Our Story

Venus ET Fleur ® was inspired by the roman goddess Venus, who represents luxury, attraction, romance and individuality. We founded the company upon realizing that very few possibilities exist for luxury floral arrangements that would make a truly lasting impression on those we love. 

With a passion for fashion and flowers, Venus ET Fleur does exactly that; we offer luxurious rose arrangements that are unforgettable expressions of love. With this as our mission, we're determined to revolutionize the online floral buying experience. Our modern approach to providing floral gifts ensures that each and every recipient will be swept away by not only the beauty of roses, but by our exquisite presentation, as well. 

At Venus ET Fleur we use Parisian-inspired gift boxes instead of traditional vases. They can be used as a keepsake box beyond the lifespan of the roses. Using the highest quality roses obtainable, we then create arrangements specified by the client from our exclusive selection. We offer eight varieties of boxes, 16+ rose colors, and a high-quality stationary card. Additionally, we offer arrangements for any occasion or special event.