8 Times When Flowers are the Best Gift

There are certain days and times, where one person deserves all of your love and attention. Some happy, some sad, but all important moments for you to attend to. Bringing the right gift can show what they mean to you and how you treasure your unique relationship. For some occasions there’s nothing as classic as flowers.

At Venus et Fleur, our signature flower boxes, vase flower arrangements, and other gifts offer customizable and luxurious options for all of life's occasions and all of your room’s décor. Offering roses and other varieties, our floral options last up to a year. A fine gift for your loved ones, as well as a beautiful touch in every room, our gifts will show off your love and admiration long after you present them.

8 Times That Call for Flowers and What to Get

On some special occasions, the most important part about gifting is just showing your love and care about someone, and that their struggle, triumph, or simple being matters. For such occasions, few gifts get your feelings across quite like flowers. 

Valentine's Day Flowers

Few days are as synonymous with flowers as Valentine’s day. Depending on who you ask, it’s either first or second on the list of biggest days for flowers. With gifts going between lovers, friends, classmates, and from parents to their kids, it’s not surprising that the day is such a boom for the flower industry. When it comes to getting the right flowers for all those people, customizing the gift to them and your relationship is a great way to go.

For those new romantic relationships, subtlety and elegance may be best. Going with a small arrangement or a single rose is a way to show your feelings without bombarding them. Something like our Le Mini square, round, or heart boxes, could all be good gift options. Color is key here though. Certain colors, or anyone’s favorite color, could make the same gifts suitable for family and friends as well.

If you’re a little further along in your relationship and you’re planning to make it a night to remember, then a larger arrangement may be in order. Something like the many flower arrangements in our Maison Vase collection can stand as a prominent and sophisticated symbol of your love.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Next to Valentine’s day, Mother’s day is also said by some to be the number one holiday for flowers. It makes sense. Mom’s are there for you time and time again and flowers are a great gift for her to show you care. Getting flowers for Mother’s Day is a little different than for Valentine’s day, as it recognizes something different. Not only is Mother’s Day about the love we have for our Mom, but for the achievement that is being a mother.

Getting a gift for Mom on Mother’s day that shows all she's meant to you can be hard. Especially later in life, they can make it seem like there’s nothing they want or need. However, everybody wants to be seen and that’s what Mother’s day is about. So, if you’re going to get your Mom flowers for Mother’s day, they better be something to behold. 

For this, a large arrangement with all her favorite colors and some of her favorite flowers is in order. With a variety of stone and porcelain vases, as well as a number of popular flowers, arrangements from Venus et Fleur will remind her of your love for the next year to come.

Funeral Flowers

When a loved one has passed, it can seem impossible to know how to console the family. In many cases, all you can really do is show that you’re there for them. Flowers can be a big part of that. The constant reassurance that others see you in your time of need can mean the world to families or spouses who have been left without someone. It’s often a way to remind them not to hesitate to reach out as well. 

Having a bouquet or flower arrangement sent to the home of the loved one or to be put on display on the day of service can be a kind gesture, but it can also be one that puts on display the magnitude of life that person carried with them. It’s for that reason, flower arrangements have practically always been a part of funerals throughout various cultures

With the magnitude of someone’s life in mind when you’re thinking of a funeral gift, arrangements like those provided in our smoked glass or marble vases will be a centerpiece for the mourning family for the year to come as well as being a beautiful possible funeral addition. Another option, and a way for the family to mourn, would be our Florentina Glass or Ela Marble Vase. Here they could keep a beautiful single-stem flower on display, commemorating the life of the loved one.

Sympathy Flowers

While funerals are perhaps the saddest of times when you want to give flowers, there are a wide range of reasons one might send flowers as a sympathy gift to try and cheer someone up. While it may be a quick gesture, a flower arrangement can be uplifting to those in a time of need, just because they know you’re thinking about them. Loss of a loved one or a pet, being sick, losing a job, or any traumatic experience are all some reasons you might want to send someone flowers as a pick-me-up.

Bright, spring-time colors are great for sympathy flowers because they serve as a visual reminder to the brightness of life and the beauty that grows throughout it. They can also serve as a reminder to persevere. Whether your loved one is fighting illness, the loss of somebody else, or their own particular struggle, having that visual reminder can help. With our Eternity® flower collections, the arrangement can be one that stays with them throughout the fight.

Flowers for Housewarmings and Graduations

There are so many times when you want to say congratulations in a person’s life, just to acknowledge them, what they bring to the table, and the work they’ve put in. When a gift has nothing to do with materialism and everything to do with showing some love, flowers are always a great option. There are a number of milestones that a person might not reach if they didn’t have some drive for success. Housewarmings and graduations are two that are chief among them. The right gift shows you see them and the significance of the moment, and can help remind them of how far they’ve come.

When it comes to graduations and housewarmings, these are occasions that mark years of hard work and the effort it takes to achieve stability and success. They should be matched with something as prominent, refined, and lasting as the commitment they’ve shown. Our mixed hydrangea or calla lily arrangements in one of our porcelain or marble vases could be a great option for those furnishing their first real home or graduating with a higher degree.

If you’re shopping for a friend who’s graduating or perhaps a daughter or granddaughter graduating high school, then something a little more simple and stylish may be more their speed. Any of the Le Mini or our small flower box collections could serve great for a friend to use as décor and as a small token of their achievement and your friendship. 

For daughters and granddaughters, you could give a stylish gift that will make them think you have great taste, such as a Le Mini Letter flower arrangement with their initials, an evil-eye designed flower box, or an arrangement matching their zodiac sign — all things they won’t be ashamed to show off in their dorm room. 

Flowers for Engagements and Anniversaries

Down the road from graduations and housewarmings, or sometimes mixed up in the middle lie engagements and anniversaries. An accomplishment in their own right, it’s a different type of success to admire, one that can’t be sheerly forced. It shows a tender care and understanding that may be impossible to create if you’re trying too hard. Something like that deserves to be recognized with something beautiful and unique.

One thing that will determine your take on the gift is if you’re involved in the engagement or anniversary or if you’re just a friend or family member that’s in on the celebration. While a good gift from a husband or partner may be a delicate single rose, a heart box arrangement, or something grand like the Round Grandiose or Le Plein for an engagement, a gift from a loved one or family member would likely be a little less sentimental. One of our vase arrangements would be great for this, to acknowledge not only beauty, but strength in the love they’ve built.

For the most momentous of anniversaries, everyone might get in on the flower giving. Large arrangements are on the table from anyone when it comes to something as special as a 40 or 50 year wedding anniversary and a romantic arrangement can be a staple in any couple’s celebration. 

No matter the length of the marriage, continuing to go strong is something to celebrate and flowers will always carry that air of romance when combined with an anniversary or engagement.

Get Spectacular Floral Arrangements for All Life’s Moments

For life’s most special moments, flowers are always something that can help lift a person up or raise them even higher than what life’s already provided. Providing care and acknowledgement to the ones you love from afar, make your gift of flowers one that stays with them for an Eternity®, with long-lasting arrangements from Venus et Fleur.