Zodiac and Seasonal Birthday Gift Ideas For January

Getting the right gift for someone can be difficult, especially when you’re just getting to know them. However, there’s something you do know for sure — their January birthday. Knowing this, along with their astrological chart, colors of the month, and a couple things about them, you can get a gift that makes it seem like you’ve known them for years.

At Venus et Fleur, we know how important it is that a gift be personal and considerate. When you’re getting to know someone, little details show you’ve been paying attention and can go a long way towards building a relationship. Whenever you decide flowers are the right gift, on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or to say congratulations, we offer completely personalized, luxurious, and real flower arrangements that last up to a year. We’ll help you put the right touch on all your gifts with grand or subtle, but always beautiful displays.

Gift Idea Inspiration for January and the New Year

In January, the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius start the new year with caramel as the month’s color to ground them. The color matches the signs in juxtaposing ways, and with its warm, creamy hue, and it makes a cozy match to January as well.

What Capricorn and Aquarius Tell Us

Despite being right next to each other on the calendar, these two signs are opposites in many ways. Capricorns are seen much for their responsibility and they love things that are low key and understated. While they are not irresponsible, Aquarians move a little more freely and aloofly and are more likely to engage in things that are fun, risky, or cutting edge.

What the Month’s Colors Say

The month’s color, Caramel, is a warm, grounding color that complements both personalities. While it can usher in feelings that enhance the strengths of the Capricorn, it can bring the same aura in to help keep the Aquarius on an even keel. However, if you want to expand to the colors for each individual day of January, then red, orange, yellow, and pink can really brighten the pallet for gift options.

The Season and Holidays

Fresh into the new year, a holiday in-and-of itself, January is a time of possibilities despite many of us being bundled up at home. However, if you’re not enjoying the cold days from your couch, you might also be hitting the gym, starting a new semester at school, or moving. As far as New Year’s gifts go, an arrangement of flowers would be a great way for you to brighten up their new year and send them on their way to new adventures or to give them a sophisticated, grounding centerpiece for their space.

Birthday Gift Ideas

For Capricorns born in January, something cozy, useful, and understated but stylish would make a great gift. Décor that fits easily into their space, like our florentina or marble vase, sweaters or winter garments in their birthday colors or favorite color, or something else that increases their everyday comfort or ability to get things done.

For Aquarians born in January, the caramel color of the month probably won’t fit into their wardrobe or décor, but something bright, and that reminds them of all of life’s possibilities probably would. The rest of January’s colors are great for a flower arrangement that really pops. Also consider tickets to a speaker or convention, adrenaline pumping activities, or something that helps them make a difference.


Get New Years’ Arrangements or Zodiac Gifts for Capricorn and Aquarius this January

When the new year rolls around, it’s always great to get something to mark the occasion and spur you into an incredible year. With Venus et Fleur flower arrangements, a New Year’s centerpiece will shine throughout the year, while any arrangement you give as a gift will be there to inspire and stand tall and beautiful right along with its recipient. Shop with us today and customize a unique gift for your loved one, including custom zodiac arrangements.