Sweet 16 Gift Ideas That Every Girl Would Love

Is a girl you know turning 16 soon? What are the best gift ideas to give her that show you care? Venus ET Fleur® has many ideas and options for you. All of our flowers are high-quality and beautiful, so you can be sure that she will love them.

A young girl will see her 16th birthday as the most important one so far. You will want to be sure that you do your best to make her feel special and show her how much you care for her.

Flower Arrangements


Venus ET Fleur has many flower arrangements available. With all of our options, you can be sure that you find something your teen will love to receive as a gift.

Do you know the theme of her party? If you do, then you can get flowers in a color scheme to match. These are the flower arrangements we want to recommend for her sweet 16.

A Custom Flower Box 


With our custom arrangements, you can design the roses to spell out a variety of shapes, letters, or words. For her sweet 16, why not design the flower boxes to spell out “16” or her birthday? She will love it!

Plus, if you are the one in charge of planning and hosting the party, this would make a great centerpiece. Custom flower boxes can be any color you want, so you can have them as her favorite colors or colors representing her month of birth.

With these arrangements, you can create the perfect design. We have Venus design specialists available to help you bring your vision to life. Your teen will love seeing how personal the arrangement is to her.

A Zodiac Flower Box 


Birthdays and the Zodiac go in hand, so why not give your teen a Zodiac flower box designed by Susan Miller? She will be sure to love the creativity and originality of this present, as each arrangement is uniquely created for each astrological sign.

This box includes the perfect assortment of Eternity® Roses that represent the stars. She will be certain to love seeing her horoscope and learning about her star sign.

Giving her one of these boxes is also a sweet way to remind her of her importance in the universe and remind her family of the day that she was born.

The Classic Bundle Set 


The Classic Bundle Set is an exclusive packaged deal from Venus ET Fleur. It includes three of our most stunning pieces— our timeless Le Mini Round, Le Mini Square, and a fragrant Rose Blanche Votive candle.

These sets are beautiful and can be personalized to match the preferences of the recipient. She will be sure to love decorating her room with these beautiful flowers and lighting the candle to fill her space with its amazing scent.

This is a sweet gift for any 16 year old, and we know that she will cherish it.

The Grandir Collection


We also know that your teen will love an arrangement from our Grandir Collection. This collection is inspired by everything that Venus stands for— grace, sophistication, and a sense of timelessness.

As your teen gets older, these are the things she is going to be on the lookout for. Sending her an elegant and beautiful gift like a flower from this collection is a great way to tell her that you are proud of her for growing into a smart, creative young woman.

The Classic Collection


Of course, she would also appreciate one of our iconic hatbox designs. They can include anywhere from 1 rose to over 100 roses, so you can be sure to find a set that she will truly cherish.

Arrangements from this collection can also be personalized, so you can match them to the theme of her party or her favorite colors. She will be sure to appreciate the extra thought that you put into this gift. 

What to Include With Flowers


Flowers are a wonderful gift on their own, but adding another surprise with them will help make your teen’s sweet 16 even more memorable and special for her. These are some cute and thoughtful ideas for gifts that she will enjoy receiving with her new Venus ET Fleur arrangement.

A Stuffed Animal


Stuffed animals just go so well with flowers. If you know that she loves stuffed animals, you can include one as a surprise to go with the flower arrangement. You can order her one online that is customized to have her name or birthday on the toy.

A Sweet 16 Keychain


Now that she is 16, she is going to start thinking about getting her driver’s license. Giving her a special sweet 16 keychain with her flower arrangement is a great way to let her know that you support her and want to see her on the road soon. 

There are many ways to make a simple keychain special. You can add a shiny “16” to the keychain, a tiny car model, or even her first set of keys (if she already has a car). Any customized piece would make her happy that you took the time to personalize it for her.

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to be handed the keys to a car with an elaborate and beautiful arrangement of roses! She would be the happiest girl on Earth.

A Memory Scrapbook


If you have a lot of pictures with fun memories in them, why not make them into a scrapbook? Handmade gifts always feel special and making a book out of photos of your time together will be sure to make her happy.

If you are her parent, you could make the book cover from the day your daughter was born to the day she turned 16— she will be ecstatic to receive this wonderful gift with an elegant bouquet.

Driving Lessons


Since this is going to be her 16th birthday, why not get her some driving lessons? As a gift, you can write this in a card with some gas money included. This is a practical gift that demonstrates to her that you are excited for her to learn a new skill.

However, be sure to include a small arrangement of flowers or another gift with this idea. The concept of driving lessons might be boring for some teenagers, so giving her the card with a beautiful arrangement is sure to be exciting for her.

(Plus, if you were nervous about teaching her, this is a polite and exciting way for her to learn from a professional.)

Personalized Jewelry


Your 16 year old will also love receiving a piece of jewelry on her birthday, especially if the piece is personalized to her. If you already know what color the jewelry is going to be, then you would be able to match your flower arrangement with the colors.

As she grows up, she will likely appreciate jewelry more and more. Kids do not understand as well that jewelry is often sentimental for those who wear it and that they can contain precious memories.

A 16 year old would love to receive her first piece of “real” jewelry at her sweet 16 event. Getting a sweet gift like this alongside her first flower arrangement would make the moment feel extremely special for her.

A Camera


If she’s into photography, getting a new camera at her sweet 16 will be exciting! It could be her first digital camera or even an instant camera. She will be sure to love it. Capturing her memories and special moments at her party would be a wonderful experience for her.

If you also ordered her flowers, they make the perfect prop for her to take photos with. If she has an outfit planned for her special day, you could even personalize the flowers to match the colors in her clothes as an extra surprise. This will make her photo opportunities even more fun for her.



Those were some wonderful gift ideas for a sweet 16 birthday party. As long as you put thought and time into the gift that you choose to give her, we are sure that she will love it.

Venus ET Fleur has many wonderful arrangements to offer for her birthday. You can be sure that she will enjoy any of our products, even more so if you decide to personalize them to her tastes. Everyone feels special when they receive flowers, this is true for teenagers as well.

If you are unsure of what would make the best arrangement for her sweet 16, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you design a custom arrangement that she will cherish and make her feel happy on her special day.

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