A Man’s Guide to Mother’s Day

The moment you entered into this world, your mother was and always will be the first woman to love you and care for you. She showered you with love and tried her hardest to give you the world, so that one day, you would pass that love on to your own children. As you grew up and left the house, your mother’s home remained your rock — a place you could always return. Though your mother deserves the best every single day of the year, there is one special day where you should shower her with the love she’s shown you.

This Mother’s Day (on May 10th), don’t wait until the last minute to send her a gift. Venus ET Fleur® is here to help you choose from a selection of luxury flower arrangements to send to your mother, your wife, your grandmother, sister, aunt, and more. These handcrafted assemblages of Eternity® Roses can be delivered anywhere worldwide. We guarantee she’ll be pleasantly surprised to receive a symbol of your eternal love and gratitude for her.

For Husbands

Even though your children may be old enough to treat their mother on this special day, you, as a father, are just as responsible for making her feel especially loved. You, as parents, are in this together.

There are indescribable moments, such as when your beloved wife took your baby in her arms, with a tenderness that only a mother can express. Or when she got up to tend to your children’s cries, before they even spoke a word. This Mother’s Day, remind her that those moments don’t go unnoticed with an opulent Heart Box of Eternity Roses.

Choose this arrangement in either the Pink Suede or Red Suede heart-shaped box, and choose a rose color you know she will love. Every Heart Box comes with a personalized message, so you can write her a poem, a verse, or a quote to tell her how much she means to you.

Our Heart Box is the perfect symbol of love, as our Eternity Roses are preserved at their peak freshness and last for up to a year, with the right care, just as the love you share needs constant care to endure.

For a truly romantic day, set this Heart Box on your bed, with a dress, and a note to get ready and come downstairs to your dining room. When she comes down, she’ll be surprised to see that you and the kids have prepared a wonderful family meal together. 

For Sons

For all the times your mother made you a hearty breakfast before school, Mother’s Day is the day you should return the favor. Start the day off right with a special breakfast-in-bed. You can prepare an assortment of cheeses, fresh berries, and water crackers, or make delicious homemade pancakes with a side of jam and a hot cup of coffee. But the true finishing touch of your breakfast plate will be a single-stem rose in a vase.

Our Florentina Vase features a delicate rose in a grey vase, with a rose-quartz crystal dangling from the bottom of the vase stand. This elegant arrangement is sure to make your mother feel like the queen that she is. Your mother deserves to wake up feeling like royalty, and royalty deserves an ornate breakfast platter with a beautiful rose on the side.

For sons who may be too young to cook or step near a glass vase, you, the father, can still help your son give his mother a rose on her special day. Our Lé Mini Rounds in Pink Suede make the perfect petit gift from a petit child. These arrangements feature a single rose in a miniature Parisian-style hat box to display elegantly on a vanity, a bedside table, or as home-office decoration.

No matter the age, every son can help their mother feel extra-loved on this day.

For Grandsons

Grandmothers are mothers too! They had every part in raising you as your mother did.

Whether your grandmother lives in the same house or lives in a different state altogether, you can still show her how much she means to you this Mother’s Day.

Order a Small Round arrangement of Real Roses That Last A Year® and have them delivered to your grandma’s house for May 10. Our Small Round assemblage features 11 to 14 full-size roses in a round casing of your choice. For the grandmother who loves the classic look, opt for a sleek White box with her favorite color of roses. For the posh grandma who loves a luxe aesthetic, select a box in a Black, Blush, Pink, or Grey Suede Color for an extra touch of sophistication.

If your grandmother was lucky enough to have more than one grandson, call your brother or cousin and coordinate matching gifts, by sending her a Fleura Vase with matching-colored roses, so she can set these arrangements around her home. The Fleura Vase features a handcrafted porcelain vase that’s sure to elevate any space around it. With every room she steps into, she’ll be reminded of her grandsons’ love.

Though these uncertain times may prevent you from seeing your mother, grandmother, sister, or aunt in person, it shouldn’t stop you from showing them how much you appreciate them. Order a bespoke arrangement from Venus ET Fleur and have it delivered right to their doorstep by May 10th. Select an arrangement from our Mother’s Day Gift Guide and make her feel especially loved.

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