a must-have essential. The petite size makes these the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season.

9. Nue Tuberose From Venus et Fleur

There is something more about candles and Christmas. The newest home décor piece to bloom from the Venus et Fleur gardens will transform your space into an enchanted oasis of a secret floral estate with its sumptuous scent that echoes a gorgeous intermingling of flowers, distant locales, beautiful ritual, and romance.

Designed with a custom, handcrafted mold, each individual vase embodies our love for intricate craftsmanship and talented artisans.

Our Nue Tuberose candle is available in two sizes and can be purchased online and in our destination boutiques. The larger size is perfect for placing atop a stack of coffee table books on your living room table, next to an arrangement of flowers on your mantle, or with your other self-care essentials on your bedside table. The votive size is ideal for gifting and will enhance any smaller space in your home (i.e., your vanity, closet, restrooms, and small console tables) with its sumptuous fragrance and stunning look.

Getting the Best Christmas Gift for Mom

Your mother is that special someone that puts a smile on you during your lowest moments, buys you gifts, guides and counsels you, and defends you even when you're wrong. This woman deserves all of these gifts and more. But since we cannot give them the world, perhaps giving them a thoughtful gift, this Christmas would be just enough.

Moms always teach us to appreciate even the little things we get in life. No matter what gift you choose for your mom, you can be sure that she will appreciate not just the item, but the thoughtful love that went into it.

For all your floral gifts and décor this holiday season, shop with Venus et Fleur and browse our holiday collection.