Anniversary Gifts For Her: How To Choose By Year

After you get married, the celebrating doesn’t stop there. Every year you have the pleasure of celebrating all your ups and downs and hard work with an anniversary. The most important part is not forgetting it. Every single year, for the rest of your life, you MUST remember your anniversary. When you’re preparing, there’s even a guide to what type of gift should traditionally be given for each year. Husbands, we’re looking at you. 

Now, you aren’t going to have to go out and buy a whole new diamond ring every year, but there are specific themes to stick to for traditional wedding anniversaries. This list goes over some of the most important anniversary years, and gifts to correspond with it. Whether you are on a budget or are looking to splurge, there are all kinds of ideas. From homemade, to customized, to flowers, we’ve got ideas. So, if you are scrambling to find a last-minute gift for your wife, don’t worry we got you. 

1st Wedding Anniversary 

This is a big one. You did it! A whole year! Congratulations! You’ve probably been caught up getting acclimated to married life. Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary gift is paper. The modern approach is a clock, which symbolizes the passing of a full year together. If it’s not in the budget, paper will do just fine. 

There are so many creative options for paper gifts out there. Cards are the most common type of gift, or photographs. If you’re trying to keep it cheap, you can frame a memento from your wedding, or honeymoon. Or you could put together framed photos from the last year. Lots of easy choices for this one. 

If you decide to go the clock route, something fashionable to hang up in the house would be in order. 

5th Anniversary

Five years? That’s amazing! Now that you’ve gotten to the five-year mark, you might feel like you have given your wife every gift possible. For this anniversary, the traditional gift is wood, and the modern gift is flatware. There are so many small businesses online selling woodwork, that it shouldn’t be hard to find something for this one. The wood is to symbolize how durable your relationship is. You’ve made it five years!

The internet is a treasure trove of small businesses selling wooden products perfect for this anniversary. There are so many customizable items to purchase. You can go with a picture frame, a wooden box, or maybe a cutting board. Whatever you choose can be engraved with initials, or a date to signify this momentous anniversary. 

10th Anniversary 

Wow, you have made it to ten years! At this point you’ve probably run out of gift ideas for each other, right? Wrong! You still have many anniversaries to celebrate, so let’s keep going. This anniversary is no doubt a big one. The traditional gift is tin or aluminum.  These materials are durable and flexible, so they are said to symbolize the hard work you have put into your marriage so far. 

For the traditional aluminum route, you can get customized cocktail shakers, or go on the hunt for tin artwork. If this is not in the budget, you like to keep it simple, flowers are also a staple gift for the 10th anniversary. Pretty yellow daffodils are the flower of the big 10, so go grab a bouquet and call it a day. 

If you want to go all out, the jewelry for the 10th wedding anniversary is diamonds. It’s time for a new one, right? Don’t fret, if this isn’t in the budget there are plenty of other options. You’ve been together a long time, you must know each other’s financial situations. If it’s in the budget, maybe it’s time for an upgrade to that wedding ring. Lots of options for this huge anniversary!                    

15th Anniversary 

Congratulations on another milestone! The 15th year is traditionally the crystal anniversary. Crystal represents the clear love you have for each other, and how strong it still is. The modern gifts are glass or a watch which symbolizes the time that has passed, and how your love continues to grow with each year. 

Crystal is very elegant and can be expensive. If it’s in the budget, crystal glassware is a wonderful way to remember your 15th wedding anniversary. There are many ways to get engraved glassware, or an engraved watch. If the budget isn’t very large, flowers are a terrific option. The traditional flower for the 15th anniversary is the rose. Another terrific idea would be to get a crystal vase for the roses you buy! 

20th Anniversary 

Two decades calls for some celebrating. There have been ups and downs, and you have conquered them all. Your marriage grows stronger every decade, and you two have come so far. The traditional gift for the 20th anniversary is china. You may have gotten a set of china for your wedding as a gift, and after 20 years, it might be a good time to replace it.

Another unique way to play on the traditional china gift is to get a custom plate made. It could have a date on it, or a photo if you want to get wild with it. If you want to have a personalized gift, a silly photo on the plate to display might be up your alley. 

The modern gift for this momentous occasion is platinum, which is of course a symbol of how strong your marriage is. If you have stayed strong through 20 years, you can conquer anything. One idea for the platinum gift is a wine glass with a platinum rim. 

25th Anniversary

It’s been a quarter of a century, and you’re still going strong. That’s impressive! Impressive gifts are in order. After 25 years, what more could you possibly have to give each other? Well, if you’re sticking to the traditional route, silver is the way to go. Actually, this is also the modern gift. Silver all around for 25 years, please! 

In theme with the other anniversaries, a silver item that’s engraved can be a good commemorative gift. Or you can get creative with it and find something really unique. Silver lock and key necklaces, jewelry, etc. If you are looking to do flowers, the 25th anniversary flower is the iris. You could get a silver vase for the flowers, or have irises engraved onto a silver platter. There are so many products made of silver, the possibilities are endless.

30th Anniversary        

The 30th anniversary is celebrated with pearls traditionally. While pearls aren’t big in modern culture, you can use them for inspiration for your gift. If it’s in the budget, however, there is still beautiful pearl jewelry you can buy to commemorate the occasion. Pearls and gold go well together, which is the perfect combo for a gift to celebrate having such a wonderful marriage. 

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In Summary

The list goes on and on for anniversaries and the gifts that go along with them. These ideas should point you in the right direction for the perfect gift for your spouse to celebrate all of these lovely occasions. If you decide to throw an anniversary party, you can use the traditional gifts as inspiration for themes, as well. Congratulations on being a strong couple working together, you deserve to celebrate every single year.