Entrepreneurs Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal noticed low-quality flowers and a lack of reliability within the floral industry. To fill this void, Venus ET Fleur was founded and became New York’s first bespoke, luxe rose arrangements retailer and the original creators of Eternity® Roses. Since its inception in 2015, Venus ET Fleur continues to innovate and set new floral trends with an unwavering commitment to quality.Disillusioned by the quality of the flowers and unstylish arrangements on the market, the duo created the concept of Venus ET Fleur — New York’s first bespoke rose atelier and creator of Eternity® Roses, which launched in 2015.


After all, like the brand’s muse and namesake, Venus, the goddess of beauty, love, and luxury, Sunny and Seema know that only the truly exquisite floral arrangements leave a lasting impression.

Make a loving gesture or add a stylish touch of elegance to your home, office, or shelf with a luxurious, Venus ET Fleur® Eternity® Rose arrangement. Curated by floral design specialists at our bespoke atelier in New York, our special collections are infused with beautiful, vibrant roses which are grown in the lush fields of Ecuador. Our arrangements are all made from real roses that last a year®. Housed in chic square, round, and heart-shaped hat boxes, our artistic-inspired designs are loved by many A-listers, including Gigi Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the Kardashians. With a burgeoning Instagram following and wildly successful pop-up store at New York’s iconic Saks Fifth Avenue, Venus ET Fleur® has become a globally coveted brand in just three short years.


The romantic tradition of sending flowers skillfully fused with outstanding stylish design — a Venus ET Fleur® piece is quite simply the pinnacle of bespoke flower arrangements.

Every Venus ET Fleur® Eternity® Rose arrangement is a unique piece handcrafted by a floral design specialist, who meticulously curates only the most pristine roses for each individual order. Our team works closely with you to bring to tangible fruition your own ideals of an exquisitely picturesque arrangement. We love custom orders, and we can integrate beautiful patterns, letters, and symbols into our arrangements — all with an extensive and unequivocally charming color palette.

A Venus ET Fleur® arrangement perfectly captures the essence and aesthetic beauty of fresh flowers with the carefree indulgent pleasure one expects of a luxury item. Fresh, gorgeous flowers for an entire year with no need to water, change out vases, or deal with withered, wilted petals — all you have to do is keep the roses at room temperature and away from direct sunlight, and you will have an exquisite arrangement that exudes longevity, elegance, and beauty year-round.

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