Zodiac, Mother's Day, and Other Gift Ideas For May

At times, it seems like a good gift for anyone is extremely hard to think of. After all, most of our friends and family aren’t telling us what material wants and needs they have. But whether they want or need anything, there is surely something that will help brighten their spirits — and we’re here to help you find it, in May and every other month.

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The Right Gifts for Gemini, Taurus, and Mom’s in May

In May, the Taurus and Gemini are in their element. While the former enjoys beauty and nature, the latter is curious and highly adaptable to change, making the apex of spring a powerful time for both. With flowers blooming and the ground drying, this is a great time for outdoor lovers, the optimistic, and the young to prepare themselves for some fun and adventure.

What Taurus and Gemini Tell Us This Month

With May claiming all the bounty of spring flowers and summer rolling around the corner, it’s a powerful month for both of these signs. If their spirit is high, a spring romance could be in play for the Taurus, who will be riding the high of all the beauty around them. The Gemini on the other hand may be bursting with excitement at all the prospects opening up to them. They could be on the move all month, and it might spill right over into summer. 

Obvious gift ideas for both of these signs could be something to do with the outdoors or something to help them stay centered at such an emotionally and spiritually charging time for them. For Geminis, a subtle, centering arrangement would suffice while the Taurus could use something bright but with a soft contrast to inspire them.

What the Colors Say

The birthday color of the month for May is bud green. A simple color, bud green has something to offer to both Taurus and Geminis alike. For Taurus, it’s a color that helps them manifest their intentions, as well as to heal and grow. With Geminis, the color can provide an earthy, grounding effect, which can help because they’re typically quick to feel nervous and can get flighty if they feel bored, confined, or restricted for very long. To add to possible gift and arrangement ideas, the month also offers blue, gold, and cream for some interesting, soft and elegant arrangements.

The Season and Holidays

As the last full month of spring, May can feature some great, not-too-hot-not-too-cold weather if it’s not too rainy. With many primary schools and colleges letting out in late May or early June, it really is the build up to summer. Along the way, we’re lucky enough to have a few big days to celebrate throughout the month, such as Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day.

With so much coming around the corner, many of the brighter colors will go great in any office or public setting. This is lucky, because it makes it hard to miss on a Mother’s Day gift. Red, white, and blue flowers or an arrangement of yellow along with white or baby blue could be good for memorial day as well, to commemorate the sacrifice of someone close to you.

Personalized Gift Ideas

Getting the right gifts for these signs in May should be as simple as taking one or two facts that you know about them and combining it with the season or their love of the outdoors. 

Being a little more practical, the Taurus might enjoy some gardening tools or outdoor clothes for summer, but asking them what they’ve been into lately is a great way to gain insight into what practical birthday gift you should buy. If it’s remodeling or updating décor, like many do in the spring, then a vase arrangement or flower box could make a great centerpiece, while smaller pieces like a mini arrangement or single-stem rose are great for wall and bathroom décor. If you do match your gift to something else, the Taurus will definitely be the type to notice.

For Geminis, some kind of activity or something that supports their curious and adventurous way would be a great May gift. If you want to get the Gemini something more sentimental, subtlety will be best as it shows you’ve taken an interest while not making the Gemini nervous with too many heavy connotations. A bright, but small arrangement of flowers or something else to display will give them something to admire and reflect on.

Get the Best Zodiac, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day Gifts This May

With spring in full bloom and summer on the way, as well as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, May brings plenty to celebrate. To perfectly match the Gemini or Taurus on your list or to honor Moms or Soldiers, choose Venus et Fleur for bright, but elegant and timeless flower arrangements.