A Few of Our Favorite Large Rose Arrangements

Do you have a friend or a family member who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another milestone event in the near future? If so, then you may be considering sending them a bouquet of flowers to commemorate the occasion. At Venus ET Fleur®, we understand that you expect both value and beauty when you order large rose arrangements online, and our Eternity™ Rose arrangements are sure to meet your expectations. Made from real roses that don’t require water, sunlight, or pruning, our magnificent arrangements can last more than a year with proper care. Check out a few of our favorite arrangements below and purchase yours today.

Incredible Eternity™ Rose Arrangements

Collection d'Art

If you know a friend or a loved one who is an art connoisseur, there is no better large rose arrangement to send than the Collection d'Art. This unique product features our signature Eternity™ Roses in a Parisian-style hatbox. Each stylish hatbox features a hand-painted Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye on it, creating a truly unique arrangement that your recipient is sure to love. Symbolizing happiness, luck, health, and good fortune, the Hamsa Hand is perfect for flower arrangements being sent to high school and college grads, new entrepreneurs, and those recipients who are experiencing some sort of new beginning in their personal or professional life.

Lé Clair Vint-Cinc

In a previous post, we highlighted our entire Lé Clair Collection because it is one of our top sellers. We believe that one of the reasons our customers love this arrangement is because it strikes the perfect balance between form and function. There are many different types of arrangements available in this collection, but the Lé Clair Vint-Cinq is one of our favorites. This large rose arrangement features approximately 25 Eternity™ Roses in the color of your choice surrounded by a crystal-clear acrylic box to showcase the undeniable beauty of the piece. In addition to providing your recipient with a stunning floral arrangement, this arrangement also provides a unique hidden storage component. The acrylic box also features a discrete sliding drawer underneath the roses that is ideal for storing everything from small pieces of jewelry to cosmetics in it.

Grandiose DE Venus™

Perfect for the love of your life, or for the friend or relative who has just purchased a new home, the Grandiose DE Venus™ is the ultimate gift of luxury. This large rose arrangement is the perfect size for a formal dining room centerpiece, an entry table, or a kitchen island, and it contains approximately 130 Eternity™ Roses. Measuring 36 inches by 12 inches, this beautiful product is three times the size of our Large Square arrangement, and it provides the perfect canvas for designing a custom message directly into the flowers. Because of its size, this product is only available for shipping in the New York City Metro and Greater Los Angeles areas.

Watercolor Eternity DE Venus

Finally, our Watercolor Eternity DE Venus collection is another large flower arrangement that is perfect for the art lover in your life. This limited edition display is similar to our popular Large Square arrangement in that it features approximately 42 Eternity™ Roses, but it features a unique type of Parisian-style box that differs from the classic arrangement. The canvas material on the outside of this box features delicate brush strokes of pink watercolor paints, giving the arrangement a soft, feminine appeal. When paired with white, champagne, or rose gold blooms, this luxury box of roses is sure to make your recipient’s heart skip a beat. Ideal for Mother’s Day, wedding centerpieces, and college grads, order yours today before they sell out.

Order Your Large Rose Arrangement Online Today

Nothing expresses your love and sentiments like an unexpected large rose arrangement, and when you order your Eternity™ Rose arrangement from Venus ET FLeur®, you can rest assured that your recipient will enjoy the incredible beauty of his or her flowers for months on end. Traditional flower delivery just can’t compare to that value, nor can it provide the level of customizations that are available with our arrangements. With same-day courier delivery available in many locations as well as international shipping, you can send our roses anywhere. To discover the Venus ET Fleur difference for yourself, shop our special collections now.