The Best Valentine’s Gift: A Rose That Will Last

As you contemplate the most romantic and appropriate gift to send your beloved on Valentine’s Day, your first thoughts are sure to include the most classic of all symbols of romantic love: the red rose. A recent survey revealed that 69% of all flowers bought for Valentine’s Day in 2019 were, not surprisingly, roses.

Whether the centerpiece of your display of affection or simply a supplement or hint at more lavish gifts to come, a fine bouquet of roses with an accompanying love-note is a timeless and ubiquitous symbol that always manages to send the right message.

Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that this amorous flower can be employed to set the perfect mood for this Valentine’s Day.

Red Is The Rose

When considering the specific impression you want your bouquet to leave, you may be interested to know that different colors of rose carry many different meanings.

Overwhelmingly, we associated the red rose with deep feelings of romance, and as a result, these are the most widely-purchased flowers for the holiday. As a result, this is a gift best shared with a longer-term partner, as it is sure to convey implications of a love that will last.

To Have And To Hold 

As you well know, even the reddest and most fragrant bunch of roses will unfortunately wilt and eventually wither away completely within a week or two. While this is perfectly natural, so too is the impulse to want to cherish the beauty of these splendid flowers for as long as possible.

One popular form of preserving flowers for longer than their natural life is pressing. This practice involves laying the flower out on a sheet of dry preservative material, such as wax paper, and placing a heavy object on it for several days. One simple way of doing this is by placing the flowers within the pages of a substantial book and letting the weight do the work.

Even the best-pressed flowers will still deteriorate over time, but the results can be extremely beautiful and are certainly worth the effort. Take a look at our past article on the subject for a detailed and informative guide on how to press your favorite flowers with success.

Other preservative methods have been developed in recent years, including the use of drying agents such as silica gel, which maintain the flower’s integrity past its natural lifespan.

A Romance Eternal 

One remarkable innovation pioneered by Venus ET Fleur® is our signature Eternity® Rose, which shares all the form and fragrance of the roses carried by your local florist while lasting for up to an entire year.

 This magnificent invention was born from a love story. The company was founded by Sunny Chadha, an entrepreneur, and Seema Bansal, a former marketing and creative executive, in the midst of their budding romantic relationship.

 One Valentine’s Day, Sunny wanted to gift Seema a gorgeous bouquet of roses, but these roses did not live up to their expectations. From there, this couple used their combined skills to create a company that made bespoke rose arrangements, culminating in the Eternity Rose.

Made from real roses grown in the lush, vibrant rose fields of Ecuador, each delicate flower is carefully cultivated until it reaches full bloom. Our farm in Ecuador typically grows red roses, so when the roses arrive, their color is removed using a non-toxic bleach.

From there, each rose is treated with a formula made from non-toxic, non-allergenic wax, as well as natural oils. This formula is similar to silica and effectively dehydrates the roses to help preserve them. Once the dehydration process is complete, the roses soak in dye to give them the bright and vibrant colors you’ve come to expect from our gorgeous Eternity Roses.

Utilizing the process described above, our Eternity Roses will last a year or more with proper care, allowing you to enjoy their beauty month after month.

Gather Ye Rosebuds (While Ye May)

Having now finally discovered a lasting rose to gift to your paramour this Valentine’s Day, you’ll find that a range of choices, from minimalist to explosively vibrant, is available to you. Here we’ve arranged a shortlist of the most splendidly romantic and therefore best-suited presentations of our Eternity Roses for your romantic holiday.

Love Locks Box

This charming display of a locking treasure box filled with Eternity Roses is sure to make a singular impression. The roses are set in a stunning yet tasteful box that is modeled after the Love Locks that hang on the Ponts des Arts bridge in Paris, a meeting place for lovers to cement their love with a physical lock. It is ideal for elevating the elegance factor in any environment, professional or domestic.

This arrangement is characterized by the customized Venus ET Fleur clasp, shimmering metal handles, and a large drawer. To further the unique quality of this gift, you can have it engraved with two characters to truly personalize it to your loved one. 

Simple in its charm, profound in its beauty, and gently infused with the natural perfume you’d expect of a rose, this is the perfect gift for your special Valentine.

Petit Love Locks Box

For a gift that conveys all the effects of passionate romance while still dripping with elegance and refined taste, you must consider the Petit Love Locks Box.

Like our standard Love Locks Box, this keepsake is filled with petite Eternity Roses and carefully crafted to emulate the love locks on the Pont des Arts. This classic, elegant gift can be personalized to make an even greater statement of your love. This piece is equally at home on a coffee table as in an office setting and will radiate refinement in either environment.

Le Plein Heart

If you find yourself this Valentine’s Day wanting to leave nothing open for interpretation, we can think of no more tastefully direct an arrangement than the Le Plein Heart.

For a more voluminous display of affection, this unforgettable arrangement is the perfect marriage of simplicity and magnificence. Utilizing luxurious red or blush suede fabric, this piece manages to convey all the refinement of a Parisian penthouse parlor in one extravagant gesture.

The Le Plein Heart makes for an ideal dining room centerpiece to remind the one you love of just how strong your feelings are. More than one hundred Eternity Roses grace the interior of the box for a stunning, romantic gift that your valentine is sure to love. 

Small Heart Box

If you’re looking for a more subtle declaration of love, the Small Heart Box is composed of seventeen brilliant Eternity Roses, sure to catch anyone’s eye in their stunning simplicity.

This box is available in the classic shades of black and white, with the gorgeous Venus ET Fleur logo illuminating the front. 

The heart is one of the oldest symbols of love in the history of human expression. We find there is no better symbol than the heart to lay bare our deepest emotions and hopes for a romance that will, like the Eternity Rose, stand the test of time.

Le Mini® Heart Bundle

You could also give your partner a gift inspired by the traditional candy hearts that are so often given at Valentine’s Day with the Le Mini® Heart Bundle. These three boxes come in soft, Valentine’s inspired colors, and each is filled with a spray of six Eternity Roses. Your valentine will be stunned by the utter beauty and elegance before her. 

The luscious blush, ivory, and camel shades are printed with candy heart phrases, making for a charming and complete ensemble meant to promote not only love but self-love. It’s perfect for a lover, yes, but also for a best friend or family member to whom you want to show your never-ending gratitude. 

In Conclusion

Ultimately, there is no “best” Valentine’s Day gift. It’s both cliché and accurate to say that each human heart is entirely unique in its hopes, longings, and passions. But certain gestures of love persist down the ages, and chief among them is the simple gift of a red rose for one’s beloved.

The perfect flower arrangement can turn an already-wonderful Valentine’s Day into the memory of a lifetime. How better, then, to celebrate a fruitful romance than with a rose that will last?

Wishing you a warm, joyous, and romantic Valentine’s Day.