Why Reflexed Roses Look Great in a Demi Sandstone Vase

Spring is here, and Venus et Fleur's® lavish rose colors and designs help elevate your home’s flower decor just in time for the season. Our new eternity® rose colors and arrangements are designed to deliver the beauty and grace of spring into your home. Experience the season's essence with an appreciation for nature's beauty and the fresh floral fragrance of real roses that last a year®.

The optimism that emanates from the warm seasonal breeze and nature's vibrant spring colors is undeniable. Venus et Fleur helps you capture that sense of anticipation and wonder with roses that outlast the season. Elevate every room in your home with our four spring rose colors, new reflexed roses, and seasonal eternity arrangements.


Variety of Eternity Roses in Spring Colors in Decorative Wheelbarrow

Spring Colors and the Graceful Demi Sandstone Vase

Venus et Fleur introduces four new elegant and uplifting rose colors this spring to help you embrace life's natural beauty and enchanting possibilities. The stunning dusty rose, dusty lavender, papaya, and cantaloupe rose arrangements fill your home with the spirit of spring.

The hand-crafted Demi Sandstone Vase is the epitome of natural beauty. This arrangement is one of our elegant selections that features this year’s spring rose colors. The Demi features either original eternity roses or new, voluptuous reflexed roses. Our stone vase rose arrangements deliver beauty and the essence of spring right into your home.

Reflexed Roses Meet The Demi Sandstone Vase in Spring Colorways

Reflexed roses are real roses skillfully designed to replicate mature rose blooms in their natural, fluttery state. Combined with the Demi Sandstone Vase, these roses create elegant and airy springtime floral decor.

Choose trendy reflexed flowers in your favorite spring color or in one of our gorgeous spring colorways to uplift your home this season and throughout the year.


Demi Sandstone Vase With Dusty Rose Eternity Roses Surrounded by Spring Colors

Spring Rose Color Meanings With the Demi-Sandstone Vase

Learn the meaning of each rose color to set the tone for your home this spring. Gain inspiration with reflexed or traditional eternity roses in new rose colors displaying unique beauty. 

Dusty Rose - The dusty rose color is one of femininity and grace. It carries elegance and a soft-spoken strength.

Dusty Lavender - There's a calmness and enchanted air around our dusty lavender roses, nudging an embrace of the unknown.

Papaya - The soft orange of papaya brings the energy and fascination of spring into your home decor year-round.

Cantaloupe - Encourage happiness and appreciation at every glance with our cantaloupe shade of eternity roses.

Demi Sandstone Vase With Morning Mist Rose Colors

Few things are more iconic to spring than dewy mornings when the sun rises to create gorgeous shades of pink and purple. The morning air delivers inspiration from days past in anticipation for the ones ahead. Bring these enchanting moments into your home with the Morning Mist spring colorway. Allow our reflexed roses to bring charm and wonder to your home decor.


Morning Mist Rose Colorway With Reflexed Roses in Demi Sandstone Vase

Demi Sandstone Vase With Melon Sorbet Rose Colors

When dewy mornings dissipate, we welcome the gentle warmth of a spring day. With the days of harsh sun remaining far in the distance, the spring sun peeks through the clouds to awaken our eyes to nature's beauty. Embrace the soft warmth of a spring day with reflexed roses in the Melon Sorbet colorway. The tropical colors create a breezy arrangement that inspires you to make the most of every day.


Our Melon Sorbet Colorway With Reflexed Roses in Demi Sandstone Vase

Embrace the Season With Reflexed Roses and Spring Colorways

Possibly the most optimistic season, the spirit of spring is worthy of a special collection of floral arrangements. Venus et Fleur's Demi Sandstone Vase, eternity flowers, and spring rose colors help keep the joy and beauty abounding throughout the year.

Order your Demi Sandstone Vase and eternity arrangements online from Venus et Fleur or at our flower boutique locations in NYC, LA, and more.