Birthday Flowers: The Best Way to Celebrate Someone’s Special Day

The best way to show your loved one that you care on their special day is to create a customized birthday gift just for them, but sometimes we just run out of birthday gift ideas. You can do this with a flower delivery, and our birthday flower arrangements are beautiful and exquisite, and can even last until their next birthday- with our stunning Eternity® Roses.


Our Venus ET Fleur® design specialists and florists know exactly how to bring your personal designs to life. We have 24 rose colors and more than 35 custom designs for you to choose from to create a  truly unique birthday bouquet for your loved one


But why do flowers make the perfect gift to send someone birthday wishes? People have been giving flowers as gifts for centuries, from daffodils to lily of the valley. They make a nice gesture to others or can be used to symbolize our emotions. In other words, they are an excellent way to express how you feel towards someone.


A birthday flower delivery is definitely the best way to celebrate someone’s birthday because of this. Here is a little background into why people have loved giving and receiving flower bouquets as gifts, and how the reasoning behind it evolved.

Flowers in Ancient History

Mythology and history documented from the ancient world tell us that gifting flowers was an important part of many societal customs. Ancient China, Egypt, Rome, and Greece all gave flowers as presents and thought that their emotions could be accurately shown in the gift.


In ancient Greece, people associated flowers with gods and goddesses, often bringing flowers as offerings to their deities’ temples. As time went on, flowers were gifted to beautiful women, as a way to express to them that they were a goddess that walked on the earth.


We still give flowers as gifts today, although the custom has evolved. Today, people will give bouquets for many different reasons; however, they can all be linked back to wanting to express your appreciation for someone important in your life.

Flowers Today

Bouquets and flower arrangements make the perfect luxury gift for any special occasion, including birthdays. We are drawn to the natural beauty of roses and what they have come to represent. Plus, we can match them to any color theme or design that your loved one prefers.


Our flower arrangements make a wonderful surprise for anyone! Everyone loves receiving flowers, as they are a great way to show that you care. If you want to give your loved one a gift that they will appreciate and enjoy, our birthday flowers are the best option out there.


One of the main reasons that giving flowers is so thoughtful is that the experience is different every time. Since we have so many options available at Venus et Fleur, your loved one would get a different present every year. There are various ways to surprise them with the gift, making every cherished birthday memory unique and special.


For example, you could:

  • Have the flowers delivered to your loved one’s workplace or school as a surprise
  • Hide them in the house where they will find them
  • Gift them in a special place with many memories
  • Have them delivered to a birthday celebration alongside the birthday cake
  • Hide a smaller gift in the flowers for them to find
  • Customize them to include their favorite colors or name


The possibilities are endless, so let us help you surprise your loved one and give them a happy birthday with some fresh flowers! If you need more information or have questions about our delivery services, we have a customer support team available 24/7 to assist you.

What Makes the Best Birthday Flowers?

The answer to this varies from person to person. You know your loved one or family member best, so creating a customized birthday gift of their favorite flowers to send them good wishes for the year is the perfect way show them exactly how much they mean to you. The best birthday flowers show that thought and care were put into choosing them.


Roses are the most popular flower to gift, as red roses and pink roses traditionally represent romantic love and passion. However, roses come in a wide range of colors, which can all mean something different. This makes them an excellent choice for happy birthday flowers as well. In fact, roses are even the birth month flower for June! 


This quick list will come in handy when searching for the rose color that best represents your feelings towards the person you want to buy for:

  • Yellow and Gold: represents friendship, happiness, and warmth
  • Silver: represents sophistication, elegance, and strength
  • Blue: represents uniqueness or mystery
  • Black: represents the beginning of something or a big change in their life
  • Orange: represents energy and excitement


Of course, if you want to send more than one message to your loved one, you can always mix different colors of roses in the arrangement. For example, a mixed bouquet of yellow and orange roses would represent that your friendship makes you feel excited and happy. When they accept your gift, that special person will likely feel the same way!


Our roses can also come in multicolor shades, which is a great way to create a vibrant mix of colors with different meanings behind them. We recommend that you check out our customization options if you want to convey a special message to your loved one


You will start by choosing a box type, and then you can pick the arrangements and colors to make something truly unique and special for that important person.

Why Choose Eternity Roses for a Birthday Gift?

Our Eternity® Roses are Real Roses That Last A Year®, making them the perfect option to order flowers for any birthday. This floral arrangement is gorgeous, vibrant, and will last until your special someone’s next birthday occasion. Plus, they are easy to care for, and you do not need to remember to water these beautiful flowers.


Store-bought flowers will only last about a week before they start wilting and need to be thrown out. Our Eternity® Roses will always last at least a year if cared for correctly, keeping their scent for much longer than traditional roses.


Every time your loved one sees your rose bouquet still in pristine condition, they will be reminded that you care about them. Since other roses wither so quickly, your recipient will not get the same amount of enjoyment from them. 


Our roses can come in a wide variety of colors, as our new Zodiac collection shows. If you know of anyone interested in astrology, then one of these unique arrangements would make their birthday feel even more special.

How to Gift Flowers to a Significant Other

When in a relationship, arranged flowers are a fantastic way to surprise your partner. They are a timeless gift and can make anyone’s day. Any product from our collection is sure to impress, so be sure to browse through what we have to offer.


Roses are undoubtedly the best type of flower to give to a significant other. However, you do not need to wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to do so. If you want to surprise the love of your life, then gifting them our elegant flowers on any day would be sure to make them feel appreciated.

How to Gift Flowers to a Close Friend

Do not forget that you can send flowers to your friends on their birthdays! Yellow roses are a perfect gift for any friends, as they symbolize the happiness that you feel whenever you are around them.


However, you need to be careful not to send them flowers that might give them a weird message. If you need help picking out an arrangement that your friend will be sure to appreciate, get in touch with us. We would love to assist you in designing the perfect box of flowers.


Some women worry about sending flowers to their guy friends. Just remember that flowers are a wonderful way to let the men in your life know that you appreciate them. Pink or yellow roses are the perfect option for any man. Flowers are the best birthday gift— the person’s gender does not matter.

Be Sure to Include a Note!

Everyone loves to receive a message when gifted flowers. When gifting birthday flowers, this is the perfect opportunity to let your loved one know exactly how much you care about them in a card. Birthday cards go well with flowers and can enhance the experience for the recipient.


This also gives you the chance to describe how much you appreciate them in a short message. If you want to be sure that you are giving a meaningful gift, writing from the heart is always the best idea.


Flowers have been given as gifts since ancient times. Those people’s customs eventually evolved into how we give flowers today— a show of love and appreciation for the important people in our lives. A gift basket of flowers never goes wrong, whether you're including carnations or hydrangeas, tulips or chrysanthemums. Some people even appreciate a little succulent plant. But we stand by the fact that roses are the absolute best birthday gift you can give. 


If you want to make someone’s birthday memorable, you will want to be sure to send them one of our flower arrangements. You can choose your delivery date ahead of time, if you're on top of things, and for some areas, we even offer same day flower delivery. We have many color options for you to choose from and have a variety of designs for you to create something that that important person will be sure to love.


Contact us today if you want help making the perfect arrangement of roses for your loved one’s birthday.



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