Trending Wedding Colors for 2018

The colors that you choose for your wedding go a long way in setting the formality and tone of your ceremony and reception. If you are in the process of planning your wedding, then you may be in the midst of choosing the colors for things like tablecloths, centerpieces, and other wedding decor items. While trends change each year, it can be helpful to study which colors are currently popular and go from there. It can also be helpful to draw inspiration from your wedding flowers to come up with a color scheme that suits your design preferences.

Roses are commonly associated with romance and love, and these hardy flowers never go out of style. No matter which wedding colors you choose for your big day, you are sure to find an Eternity™ Rose shade that perfectly complements your nuptials. From pink wedding roses to blue, we have more than 25 unique shades that you can choose from. Shop our entire collection today to get started, and check out some of the trending wedding colors for 2018 below.

Popular Colors for Weddings

Ivory and Forest Green

The neutral tone of ivory makes it ideal for pairing with virtually any other color. When it is paired with forest green, the stark contrast between light and dark create a clean, natural color scheme that is ideal for outdoor spring and summer weddings. This is a wonderful color palette for those who are planning on having an earthy or outdoorsy theme for their wedding, and it can complement either casual or formal affairs.

Navy Blue and Burgundy

If you are looking for a way to inject a sense of formality into your wedding day, then you may prefer the effect created by two deep, rich colors. For example, navy blue and burgundy are incredibly regal when paired together. Navy blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and faith, and burgundy symbolizes romance, maturity, and prosperity, leaving little doubt that this color combination is one that will be popular for weddings for quite some time.

Dusty Rose and Sage Green

While some couples want their ceremony and reception to be a serious, formal event, other couples may prefer to have a wedding that is more laid back and casual. Selecting two light colors, like dusty rose and sage green, will give your big day a feeling of romantic elegance. This can easily be accomplished by combining pink wedding roses with other simple, natural elements like succulents and eucalyptus.

Deep Red and Peach

Couples who are planning a fall wedding may gravitate towards colors that occur naturally in the change of the season. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of bland color schemes. Pairing a bright color might seem counterintuitive, but just consider how beautiful a deep shade of red and peach would be together. This color combination makes for striking centerpieces, and it will provide your ceremony and reception with a hint of warmth, even if the weather is cool.

Black, White, and Gold

If your dream wedding is a formal, black-tie affair, then you want to carefully choose your color scheme so that it doesn’t detract from the seriousness of the day. Combining black, white, and gold together instantly evokes a sense of traditional formality that will perfectly set the tone for your big day without taking away from the opulence of the day. Additionally, using this color scheme for your decor provides a timeless backdrop for incredible wedding photos.

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