Zodiac and Seasonal Gift Ideas For April

Thinking of the right gift idea for someone can be difficult, but one fallback we always have for ideas is the time of year. The color of the month, the signs of the zodiac, the season and holidays can all give you insights, and luckily April is stuffed full of vibrant colors and reasons to get out and celebrate.

To choose the perfect gift this April, one of the most important parts is to show detail and care in your thought process. At Venus et Fleur, we let you fully customize your flower arrangements to allow for some of the most unique gifts you could give. With the right colors and a little thought into what your friend or loved one needs, you can get something that brightens their day and spurs them through it.

Inspired Gifts for the Season and Zodiac in April

In April, we have the birthdays of the Aries and the Taurus, two signs both have members who are driven and resolute in what they want. To match their intensity in that regard is April’s birthday color, cayenne, which should invigorate them as spring comes full-tilt.

What Aries and Taurus Tell Us This Month

With an Aries who’s optimistic, courageous, and confident, the month of April is going to amp up this fire sign. They’ll likely quickly be driven to do all the things the spring is allowing for and chase their passions. While it could be a positive time for Taurus as well, where they get to reconnect with the earth, they’re likely to take things a bit slower and see this as a time to diligently prepare for summer.

What the Month’s Colors Say

Perhaps spicier than you might expect for the month of April, Cayenne is a color that encourages passion, courage, and assertiveness. While it amplifies the already fiery Aries, it could help the taurus fight through some of its challenges with change or insecurity. April’s other birthday colors for individual days are rather cool, with navy blue, silver, and white being your options. Pair that with cayenne and there’s a number of great flower arrangements that could be made.

The Season and Holidays

Obviously the start of spring, April brings with it warm days and the start of a new growing season. Along with the start of sundresses and getting back into the swing of summer nightlife, April often has an air of possibility to it. With bright colors and happy florals going great with spring, April is almost synonymous with flowers. This makes them very easy to give as a gift, as any bright, happy arrangement is likely to match the mood.

Short of many wide-spread U.S. holidays in April, Easter is the most major holiday this month, making it a great month for arrangements incorporating yellow, pink, and blue particularly timely. For some of the more religious members of your family, you could send a beautiful vase of white roses for them to admire and cherish until the next year.

Personalized Gift Ideas

With April comes spring in full swing and these two signs are both definitely going to be up for it, if in their own ways. The Aries might take everything in stride, the newness, the ability to go outside, the sunny weather. This means any number of gifts that embrace the time, weather, or their hobbies could be great. Inside, the spring may encourage them to redecorate or update their space. A centerpiece of flowers could tie their common areas together or a bold single-stemmed rose or mini flower box could liven up the bathroom.

For Taurus, they’ll likely bask in the growth and beauty that spring brings and use it as a launching pad for the rest of their summer. This will be a time for the Taurus to get in the garden, start entertaining outdoors, and to get their plans set for the summer.

Invigorate Taurus, Aries, and Anyone You Give a Gift to This April

When April comes to fruition, it’s a time for all of us to really start taking charge to start to see another spring and summer slip away. The bright colors of a beautiful arrangement of our Eternity® Roses or other flowers can help inspire you or your loved one to do so. Get the perfect flower arrangement for spring, or the perfect birthday or zodiac gift for Aries and Taurus, with Venus et Fleur.