5 Ways to Make Mother's Day Special For Your Wife

Mother’s Day gives you a chance to refocus your attention on your beloved wife! You may be overwhelmed with the amount of gift ideas circling around, but Mother’s Day means different things to different moms. Some mothers want to spend quality time with the whole family while others want some time alone to pamper themselves. The key to making this day special for the woman of your children is by understanding her love language.

There are five distinct love languages: words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch. Venus ET Fleur® is here to present five different ways to make Mother’s Day special for your wife, based on the five love languages!

Words of Affirmation

le clair neuf pink roses and letter

Speak love through words of affirmation. When your wife wakes up, the first thing you can tell her is “I love you” and “I appreciate you.” These words carry a lot of weight with them, especially for those who see praise and spoken appreciation as a sign that somebody truly loves them.

To go that extra mile, write down a letter of 10 things you appreciate about her, as a wife, and as a mother to your children. If you find that 10 things just isn’t enough to express your admiration for her, then round up the children and tell them to write a letter too.

The night before Mother’s Day, fold up those letters and sneak them into the drawer of an elegant Lé Clair Neuf arrangement. When she wakes up to see the delicate assemblage of roses, she’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Ask her to open the drawer and take out the letters, and read them out loud to her, so she can hear those words coming from you! With a Lé Clair arrangement, she’ll have a place to treasure those letters for a long time.

Quality Time

square and round le petite roses

Give your wife your undivided attention. Rather than snuggling up to watch the newest Netflix show, take a seat at your breakfast table and have a real conversation. Look through old photos of when you first started dating, or reminisce about your favorite memories traveling with your partner. By setting time aside to actively listen and talk with her, you reassure her that you sincerely love being with her.

For couples who enjoy being productive together, rather than sitting down at a table, offer to reorganize the house together while you guys have a conversation. Give your kids some screen time, so you can have some quality time with just you and your wife. Choose a room, such as your home office space or the sun room, where the two of you can work on reorganizing, rearranging, or redecorating. Order a few matching Lé Petit arrangements, and choose spaces you both think need a little more elegance and light. By the time you’ve rearranged the room, you’ll both feel a sense of accomplishment, especially because the two of you did it together.

Acts of Service

classic collection small round arrangement of roses

Mother’s Day is all about her! Do something for your wife that you know she would like you to do, whether that’s completing a honey-do list, or making sure the kids come to you for help so that she can relax with her favorite book. It’s the age-old saying — actions speak louder than words.

Although it will be hard to sit down at a nice restaurant this Mother’s Day, a considerable alternative would be to recreate some of her favorite dishes from a restaurant she loves. Cook a four-course meal and finish it off with a delicious dessert to seal the deal. For a romantic evening, take out your nice tablecloth, and set the table as they would at a five-star restaurant! Complete the look with a Small Round centerpiece for some added sophistication. After the day ends, she can keep her bouquet of Real Roses That Last A Year® as memorabilia for a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Receiving Gifts

le clair gardenia and classic large square arrangement of roses

For the woman who values a homemade card or a random bouquet of flowers, her love language is receiving gifts. This type of woman cares a lot about the thoughtfulness and sentiment behind a present.

The perfect gift for her would be our Lé Clair Rangée arrangement of Eternity™ Gardenias. The gardenia symbolizes purity, innocence, and gentleness. Tell your wife that she is as pure and as sweet as the gardenia flower, and she’ll be blushing all day. When she opens the lid, she’ll be mesmerized by its sweet fragrance, transporting her to another world of elegance and bliss.

For a more extravagant gesture, you can also surprise her with a Classic Collection Large Square arrangement, featuring 36 to 42 Eternity® Roses in a color of her choice. Remember to choose “Happy Mother’s Day” for the lid message.

Physical Touch

rose blanche candle on bathtub

After having children, it can be hard to find time for just the two of you to be alone. This Mother’s Day, put the baby to bed early and loosen up the screen time rules for your older ones, so that you have some time to enjoy each other’s company. Draw her a bubble bath, pour a glass of her favorite red wine, and light a candle.

Venus ET Fleur’s Rose Blanche Candle will fill any room with a warm blend of geranium, freesia, roses, and more. Add a couple drops of her favorite essential oils into the bath water for a truly therapeutic experience. Once she’s relaxed, offer her a shoulder or back massage so she can enjoy a five-star resort spa experience in the comfort of her own home. And at the end of the night, hold her in your arms and remind her that you’ll always be there for her.

Whatever you choose to do this Mother’s Day, remember that it’s the love and thought you put into it that counts. Browse Venus ET Fleur’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more inspiration on how to make this day extra special for her!