What Color Roses Should you Get Your Mom?

Every mother is unique, and her Mother’s Day gift should reflect that beautiful individuality. At Venus ET Fleur®, we take pride in providing a wide and wonderful array of different floral arrangements to pay tribute to a mother’s care and sacrifice and to the cherished memories which the two of you share. We can think of no more fitting floral tribute to the mothers in our lives than the gift of beautiful roses.

When it comes to picking the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, you want to aim for something that is thoughtful and unique. Best of all is a personalized gift, one that seems to have been created just for the recipient, whether she is your own mother, an aunt, grandmother, wife, or any of the other wonderful mothers in your life.

When you give the gift of roses from Venus ET Fleur, you give her an arrangement of real, handpicked Ecuadorian roses that were preserved at their peak freshness. Our elegant arrangements are carefully designed using only the most beautiful, high-quality Eternity® Roses. Every aspect of our arrangements can be customized, from the material of the vessel to the color of the roses themselves. We’re sure you will find an arrangement that she will adore. 

You can even elevate the profile of your arrangement by designing your own box with a personal combination of rose colors, letters, numbers, or words.

We’re thrilled to be offering this helpful guide on what to look for when browsing the many different kinds and colors of floral bouquets for your Mother’s Day gift. With this knowledge, we’re confident that you will be able to fashion the perfect arrangement to express the truth of your love and appreciation for your mother.

A Bloom of Many Colors

Beautiful and fragrant, luxurious yet always timeless, the rose is the perfect flower for communicating feelings of love and appreciation. But before you buy your mother a dozen red roses, you may want to brush up on the different colors of roses and their varied meanings. As tradition typically associates red roses with romantic love, and black roses can represent death, so you may want to steer clear of those colors on this particular occasion.

We’ve delved into the true meaning of rose colors at some length on this blog. Today, we will look at some of the most lovely colors of rose to give to any mother this Mother’s Day.


Traditionally, white flowers stand for youth, purity, innocence, and the divine. You will frequently see them show up in bridal bouquets due to their association with new beginnings and young love. Consequently, a bouquet of white flowers is a stunningly appropriate gift for new or expecting mothers.

Almost all of our gorgeous rose arrangements are available in white. Alternatively, you can send her this magnificent white Gardenia arrangement to wish her a calm and hopeful entry into motherhood. The gardenia, too, is traditionally linked with hope and innocence, making this an ideal gift for a newly-wed or newly-expectant mother.


Pink roses are simply classic. And from a more academic standpoint, many experts argue that pink is the most aesthetically versatile of all the feminine shades. Pink tends to symbolize femininity, grace, and thoughtfulness, and in the antique tradition of Victorian floriography, they are known to represent gratitude and appreciation. Any arrangement in the color pink is a perfect gift for a daughter to give their mother or grandmother.

Our fabulous Heart Box arrangement is the perfect piece for such a loving gesture. Thank your mother for raising you to be who you’ve become by presenting her with an exquisite arrangement which she will cherish for a long time. Alternatively, you can customize a special arrangement with us—we love a monogrammed initial in pink to provide a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


Light purple or lilac symbolizes enchantment and mystique; it celebrates spirituality and femininity. Sending her lilac roses is the perfect way to honor her feminine spirit this Mother’s Day.

Lilac is one of those colors that adds magic to any space. Thank your mother this May with our unrivaled Le Clair collection in lilac, available in a set of one, five, nine, fifteen, or twenty-five roses. This simple little luxury will make any space feel more sophisticated. Each of these marvelous arrangements is encased in a crystal-clear lucite box, which features a drawer in which you can place a special card, note, or other small gift. For a charming, personal touch, throw in a few of her favorite candies!


This cheerful hue is singular in its ability to brighten anyone’s day. Yellow flowers convey a cheerful brightness and deep delight. A gift of yellow roses symbolizes joy, warmth, and friendship, making them a splendid gift, perfect for the mother who never stops smiling.

The gift of a bouquet of yellow roses is a lighthearted but still very meaningful gesture that can make all the difference on Mother’s Day. A Fleura Vase filled with roses of bright yellow will make her heart sing. This piece cannot help but brighten up any kitchen, sunroom, or living space in which it stands, much in the same way she brightens up the lives of those around her.


Blush and light pink represent the perfect expression of gratitude. They are the ideal color for that endlessly hardworking mother or the grandmother who’s seen you through your darkest hours.

This color has been known to symbolize both admiration and inspiration, and it also happens to be a tremendously versatile accent to all kinds of different color palettes. Consider sending that irreplaceable mother in your life our Le Mini Round arrangement, which displays a solitary, stunning Eternity Rose in a smart and snug box modeled after the classic Parisian style of hat-box. Such a gift is sure to convey the full intensity of your gratitude this Mother’s Day.

Baby Blue

The color of the ocean, the sky, and the planet Neptune, blue is an ethereal color often associated with deep emotions. Our rare and sophisticated baby blue rose embodies tranquility, trust, and hope. This rose, calming to look at, evokes a cool summer breeze, and is the perfect overture of affection and gratitude for the month of May.

Blue is an extremely rare shade in plants, and the uniqueness of this color of rose makes it an extra special treat for that mother in your life whose uniqueness knows no bounds.


Last, but certainly not least, is the most classic, the most ubiquitous of all shades of rose. As we’ve mentioned, this shade is typically linked to romance and passion, so it is perhaps not the ideal color to buy for your own mother. But it makes a perfect present for a spouse, and we can think of no gift more refined and timeless than an arrangement featuring red roses.

This vibrant, passionate color deserves to be displayed in the boldest possible terms. For a grand Mother’s Day gesture, send her our classic Large Round arrangement, featuring over three dozen bright red roses. The mother who has sacrificed so much of herself and given you everything you are deserves a statement that will shout your gratitude from the mountaintops.

Why Eternity Roses?

We at Venus ET Fleur pride ourselves on our magnificent Eternity Roses, which are full of the wonderful fragrance that you love so much about roses. Best of all, Eternity Roses allow you to enjoy the scent for months on end, as opposed to natural bouquets, which, though gorgeous, last for a few weeks at best.

Each of our stunning, handcrafted arrangements are made from real roses that last up to a year with proper care, enabling you to enjoy the gift of flowers long after the expiration of their natural life. What better gift for the mother who has everything?

Final Thoughts

No matter which arrangement you choose, we’re confident that that special mother in your life will love receiving such a special gift this Mother’s Day. Whether the blooms in question are for your own mother, your mother’s mother, or your mother-in-law, you are now equipped with a rose for all circumstances.

We hope you found something to enjoy and to learn in this brief chronicle of our favorite colors of rose. If you need any help with a final decision or picking out a custom arrangement, please contact us. We would be more than glad to help.



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