Two Holiday Table Decoration Themes and Ideas

When it comes time for the holidays, it’s nice to have dining room table decorations that reflect the warmth and joyful spirit of the season. This can help bring your entire dining room or home together in the holiday theme. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, there are at least a couple décor themes sure to uplift your guests throughout the season.

Setting a theme that fits all the holidays might seem overwhelming, but by not obsessing over each holiday it can be done quite well. At Venus et Fleur, our flower arrangements make great holiday table centerpieces, as they’re sure to last for the whole season and at least a year with proper care.

So whether you go for snowy elegance, bring in the fruits of the season, or just have fun with the spirit of the holidays, we’re sure to have an arrangement to fit your table décor and more.

Festive Holiday Table Décor For Dining Rooms and Beyond

Setting the stage in your home around the holidays can be a big undertaking, especially if there’s a number of people you want to entertain. Luckily, there are some themes that transcend any fuss and let us just enjoy the season around us. With the right table décor you’ll leave your guests with something to admire at parties or before dinner.



Winter Wonderland

Our inspiration for this year's holiday dining area look is a very sophisticated, glimmering celebration of light and positivity! When we walk through snow on a winter evening, we experience the beauty and glamor of the natural world as the moon and stars shine off of it. You can bring this beauty inside with arrangements of flowers for your table and twinkling lights around your home.

We recommend the Le Plein white box with gold roses for big and full arrangements that are bright and beautiful. The Le Plein is also available in silver, white, and red for a more Christmas based design. These are timeless, gorgeous, and elegant — just as a holiday table should be. The Fleura Porcelain Vase with gold roses will also brighten your dining table. The beautiful eternity roses will last an entire year or longer and can serve as a reminder of the love-filled holiday season. 

We also love the idea of placing several mini arrangements like the Le Mini Round or the Le Mini Letter collection with silver eternity roses around the table. You can even choose the initial of each guest or give each mini arrangement with a handwritten name card to provide a lovely and gratuitous gift for your guests.

Next, scatter an abundance of candles around the table. Select long, elegant tapered candles in ivory, gold, and silver — and light them before guests arrive so that your winter wonderland radiates positivity and so the light can bounce off your other dining room table décor. If you have crystal candle holders, now is the time to use them. 

That being said, candlelight always makes a home feel more cozy, so place a Rose Oud and a Rose Blanche fragrant candle on your mantle, coffee table, and console table, too. They’re a luxurious home décor piece in a ceramic vessel that would look beautiful in any entryway or living room and when combined with the right décor, they can help carry the theme you’re setting.

Since we’re celebrating the wonders of our natural environment, gather branches, paint them white, and sprinkle them with a bit of glitter. Place these in a large, clear vase and have them offset a more luxurious floral centerpiece. You can hang small globe candles or mini ornaments from the branches, if desired. Scatter the remaining elevated branches around the table. Do the same with pinecones and bits of winter greenery, and place them amidst the branches. You can also create snowflakes from silver, white, or glitter-coated construction paper and hang them from the branches, and place them around the table. Make sure that you use white or silver thread, to create the appearance of floating elements and be careful not to overcrowd the table.

For linens and plates, go with white or silver, and select your best silver flatware. We love the look of crystal glasses for this special meal. Wrap each napkin with a napkin ring in silver, gold, or white, or tie each napkin with a piece of silk or velvet golden, silver, or white ribbon, tied into a bountiful bow. For an extra special touch, tuck a small, glitter-coated twig of winter berries or a piece of winter greenery into each napkin ring.

The Fruits of the Holiday Season

If you want to go with a more colorful holiday tablescape, go with a seasonal fruit theme. This tablescape will look great for your dining room table at the holidays, but it’s also a great option for foyer tables, coffee tables, and tables in your sitting or family room — just remove the silverware.

To get started, select an arrangement of flowers such as our Thalia Porcelain Vase with Mixed Calla Lilies or the Demi Sandstone Vase with Mixed Orchids as a centerpiece for your table. You will have an array of beautiful flower colors such as plumb, pink, burgundy, and magenta purple. For smaller coffee or foyer tables, consider a smaller round arrangement in one of our signature boxes. Around the timeless arrangements, place pomegranates, cranberries, pears, apples, acorns, clove-studded oranges, and other seasonal edible beauties. Place a single pomegranate, acorn, twig of cranberries or other winter berries, or a pear on top of each napkin at each place setting. You can even detail the seasonal treasures with gold glitter for even more warmth and sparkle.

For linens, go with gold or, if you have them, a rich burgundy tone. If you have gold flatware, this will warm the look — but classic silver always works too. 

Place long, elegant taper candles in shades of burgundy and gold, as well as votive candles in richly-saturated glass or crystal votive holders that are in line with the color scheme around the table for extra warmth and color.

To compliment the rich and royal tones of this harvest table, incorporate gold details such as gold napkin rings, small gold glass globes, and painted gold branches into your tablescape. For a timeless look, you can even place a few small gold bells on the table. Find other natural objects from the outdoors and paint them gold — they’ll look elegant and will serve as a reminder of the importance and beauty of our natural world.



Enjoy the Holidays and Decorate Your Table With Venus

Getting to the details of a well-decorated holiday or Christmas table can be one more thing to do in a busy holiday season, but we hope you have as much fun with it as we do. To make the glow of your holiday table a little bit easier on you this year, consider Venus et Fleur's holiday arrangements or a fully customizable centerpiece and shop our holiday gift guide for all the people in your life.