Home Fragrance: How to Make Your Place Smell Great

Home fragrances are the perfect way to make your place smell great and feel fresh. Whether you love a spicy, cinnamon pumpkin fall scent, the floral aroma of roses, or even just the cozy smell of fresh laundry, you have come to the right place. Let’s explore some breathtaking home fragrances to leave your home smelling great.

How to Make Your Home Smell Great

Aside from keeping your home clean, there are several whimsical ways to bring fragrance and freshness to your home. 

Here are some simple ways to help make your home smell great: 

  • Room sprays
  • Candles
  • Fresh florals
  • A diffuser with essential oils
  • Refresh your carpets and rugs
  • Incense
  • Potpourri

Types of Home Fragrance

There are many different types of home fragrances, and the best part is, you can combine several of these fragrance options and have them intermingled throughout your home. 

Let’s explore the types of home fragrances and which ones will work best for you.


Scented candles have been used for centuries and are a wonderful way to create a stunning ambiance for your home. Our luxurious candles at Venus ET Fleur® are hand-poured into custom ceramic vessels and made with the highest quality perfume oils around the world. 

Candles come in dozens of scents and can be used for aromatherapy, decorative focal points, and for creating warm and beautiful fragrances. 

Here are some candle scents to turn your home into a stunning oasis:

  • Fall cashmere
  • Eucalyptus, lavender, and sage
  • Rose Blanche
  • Jasmine and cedarwood
  • Amber and vanilla
  • Exotic mango and passionfruit

Room Sprays

If you want to add a spritz of sunshine to your home, room sprays are the perfect touch. Room fragrances are subdued colognes that are for your home.

Whether you spray some on soft linens or just in the room overall, room sprays target unpleasant smells and keep everything smelling good. Most room sprays neutralize odors and will bring hours of true fragrance to your home. 

Elevate your home with the sophisticated scent of our classic Rose Blanche Signature Room Spray. Our beautifully crafted Rose Blanche is a symphony of dramatic peppery geranium and zesty cinnamon, enhanced with crisp notes of freesia and Damascena roses. It is beautifully bottled and topped with a shell reminiscent of The Birth of Venus. 

To use a room spray, simply spray the fragrance in the center of a well-ventilated room. For a longer-lasting result, spritz the room spray onto linens or clothes from a few feet away. This will help the fragrance to settle and last longer. If spraying on linens or clothing, always be sure to do a spray test first to ensure that the fragrance will not stain. 


Fresh flowers are stunning and will bring beautiful, fresh fragrances to your home. Bouquets of fresh roses, tulips, and daffodils will bring joy to you and your senses.

Flowers bring about positive energy, and gorgeous roses will be sure to boost your energy and make you smile. Adding some dried floral arrangements and potpourri in decorative bowls around your home will also add lovely floral and fruity scents to your space.

Reed Diffusers

An elegant way to add decor and fragrance to your home is a reed diffuser. Reed diffusers are aesthetically pleasing for the eyes, as well as captivating for the nose. 

You can purchase reed diffusers or make your own for a night of natural aromatherapy. To use a reed diffuser, simply place the wooden sticks into the vase, add some essential oils, and wait for the scent to travel up the reeds and disperse into the air. This fresh fragrance will revive your space and is a wonderful way to transform your room.

Where Should Fragrances Be Placed?

Fragrances should be placed all throughout your home, especially if you love beautiful, fresh scents. Here are some key areas to place your fragrances throughout your home to see the most benefit and enjoyment.

The Entryway

One of the first places to add fragrance is the entryway. This way, family, friends, and guests who enter your home will instantly be greeted with a warm and welcoming aroma. 

Try our Nue Tuberose Signature Room Spray to enliven your home. The air will be filled with the beautiful aroma of night-blooming Tuberose combined with graceful touches of Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Freesia, and Lotus.

Add a lovely arrangement of mixed florals in our Thalia Vase to give your home an extra dose of love, warmth, and fragrance. 

Finish off your entryway look with gold accent pieces and glittering candles for a serene welcome. 

The Living Room

Another place in your home to add fragrance is the living room. Whether you love snuggling up on the couch with your favorite magazine or sitting around the fireplace drinking hot cocoa, the living room is the perfect place to fill with warm, gorgeous scents. 

Start by adding flowers, candles, photographs, and seasonal decor to your mantle. This will act as a focal point in the room and emit fresh fragrances throughout your home. 

Add notes of citrus, like grapefruit, and green apple, for a clean and fresh feel. Opt for warm scents like amber, ginger, and almond to enhance the cozy atmosphere of your living space.

Place a gold reed diffuser on your coffee table and add your favorite essential oils to create a stunning ambiance.

Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place full of relaxation and rest, so adding calming scents of lavender and jasmine will help you get a full night’s sleep. 

Add soft candles scented with vanilla or chamomile to your nightstand or dresser to help remind your body to slow down and relax. 

The Bathroom

Last but certainly not least, another important room to have fragrances in is your bathroom. Adding a room spray or luxurious candle to your bathroom will have this space smelling beautiful and leave you feeling fresh. 

Room sprays are especially known for their odor-masking capabilities and will make your bathroom feel more like a spa. Set a glass bowl of fruity potpourri on the back of the commode to elevate this space.

Add some lush, foaming soap and fragrant hand lotion to your sink to leave your hands feeling soft, clean, and smelling beautiful. 

Benefits of Using Home Fragrances

While using fragrances in your home first and foremost help to make your place smell beautiful, there are also several other benefits. 

Scents play an important role in aromatherapy and can assist in bettering our mental health and overall wellbeing. For example, using home fragrances with calming scents such as jasmine, lavender, and vanilla can help lessen anxiety and stress levels and lead to a better night’s sleep. 

Home fragrances are also known to enhance mood, boost confidence, trigger positive memories, and improve focus.

Final Remarks

Making your home smell great is all about finding fresh, beautiful scents to place throughout your home. Remember to use candles, room sprays, flowers, and more to create a stunning ambiance for you to enjoy. 

Add fragrances to your entryway, living room, bedroom, and bathroom, for a home full of love and stunning aroma. Enjoy these breathtaking fragrances and take in all of their beauty. 



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