Fall Mini Series: Perfect Fall Evenings At Home

This year, we’re spending most of our time—and evenings—at home. We’re embracing it and celebrating the gold of the season by staying cozy and warm while we celebrate the beauty of life and all that we have to be grateful for, in style.

Here are a few amazing ways to spend an autumn evening, whether you’re alone, with your significant other, or with friends/family:

Love is in the Air: Fall Date Night

Re-create your favorite date at home. 

Dress up as though you’re going out—yes, including amazing shoes and a little makeup, even though you’re going to be in the comfort of your home. 

Next, set a time for the date so that both of you have finished work by a certain time. We’re fans of a 5PM happy hour, so make your favorite cocktail (see our Fall Recipes installment of this mini series for two great cocktail recipes) and savor happy hour in your living room, catching up and unwinding from the day.

What do the two of you most love to do on your usual date nights out? Go out to Italian or Japanese? Order in from your favorite place or, better yet, recreate your favorite dishes at home using seasonal ingredients.

Set the table for a lovely, utterly romantic evening with candles, dim lighting, a playlist of your favorite songs, and a luxurious arrangement of flowers such as our Serene Vase in burgundy, gold, or blush.

For extra credit, surprise your heart with a gift that they can keep near them to remind them of your long-lasting love. A Le Mini Round from our Grandir Collection is a gracious and lovely gift, and if you really want to make a sweeping gesture, consider going with a Heart Box filled with roses. It’s beyond romantic, just like life itself.

Self Love is the Best Love: the Perfect Evening Alone

The most important relationships in life are the relationships that we have with our own selves. We’re major advocates for practicing self care every single day, and we also believe in the power of creating special moments, days, and experiences for ourselves.

We believe that every single day should include a few of these moments, and an autumn evening is ideal for celebrating your love for yourself.

First, again, set a specific time to stop working. At this time, get into something cozy, wash your face, and consider even putting your phone on silent.

Think of this as a date night with yourself—so, again, a happy hour is always a nice way to relax and fade into the evening. We recommend making a crisp, delicious ginger margarita and enjoying it on your couch as you breathe in the fall air and the incredible scent of our luxurious candles.

For dinner, cook one of your favorite meals—something that’s simple, clean, and delicious. If you need a few ideas for amazing Autumnal meals, see our fall recipes blog post in this Fall Mini Series. Set the table for yourself—light a candle, think of that which you’re grateful for, and take your time to really savor each flavor, bite, and texture. 

If you like taking baths, draw a hot bath and fill it with essential oils and epsom salts. Light a few candles, put on some soothing music, and take time to let your body and mind relax. You can follow this with a face mask, some dry brushing, and so forth.

It being a night at home alone, we now give you full permission to get into bed—even if it’s 6PM. Watch a movie, scroll through your phone, write, call your parents, listen to music, do whatever you love—so long as it’s utterly relaxing.

Make a hot cup of tea, a decaffeinated pumpkin spice latte, or our spicy lavender cocoa elixr (recipes found in part II of this Fall Mini Series) and enjoy it in bed, allowing for the adaptogens and spices to soothe and nourish you as you enjoy the sweet and complicated flavors.

After this, turn your phone on silent (if you haven’t already) and put on a guided meditation. Close your eyes, get under the covers, and listen to meditation, allowing yourself to escape the tangles of your to-do lists and assignments, and to really just tune into your own breath.


Inner Circle: an Evening with Your Nearest and Dearest

We’re still in a time in which we need to socially distance ourselves from others—but this doesn’t mean that we can’t see those who we love when we want to. In honor of autumn, consider hosting a sumptuous fall dinner party outdoors. It’s a wonderful way to gather friends and/or family, enjoy the cool evening air of the season, share delicious food and cocktails, and celebrate all that we have to be grateful for in life.

We love the look of fairy lights strung from the trees—the glistening bulbs will set the changing leaves aglow. Place a linen tablecloth in a neutral or warm fall tone on your dining table and set the scene with a scattering of candles—our new Nue Tuberose will bring the tantalizing scent of the night-blooming tuberose into the air—and arrangements such as our Le Mini Rounds in orange, red, gold, and other autumnal tones. Bonus? Your loved ones can each take home an arrangement as a party favor. You can also use our Le Mini arrangements as place card holders for a totally luxurious touch. Consider placing a few branches and mini pumpkins on the dining table for a stunning fall stage.

Select a playlist of soothing, upbeat oldies to pour through the air and set up a small outdoor bar cart with all of the essentials that you need for you and your guests to enjoy cocktails (make sure to see our recipes installment of this series for a few amazing fall cocktail recipes).

Serve a menu of clean, warming, gorgeous fall dishes—think salads and a hot, colorful soup that feature seasonal produce, a fish entree, and a few produce-rich side dishes to create a cornucopia of a meal—a beautiful and memorable fall harvest. Make sure to accommodate for loved ones who may not eat meat, dairy, etc.

Movie Night

Going to a movie is a wonderful way to unwind and entertain yourself after a long day of work. These days, going to theaters isn’t really do-able—so make a cozy, beautiful theater at home.

Dim or turn off the lights and select a few movies—romantic comedies, oldies and amazing-ys (we love Woody Allen, especially this time of year), and pick a few of your favorite snacks—hot cocoa, mushroom jerky, seaweed snacks, crudite, berries, etc. Place them in bowls, grab a few warm blankets, and light a soothing candle such as our ultra luxurious Rose Blanche. Place a few mini pumpkins on your coffee table and make a warming drink such as our spicy lavender cocoa elixir or a cup of spiced decaf chai with stevia and unsweetened cashew milk.

Set a specific time for the movie to begin, get into your pajamas and do your skin care routine, and get cozy on the couch. For a super relaxing evening, apply some essential oils and take a CBD capsule. You may just realize that staying in for movie night is even better than going out—and it’s certainly more luxurious.

Need a great autumn movie recommendation?

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Annie Hall
  • The Holiday
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Love Story
  • Hocus Pocus
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Sweet November
  • Good Will Hunting
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Mystic Pizza
  • Book Club

Relaxation Central: an Restful Autumn Evening

And for the evenings in between these more special evenings, we present the Venus ET Fleur guide to the perfect restful evening at home.

First things first—set a time to stop working, and as soon as you do, change into something cozy and luxurious—gorgeous pajamas, cashmere socks, and maybe a pair of slippers. If you’re a fan of having an evening cocktail, make a delicious fall drink to sip on, such as our pomelo margarita. 

Light a few candles and make a fire, if you have a fireplace. Dim the lights and put on a playlist that you love. Our new Nue Tuberose candle will bring in the elegant, transportative scent of the exquisite, night blooming tuberose into your space, and our classic Rose Blanche candle will float the sweet, comforting scent of roses through the autumn air.

Next, plan an activity for the evening—a few ideas? A Zoom, FaceTime, or phone call with a loved one, watching a fall movie (see our list of recommendations above), a fall decorating activity (i.e. painting pumpkins gold or creating a fall wonderland tablescape using found branches, pumpkins, and sumptuous arrangements of our flowers in gorgeous fall tones such as gold, orange, yellow, and burgundy), baking clean pumpkin or apple protein muffins to enjoy for breakfast and snacks during the week, starting that book that’s been on your nightstand for a few months, listening to an interesting Podcast, writing, relaxing by the fire, and listening to guided meditations. Each of these will provide you with just enough to do, while still allowing you to simply relax and enjoy your free time. 

Make a warm and delicious dinner using seasonal ingredients such as zucchini, pumpkin, and cauliflower and tons of warming fall spices such as chile and ginger. Fall is an excellent time to experiment with different meals and make warming, delicious meals that you’ve been bookmarking or liking on Instagram. It’s a great season for stir fries, soups, sheet pan meals, roasted vegetables, and your favorite proteins—think rosemary salmon, our butternut squash soup, crispy cauliflower, and so forth. Take your time—treat the cooking itself as an artful activity, and make the meal with love and gratitude. When it’s time to eat, take a few breaths with your eyes closed, and then savor and enjoy each bite of the meal, slowly and without distractions.

After dinner, make a warm, delicious drink. It’ll help you to digest and will soothe your nervous system. Try our spicy lavender hot cocoa, a cup of decaf chai with unsweetened almond or cashew milk and stevia, or an adaptogen elixir. Cozy up on your couch and really taste each sip as you unwind.

For an ultra-relaxing night, put your phone on silent mode. This will help you to detach from the outside world and be more present. It will also help to calm you down, and probably even sleep better.

Now it’s time to do the activity that you planned—a movie and meditation, pumpkin painting, or whatever you’re in the mood for. You probably spend a lot of time in your life rushing through the motions, so try to be extra mindful and really soak in these moments of relaxation. You’ll enjoy the activity even more.

Before bed, you may want to do a more extensive version of your usual skin care routine, take a bath, do some dry brushing, or just lie in bed and allow yourself to truly relax. We love listening to adult bedtime story guided meditations before drifting into the dream world—they’re relaxing, beautiful, and playful.

Before you go to sleep, reflect on that which you’re grateful for—the roses of your day and the roses of your life. We have so much to be grateful for—our loved ones, our homes, our work, our health, our long and beautiful lives, and most of all, ourselves.

Wishing you a warm, cozy, luxurious, and gorgeous autumn!