Season, Thanksgiving, and the Zodiac Gift Ideas for November

With clocks falling back and the temperature dropping, November and the fall harvest represent that winter and the holidays are upon us, making it a time to decorate, give thanks, and perhaps give gifts to those closest to you or who have a birthday coming up. In a beautiful season with so much going on, there’s plenty to draw gift ideas from in November.

Creating the perfect gift is a matter of details and context, which is why custom gifts like those offered by Venus et Fleur are always a way to someone’s heart. Whether it’s the luxury flower arrangements we offer or a keychain made special for them, hitting on their tastes and personality is a way to show you see them on a deeper level. Whether you’re looking with us for flowers or you just need gift ideas in general, we’re always here to help you make the perfect gift.

Gift Idea Inspiration for November Signs, Thanksgiving, and the Holiday Season

Giving a great gift, no matter the time of year, is about knowing the person you’re gifting to, your relationship, and the context you’ll be giving it in. In November, the season encourages us to embrace everyone, so maybe you’ll need some gift ideas for those you’re close to as well as those who you’re thankful for but don’t know as personally. From gifts for those closest to you to small items for groups like your extended family or company, there’s sure to be something to fit your November gift needs.

What Scorpio and Sagittarius Tell Us

Aside from perhaps finding some overlapping interests based on the Scorpio’s passion and the Sagittarius’s idealism, these two sun signs couldn’t be more different so you may find yourself with diverging gift ideas. However, they’re both likely to enjoy the time of year that their birthday falls in. Not only because the sun is in their house, but because their personalities match pretty perfectly with positive ways to see fall. While the Sagittarius is thinking brightly about the fun they’ll have to end the year and the possibilities for a new one, Scorpio will likely be looking back, savoring the moment and the beauty in the fleetingness of it all.

What the Month’s Colors Say

In November, there are so many colors to choose from that go great with whatever season you’re leaning into and a number of home décor themes as well. From fall foliage to the start of the holidays, the colors and birthstones of the month, and individual birthday colors, there’s a ton of options that reflect not only the season, but Scorpio and Sagittarius as well. For gifts, this leaves tons of options, and that’s before you even get to their personal favorite colors!

The color of the month is claret red, a great color for fall similar to burgundy, it reflects the passion and depth of the Scorpio. Pair it with gold or a similarly sparkly shade of yellow in fashion or flower arrangements to beckon to November’s birthstone and have a color combo that exudes passion, confidence, and a sense of luxury. As a starting point, you could check out our fall flower arrangements and customize them to make it just right for a November gift.

The Season and Holidays

In November, we reach the fall harvest and things start to shift towards winter, even if the official start is about a month away. With that, our holiday decorations will often shift as well, from an autumnal feel to one of bright wonder. Whether you’re having a traditional Christmas with vintage looks and décor or something more modern like a winter wonderland, the right flower arrangement can work seamlessly from one celebration to the next. The same goes with your other gift choices.

Getting a gift in November means getting a gift when everything’s about to change in nature and many people will be taking on their busiest time of year in travel, business, or both. Keep that in mind when thinking about things they could use between now and Christmas.

November Gift Ideas

While they might think it’s a bummer their birthday is so close to Christmas, late fall birthdays really give you a chance to give something useful at a time where people are counting their pennies or waiting for Christmas gifts and tax returns to cover what they need. This actually makes it so a lot of good gift ideas are available.

With that thinking in mind, there are a number of gifts for all the people on your list that would be great in November. For athletes, get their winter activities started with gear and clothing they might want to use before Christmas. For travelers, get them something that’s going to help with all the upcoming holiday trips. For the Scorpio or Sagittarius who loves to host in your life, consider a fall floral arrangement or something to match Thanksgiving and Christmas as a centerpiece at their table. For an elegant centerpiece, choose our Feu Cast Iron Vase with 28-30 roses, our Demi-Sandstone Pomegranate arrangement, or whatever you think best suits your friend’s table this November.

Shop With Us for Fall and Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements, Zodiac Gifts, and Birthdays in November

Getting the perfect gift in November is hopefully a little bit easier now that you’ve considered all that goes with it, the signs, and individual personality of the person you're gifting to. If a flower arrangement sounds like the right gift for your loved one or you’d just like something luxurious to help don your own holiday décor this November, shop with Venus et Fleur for elegant roses and flower arrangements that last the whole year.