Meet Nue Tuberose

Venus ET Fleur® is thrilled to announce the second scented candle in our collection, the exquisite Nue Tuberose. The newest home decor piece to bloom from the Venus ET Fleur gardens will transform your space into an enchanted oasis of a secret floral estate with its sumptuous scent that echoes a gorgeous intermingling of flowers, distant locales, beautiful ritual, and romance.

Composed with one of the world's most covetable scents, Nue Tuberose has a mellow, round, and intricate bouquet that will soothe and transport you to a dream-like floral garden. The star of the fragrance, Tuberose, is combined with graceful touches of flowers—blissful orange blossom, stunning bergamot, sweet freesia, and powerful lotus to create a magnificent floral symphony. It’s the fragrance equivalent of strolling through a stunning garden in the evening, inhaling the sweet scent of one of the most rare and incredible flowers in the universe as you become soothed by the intoxicating dusk light. 

You can now enter the dream-like floral garden with the Venus ET Fleur Nue Tuberose candle—the newest fixture of our stunning and endlessly sophisticated Maison Collection. As with all of the pieces in our Maison Collection, Nue Tuberose is as alluring for the eyes as it is in scent. The candle has a soothing, blush-tinted wax, which gives it an even more graceful appearance. The fragrant candle is sophisticated, feminine, and warm. We chose to use the distinctive blush wax for its calming, beautiful, subtle, delicate, and classic look—blush is a grounding tone of pink that represents love and unity. 

The night blooming fragrant wax of Nue Tuberose is hand-poured into a sophisticated ceramic vessel that will elevate any space with its timeless look. Each handcrafted porcelain vessel is embossed with our classic Venus ET Fleur logo, making it an incredibly luxurious home accessory. Our new ceramic candle is the ultimate when it comes to opulent home decor—Nue Tuberose will enhance any room in your space with its exquisite scent and refined appearance. Reminiscent of classic Roman architecture, each handcrafted porcelain vessel possesses a statuesque presence innate to the unique characteristic of clay. The candle is simultaneously polished and evocative of adventure and incredible romance. 

The stunning tuberose flower is representative of purity, peace, wild love, and innocence. It’s also known to offer safety, blessings, and protection from negativity, so our stunning candle can bring more love, light, and positivity into your life. Tuberose rules and honors the incredible and powerful silence of twilight, the mysterious azure time before sunrise and after sunset. In numerous cultures, the exquisite flower is frequently used to amplify meditation, ceremonies, rituals, and spiritual gatherings.

The Nue Tuberose candle is the latest artful expression of all that Venus ET Fleur stands for. A luxurious design coupled with captivating fragrance transports you into the elegant simplicity of a Parisian abode. It pairs gorgeously with any of the sophisticated vases featured in our Maison Collection. Designed with a custom, handcrafted mold, each individual vase embodies our love for intricate craftsmanship and talented artisans. So too does our Nue Tuberose candle.

If you’re looking to fill your life with more bliss and with more of that which you love, our new candle is the ideal piece to bring into your space—it’s at once a decor object for the home and a potent tool for self care—ideal for honoring and celebrating your love for yourself. It also serves as a thoughtful and meaningful gift for those who you adore. If you currently practice a meditation regiment such as yoga, mindfulness exercises, or spiritual meditation or are looking for simple and effective methods to enhance the ways in which you care for your precious being, our newest candle is just the thing that you need. Nue Tuberose will encourage you to take more moments from your busy schedule to breathe, inhale the sweetness and gentleness of life, appreciate the small luxuries and moments that make life incredible, and provide you with even more to be grateful for. Imagine incomparable relaxation overtaking your mind and body as you come home and light the wick of your Nue Tuberose candle, with the soothing fragrance of an exquisite floral garden filling the air around you. The enchanting flicker of flame artfully lighting the evening ambiance. Few home collection pieces are able to evoke such striking emotion in the manner of our Nue Tuberose candle.

Our Nue Tuberose candle is available in two sizes, and can be purchased online and in our destination boutiques. The larger size is perfect for placing atop a stack of coffee table books on your living room table, next to an arrangement of flowers on your mantle, or with your other self care essentials on your bedside table. The votive size is ideal for gifting and will enhance any smaller space in your home (i.e your vanity, closet, restrooms, and small console tables) with its sumptuous fragrance and stunning look. You can also place several of the Nue Tuberose votives amidst arrangements of flowers on your dining table for an endlessly romantic look that will make every meal more special and ceremonial, while filling the air with its sweet, spellbinding scent. Venus ET Fleur is proud to offer worldwide shipping so that wherever you or your loved ones are, these luxurious elements can become part of the home.

Nue Tuberose is a flawless candle for celebrating the joy and distinctive beauty that every season brings. If you’re looking for a piece of luxury home decor that will scent your oasis with an utterly graceful and worldly fragrance and also serve as a tool for attracting more of that which you love and want into your life, look no further than Nue Tuberose by Venus ET Fleur. As you light the wick of this stunning blush-toned candle, gaze into the flame, inhale the intoxicating fragrance, and take a moment to recall all that you have to be grateful for.

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