What To Expect From A Venus et Fleur® Flower Delivery

A Venus et Fleur® flower delivery offers more than just a floral bouquet. Our beautiful arrangements feature real preserved flowers that last a year or more. Venus et Fleur eternity® roses and flowers represent the highest quality in the floral industry. We are the original eternity roses.

We offer worldwide flower delivery through our website and same-day delivery at our flower boutiques. Learn more about our luxurious arrangements available for flower delivery including, special collections, and classic flower boxes.

Expect The Best In Quality With Venus et Fleur Flower Delivery

Life’s memorable moments are often marked with flowers, so the arrangement you select should match the beauty and strength of the relationship or occasion you celebrate. Every Venus et Fleur flower delivery is unique, especially when you design your own arrangement. Fully capture your style, emotion, and the message you want to convey with a luxurious, customized bouquet. Choose from rose colors and vessels to create a memorable bouquet for yourself or someone you love.

Elegant Flowers With Luxurious Appeal

Every eternity flower arrangement represents the simple elegance and beauty of real flowers that last a year. Every flower bouquet makes a statement, whether it’s a single-rose arrangement, such as our Le Mini, or a stunning Le Plein Heart. Eternity arrangements also add striking elegance to your home and office decor. Venus et Fleur is the original eternity rose, so our superior quality is always unmatched.

Fully Customizable Flower Arrangements

Many customization options are available with eternity flowers, including hydrangeas, calla lilies, orchids, and more. Design an arrangement that speaks clearly and thoughtfully beyond romantic events. Send the perfect message for birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions, for a flower delivery they will never forget.

Visit a Venus et Fleur boutique for a next-day or same-day flower delivery. Our floral experts will help you customize the perfect last-minute flower gift. Eternity arrangements are also available outside the boutique flower delivery radius on our website.

Effortless Maintenance For A Year Of Beauty

Unlike traditional flowers, eternity florals retain their lush, natural beauty throughout the year with little to no maintenance. Display your arrangement away from direct sunlight and remove any dust accumulation with a clean, soft cloth or light feather duster. Avoid watering the flowers or placing objects inside the delicate blooms. These steps will ensure that your eternity arrangement lasts a year or more.

For a comprehensive overview of how to care for eternity florals, read our blog on caring for your Venus et Fleur flower delivery.

The Best Local Flower Delivery Comes From Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur flower arrangements are a gift they’ll never forget. Send an online flower delivery for Mother's Day or any occasion to turn your moments into memories. Eternity flowers are a gift they'll cherish throughout the year.

Visit our website for worldwide flower delivery or any Venus et Fleur boutique for next-day or same-day floral delivery. Turn your moments into a lifetime of memories with Venus et Fleur.