Zodiac and Seasonal Gifts to Brighten Up June

If you’re just getting to know someone, or they just have everything they need, getting the right gift can be a challenge. However, just knowing when you’re going to give the gift can be key to nailing every birthday and Holiday. In June, gift ideas abound with all the summer activities and festivities about to take place.

At Venus et Fleur, we know how hard it can be to find a gift that’s considerate and practical. However, if you’re really struggling, combining aspects of things you know they love already with the possibilities of the summer can be a great way to perfect a gift. With our floral arrangements, you can provide a boost to their summer and for the whole year to follow.

The Season and Zodiac Gift Inspiration for June

In June, a lively spirit meets precocious ambitions, as the Gemini and Cancer are born into a time with colors that are refined and burn intensely. As summer starts to burn, these two get to indulge in a time that livens their spirit and that they always make the most of.

What Gemini and Cancer Tell Us This Month

In their birthday month of June, Cancers and Geminis are welcomed with conditions that help them embrace their best selves. For the Gemini, summer coming into full swing should awaken some of their curiosity. Whether it’s going outside to enjoy all the nature opening up or going out with friends, the Gemini is going to want to get out and do something. 

For Cancers, summertime is going to be one of inspiration that gets their imagination and their drive going. Because of the nature of their character and what the seasons bring, Gemini is more likely to be looking for play in the summer, whereas Cancer will see this as a time to get some of their best work done.

What the Colors Say

While not providing the most in terms of color arrangements or patterns, the colors for the month of June are ones that bring out the best in both the Gemini and Cancer. Energizing their mind and emphasizing their charm, the colors of June energize the brain, our passions, and our spirit. With cream, red, maroon, gray, and gold on the table, any gift borrowing from the June birthday colors has a chance to be beautiful and refined. For more subtle or lively options, gift-givers could choose a flower arrangement or some other gift that incorporates one or a few of their loved ones favorite colors along with their individual birthday color.

The Season and Holidays

With June, we enter into summer. These months seem full of possibility and wonder, and in June it’s all still new and relatively cool enough to still enjoy. There’s not too many holidays in June that are commonly thought of for flowers, but there is Juneteenth and Father’s day. If your father has all that he could need, he might enjoy a flower arrangement to look at and be reminded of his child’s love year round. For Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating black independence, the traditional colors of the Pan-African flag or the red, white, and blue of the Juneteenth flag are the two most common color schemes.

Personalized Gift Ideas

While both of the signs-born-in-June’s personalities imply that they’ll enjoy the summer, it’s for different reasons, so people on your list for this month may have very different priorities for what they want their gift to be, but it shouldn’t be hard to find something special.

For those born in the early part of the month, Geminis, their eyes are probably set on all the fun and new experiences they’re about to have. At home they’ll probably be trying to liven up the atmosphere, while when they go out they’ll be spending lots of money on adventures, supplies, and equipment. Getting them a bright, or even edgy flower arrangement for their home, gear for their next adventure, or any gift that provides for the opportunity to do something new or recharge a passion would work great. For arrangements, choose something vibrant

In the latter half of the month, dominated by Cancer, good gifts might be a little more practical. For example, they may be looking for help meeting their short-term goals quickly or playing out some of their biggest dreams and ambitions in a time where things seem much more possible than the rest of the year. Getting a Cancer something that’s going to help them with their business or with some experience they think will enrich their lives, are both gift options that will certainly be appreciated for their thoughtfulness.

Bold Floral Arrangements and Zodiac Gifts for June

Summer truly gets under way in June and if you or someone you know isn’t living their most vibrant life, an arrangement from Venus et Fleur will surely encourage them. Tell someone you’re ready for some summer fun or get a birthday gift for the outgoing Gemini or ambitious Cancer in your life and shop with us today!