13 Valentine's Day Gifts To Show Someone You Care

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for that special someone in your life. Whether you have been together for three months or three years, there is a perfect present fit for your sweetheart.

Read on to discover our Valentine's Day gift guide on what you should buy to show someone you care. 

How Should I Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year on February 14, and is a special day to spend time with your most cherished, loved one. Whether this is by planning an extra-special date night or giving your partner a romantic gift, your sweetheart will be sure to love spending time together.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one, such as:

  • Going out together for a Valentine’s Day date
  • Exchanging heartfelt gifts with your loved one
  • Giving your sweetheart a hand-written Valentine’s Day love letter
  • Giving gorgeous flowers or candy to your loved one
  • Planning a romantic activity together
  • Having a date night at home
  • Spending time with your best gal pals for Galentine’s Day

No matter which love-inspired way you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you should always give your loved one a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift on this special day.

Continue reading below for the top 13 Valentine’s gift ideas to show someone you care about them this year. 

13 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas To Show Someone You Care

Choosing the best Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one will be effortless and exciting this year because we are here to help! Here are 13 Valentine’s Day gift ideas to show someone you care.

1. A New Jacket

This Valentine’s Day, show your sweetheart you care by gifting them with a new, plush jacket. Your loved one can bundle up and keep warm this year with your stylish gift, which will leave them thinking of you during all of those cold winter months.

Whether it’s a leather jacket or a cozy fur ensemble, your loved one will be left swooning over this fashionable gift. Try finding a jacket that features their favorite design, pattern, or color to personalize the gift even more. 

They will be sure to fall in love with this cozy gift and with you this Valentine’s Day. 

2. A Bouquet of Flowers

If you want to give your loved one a romantic gift this year, present them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Whether it’s a gorgeous arrangement of Eternity® Roses or a single-stemmed rose, your sweetheart is sure to fall in love with their new blooming blossoms.

Giving red roses on Valentine’s Day is a Victorian-era trend that has since become a romantic floral tradition. Here at Venus ET Fleur®, the language of love comes in several styles. Our Heart Box arrangements in red and blush suede heart boxes are perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Choose soft pink roses or romantic red roses to show your special someone just how far your love extends. The classics are well-known for a reason.

3. Sleek Headphones

Show your loved one you care by keeping them happy on their daily commute to work by gifting them with some new, sleek headphones this Valentine’s Day. Your Valentine will love listening to their favorite tunes in style with this tech-inspired gift. 

Choose between sleek wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones or a larger set of sound-blocking headphones.

You can also make a personalized playlist for your sweetheart, filled with your favorite romantic songs for an added Valentine’s treat.

4. A Luxury Robe

Pamper your Valentine this year by giving them a soothing, luxury robe. Your partner will love wrapping themselves in this plush gift after a cozy, romantic bubble bath.

Our white robe is designed to fit all shapes and sizes and features our classic Venus ET Fleur® logo on it for stylish relaxation this Valentine’s Day.  

Pair this gift with a relaxing body scrub or with a set of new wine glasses and a bottle opener to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise for your loved one.

5. An Air Fryer

If you and your sweetheart love to cook, this is the romantic Valentine’s Day gift for you. They will be sure to have the time of their life cooking away with their brand new air fryer. This handy kitchen appliance will create a five-star dining experience right in the comfort of your own home.

Air fryers have become a popular new way for cooking healthy and fried food. They use less oil and still create that delicious, crispy, deep-fried flavor, so you’ll be ready to cook up some tasty meals. 

Good food can create feelings of happiness, and this culinary gift will be sure to provide many new memories of cooking with your loved one and strengthen your relationship and deepen your bond. Grab some groceries, a bottle of wine or a case of beer, and get to experimenting. Happy cooking!

6. A Box of Gourmet Chocolates

Want to give your S.O. a classic and timeless gift this V-Day? Give them a box of gourmet chocolates! Your loved one will enjoy indulging in this romantic and decadent gift—which is also great for a last-minute option. After all, they always say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—and we think that goes for everyone.  

Find a large, heart-shaped box of chocolates to show your loved one you care. They will love tasting each chocolate to discover its unique and deep flavor. They will be filled with joy as they  take part in the age-old, very sweet tradition of receiving chocolate on Valentine’s Day. You can take turns guessing what fillings you’ll find in the different shapes on the tray or simply savor the sweet tastes of chocolate-covered strawberries. 

7. Glittering Candles

Everyone loves filling their home with beautiful fragrances, so give your loved one some new glittering candles this Valentine’s Day. 

Our candles are hand-poured into custom ceramic vessels and are made of the highest quality perfume oils from around the world. Your sweetheart will love smelling this deep floral fragrance, and it will be sure to delight their senses all year long.

8. An Espresso Machine

If your significant other loves to start their day with an awakening latte or cold brew, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

This sweet present will show your loved one that you care because it will help them get started with their morning routine and will have them thinking of you to start off their day.

Your sweetheart will love having their own personal coffee machine in their home because it’s faster and more convenient than heading to the local coffee shop every day. Be sure to consider factors such as size and durability before purchasing.

You could also pair this gift with a mug and some specialty coffee, so you have unique options when you start using the appliance. 

9. A Bath Bomb

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved one with a fizzing bath bomb. This will be sure to make their bath time more fun and will fill their tub with beautiful, bold colors. 

Not only are bath bombs beautiful to look at, but they are also super moisturizing and will be the perfect cleanse for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. This gift will pamper your partner and show them how much you care.

10. A New Throw Blanket

Keep your loved one warm and cozy this Valentine’s Day by giving them a new throw blanket. Find a soft blanket filled with romantic colors, such as red, pink, or burgundy, and your sweetheart will be sure to love it.

This is a simple yet thoughtful gift. You can even use this cozy blanket together cuddled on the couch during your next movie date or when you are bundling up by the fire playing a board game or doing puzzles.

11. A Gorgeous Room Spray

This Valentine’s Day, give your loved one the gift of fragrance by presenting them with a gorgeous room spray. 

Our stunning Rose Oud room fragrance comes beautifully bottled and will be the perfect accent to your partner’s home. The fragrance is filled with earthy notes of rose damasca, saffron, elemi, nutmeg, and sandalwood. Your loved one will think of you every time they spritz this gorgeous room spray, and it will fill their home with warmth.

12. A New Pair of Winter Boots

Getting a new pair of stylish winter boots will be the perfect gift for your Valentine this year, especially if they love being out in nature or walking through the city streets. 

Choose some boots with fur to add a bit of luxury, and make sure to get the right size for your partner. 

13. Jewelry

This Valentine’s Day, make your partner’s heart swoon by gifting them with a new piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a diamond ring, a gold watch, or a sterling silver bracelet, your Valentine will love showing off their stylish new bling. 

Choose a piece of Valentine’s Day jewelry that is meaningful to you both as a couple, or take inspiration from the pieces they already have. They will feel loved and cherished every time they put on your heartfelt keepsake.

Final Remarks

Any of these fun presents will show your loved ones that you care about them—whether that’s your mom, your best friend, your boyfriend, or your life partner. They will make Valentine’s Day a special and memorable day that they’ll never forget. Remember to enjoy every moment of the time spent with your sweetheart and truly make their day special by giving them a meaningful gift. Just remember that the best Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones that come from the heart.

The look on your significant other’s face when they open your gorgeous gift will be sure to fill your heart with joy and will inspire feelings of love and romance between the two of you this Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to show them just how much you care.



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