What Color Roses Should you Get for an Anniversary?

Every year of marriage is a milestone. And whether you’re celebrating your very first anniversary or your 51st, each new year offers us the rewarding pleasure of celebrating all those ups and downs, all that hard work and sacrifice with an anniversary celebration. This important ritual is a chance to look back, commemorate, and reaffirm the love between you and your partner. 

The rich tradition of anniversary gifting goes back centuries—for example, the first anniversary gift is supposed to be paper. In modern terms, this is often embodied by a set of tickets for an exciting event or travel destination.  The third anniversary gift is, according to custom, to be made of leather, often a piece of apparel, a handbag, or perhaps some luxurious footwear. These antique traditions are charming and can be quite fun to translate into more modern terms. 

But the gifting tradition which is arguably even more widely-followed in the United States is the gifting of flowers. Whether of a solitary rose or a splendiferous arrangement of seasonal blooms, a traditional anniversary celebration is usually going to involve a flower arrangement, often including roses, our specialty at Venus ET Fleur®.

Venus ET Fleur is committed to creating a space for all kinds of love—matrimonial or otherwise—to flourish. Even someone in the most solid and enduring partnership, experienced day in and day out, well understands the importance of touchpoints of commitment and affection. This article covers a number of ways in which our bespoke arrangements of Eternity® Roses can play a role in your wedding anniversary.

Why Roses?

Everyone loves the delicate scent of roses in their home. Something about the fragrance brings back special memories for everyone who encounters them. Venus ET Fleur’s Eternity Roses are full of that delicate scent that you love so much about roses, and the best thing is that you get to enjoy it for months on end as opposed to other rose bouquets. Further, since our arrangements can last for up to a year without any maintenance, you’ll love that the stunning Eternity roses will be a part of your home for a long time and that you and your family will get to enjoy their intoxicating fragrance.

A Few of Our Finest Arrangements

A Classic – The Red Rose

In the United States, the flower most traditionally associated with romantic love is the red rose. For this reason, the rose stands as the obvious choice for someone looking to express thoughts and feelings of romantic love.

To convey the classic red rose bouquet with a luxurious twist, there is no comparison to our gorgeous Le Plein arrangement in vibrant red.  This arrangement is one of our most classic—a refined cluster of stunning Eternity Roses set in a Parisian hat box-inspired vessel. It’s magnificent in its simplicity and will make any space feel more elegant and refined. While this piece is available in a stunning variety of different colors, we recommend our rich red to suit the occasion with romantic verve.

Engaged or Newlywed – The White Rose

Often referred to as the “bridal flower,” white roses have a long history of usage in bridal bouquets, wedding arrangements, and to commemorate engagement and matrimony. Whether you and your partner are celebrating your first anniversary or you’re using this sacred occasion to pop the all-important question, white roses are an elegant and theme-appropriate flower with which to spoil your paramour.

As you start on one of life’s most beautiful journeys together, one gorgeous way to mark the occasion is with our Le Petit arrangement—four pure white eternity roses neatly housed in the same iconic Parisian hat-box inspired display cases. This piece drips elegance and elevates any space, from the domestic to the professional. It will serve as a loving reminder of your vows for up to a full year—that is, until your next anniversary.

The First Anniversary – Gold or Yellow

Something gold or yellow is traditionally expected to accompany the first anniversary spent together. This is often incorporated by using gold wrapping paper or a yellow foodstuff such as vanilla cake. We cannot over-endorse the tremendous effect of a beautiful golden rose as the centerpiece, which is certain to foster memory cherished for anniversaries to come.

While on first consideration, a golden rose might sound like the stuff of fairy tales, Venus ET Fleur proudly features fine metallic-colored roses in gold, silver, and rose gold among its many handcrafted designs. This fine piece, known as the Florentina Vase, is striking in its bold simplicity—a single, fragrant Eternity Rose set in a gorgeous smoked glass vessel and adorned with a rose quartz crystal that radiates positive energy. Such a singular image, on this most important occasion, is sure to be unforgettable.

A Customized Approach

The infinity of human variety guarantees that no one gift is perfect for any partner. You may well find, when thinking hard about the tastes and desires of your one and only, that neither red, nor white, nor silver, nor gold quite hits the mark when it comes to giving them a memorable tribute to your shared love. In cases such as these, a more specialized approach may be the most fruitful.

We can imagine no better way to tell your partner that you love and appreciate them than to create a gift from the heart. Our custom rose boxes empower you to do exactly that, with more than 20 colors of roses for you to choose from and 35 unique designs. You can write your beloved a message in flowers or arrange them into a shape that evokes an even more personal significance. The choice is yours alone. That most important person in your life will surely love to receive a gift custom-tailored for their eyes alone.

Since our roses are Eternity Roses, they can last up to a year without wilting and do not need to be watered. This means that your thoughtful gift could very well last until your next anniversary. 

In Conclusion

We hope that this brief shortlist of anniversary recommendations will be helpful to you as you continue to mull over the most fitting annual testament to your love. Flower arrangements will always make an appropriate perfect gift for your anniversary, and with proper care, consideration and imagination, they can often be breathtaking.

In short, if you want to show your significant other that you care for them deeply, you will never be underserved by a beautiful floral bouquet. We always recommend making it a surprise, as this makes the gesture more exciting and memorable for the both of you. Good luck!  

Wishing you both a successful and romantic anniversary.