Centerpieces That Make a Statement

There are many fine details that you will have to plan for your wedding, from the font used for the names on the placecards to the centerpieces you will place on each table. Each detail takes careful planning to ensure that they will look great and represent the love that you and your new spouse share.

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Centerpieces That Make a Statement

When you think of centerpieces that make a statement, you most likely picture something big and bold, but you can make a statement with even the tiniest and most simplistic of centerpieces. Making a statement simply means creating a lasting memory for those who get to experience it, and in today’s post, we will discuss a few ways that you can create a statement with your centerpieces — both big and small.

Decorate With Books

It may seem odd to use books to decorate a table, especially since you don’t want your guests to start reading when they should be enjoying the celebration. However, books can mean a lot to people, and if books play a role in the love story you share with your future spouse, then they should definitely play a part in your wedding!

Perhaps you and your partner have a collection of books that you both love to read, or maybe you spend your weekends walking through second-hand bookshops. No matter the reason, try incorporating books as a stand for a small vase of flowers or a candle. If there is a specific reason why you chose the books for each table, maybe add a place card to let your guests in on the romance.

Light Up the Room

In many cases, people will use flowers as the centerpiece for their wedding reception. While flowers are always a nice touch and elegance to the room, they may not add the most meaning to your ceremony. If flowers are not your favorite, then perhaps you would enjoy something a little different such as candles! You can place floating candles in a vase of water to give them a magical look, or you can find fun candlesticks that you can add to each table! If you’re going for a more vintage or rustic vibe, you may even choose to add small candle-lit lanterns to your table that will help light up the space as the sun goes down.

Hang Chandeliers

Centerpieces don’t necessarily have to sit in the center of the table. If you’re worried about people being able to see each other, or if you simply don’t find a centerpiece that fits your style, then why not draw the eyes upward with a gorgeous chandelier? Sometimes a table can feel crowded with utensils, glasses, and food once it has been served. Add in an elaborate centerpiece, and your guests may start to feel like they could spill something at any moment. Using a chandelier or another hanging piece will not only free up some space on the table, but it will draw the eye upwards, making feel like it’s taller than it may actually be.

Set the Scene With Venus ET Fleur®

Nothing is more romantic than a rose, and at Venus ET Fleur®, we have an extensive selection of real roses that last a year® that will make the perfect addition to your wedding. Choose a small, demure arrangement, or go for a bold and beautiful statement! There are countless options for you to choose, and we are more than happy to help make your big day a moment to remember.

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